Pleasant procedures for a tight and supple facial skin

Every woman wants to have a smooth and elasticSkin of the face, but how to achieve this? But in traditional folk medicine there have been recipes for masks for the elasticity of the skin of the face. Here are some tips on how to restore and maintain your skin.

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Compresses, hot and cold, perfectlyContribute to toning the skin, strengthening the muscles and stimulating blood circulation. Such compresses will help make the fading skin of the face and neck more elastic and youthful.

  1. The most effective they operate, if they are applied in turn: first hot compress - 3-4 minutes, then cold - 10-15 minutes.
  2. You can also make compresses from mineral water,It only takes 20-30 minutes. Such compresses help to reduce the puffiness of the face, improve the water balance, enrich the mineral substances necessary for the elasticity of the skin. With regular application, you will notice this by skin condition.
  3. Compress with infusion of petals of dog rose: 2-3 table. Spoons of rose hips petals pour 1 cup of boiling water and insist until lightly cools. Such a warm compress is very useful for wrinkled, flabby skin, since it helps to soften and strengthen it, and also helps to reduce pores.

Steam bath with wormwood worm grass

1 liter of water bring to a boil and throw there 1table. A spoonful of finely chopped herb wormwood. For dry skin, the duration of the procedure is 2-3 minutes. For normal - 5 minutes, and for very dirty or oily - 8-10 minutes. Note that with normal and oily skin, the steam should be hot, and with dry skin - not very hot.

Such a steam bath improves blood circulation in the skin, it refreshes and tonifies, reduces wrinkles.

Ivovy cream for the elasticity of the face

Melt the bone marrow and mix 2-3 table. Spoon with 2 table. Spoons of the pulp of quince, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoonful. Spoon of honey and vegetable oil. Thoroughly rub and in the process of grinding, add a drop by drop 1 table. A spoonful of camphor oil.

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Masks for elasticity

Our eyelids especially need to maintain health and youth. For this we offer several recipes for masks.

  • A tablespoon of natural fresh honeyRub with a ripe strawberry of medium size. Spread the gruel onto two gauze gauzes, place on closed eyes and cover with another layer of gauze on top. Prilyagte for 15 minutes, then remove the mask.
  • A teaspoon of natural fresh honey mixed withA tablespoon of sour cream. Pour a little less than half a teaspoon of olive oil. Mask for the eyelids is ready. Twenty minutes of her action will help to refresh tired skin.
  • From fresh green parsley squeeze a little juice. Of raw potatoes the same way. To connect on a floor of a teaspoon of both components and to put or render on a skin a century for 20 minutes.
    The following tools will help restore skin elasticity to the face.
  • In the evening 8 g of gelatin to pour 25 g of home cream. The next morning on a water bath, warm the mixture until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add the mixture of a teaspoon of glycerin and the dining room - liquid honey.
  • Dissolve 8 g of live yeast with two tablespoons of warm milk, then make a teaspoon of fruit juice of your choice.
  • Slice rye bread without crust soak with boiling water. Let it cool naturally.
  • Peeled sunflower seeds 25 g grind and mix with one egg yolk and 18 ml of sour cream.
  • Ripe soft apple to grind in puree. Add to it a tablespoon of natural honey and one teaspoon of vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar.
  • Boiled potatoes peeled, pounded and mixed with a teaspoon of glycerin and a tablespoon of milk.

The elasticity and youth of your skin is in your hands!

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