Your skin is tender, like a peach. Peach oil application

Peach oil for the skin is widely used forMassage and skin care: cleansing, nourishing, softening, moisturizing, it helps to reduce dry skin peeling; Peach oil is recommended to lubricate the skin before taking sunbathing.

Peach oil, photo

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Peach oil options

To keep all of his peach oilUseful properties and active ingredients, it is obtained by the method of cold pressing of peach seeds. Peach oil for the skin is a 100% natural product, which does not include chemical additives.

Peach oil is indicated for any type of skin andOf any age, because it combines environmentally friendly natural ingredients and, due to this, gently affects the skin in any weather and in any climatic conditions.

In the composition of peach oil are containedPalmitic, oleic and linoleic acids in the form of glycerides. The content of biologically active vitamin B15 has a stimulating effect on the processes of metabolism in the body and preventive effects on the skin, preventing its wilting.

Areas of use

  1. Peach oil is used as a cleaning,And with intensive care of the skin of the face and neck, especially dry and fading. Heated peach oil is an excellent remedy for restoring skin elasticity and protecting against wrinkles.
  2. Peach oil is used to massage allSkin types. As it is absorbed into the skin relatively slowly, the fingers of the masseur do not stretch it, but slip easily. After peach oil, the skin becomes soft and velvety.
  3. Peach oil is one of the most effective natural and environmentally friendly skin care products. In addition, it is very simple to use.

Recipes with peach oil

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  • To provide nourishment to the skin, apply a few drops of oil to the fingertips and lightly rub them into the skin.
  • To cleanse your face, soak a tampon in a warm water, squeeze it, drip a few drops of oil onto a swab and rub the skin until it is completely cleansed.
  • With a massage, a little oil is applied to the skin of the face or body, and then rub it lightly with massage movements until it is absorbed.
  • For all types of facial skin, a mask of mashedPeach pulp, the same butter and sour cream. Proportion 2: 1: 1 tablespoons. If your skin is very fatty, you can add kefir instead of sour cream or completely eliminate this component. The homogeneous mixture should be allowed to stand on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse face with cool water.
  • Peeling and irritation of sensitive skin will beGradually pass from the use of such a mask. Equally mix fatty cottage cheese and peach butter. Then everything repeats, as in the previous recipe.
  • Lips need special care. For them, you can prepare a nutritious and emollient composition of peach, wheat germ and jojoba oil. It will not be superfluous to strengthen the combination of essential oils of roses or lemon balm. On the lips such a tool is better applied by patting movements.
  • The same composition is recommended daily care for the tender skin of the eyelids. Twice a day gently drive the life-giving mixture into the area near the eyes.
  • To cleanse the face of the keratinized skin particles, andReduce peeling prepare a scrub from a tablespoon of grinded almond nuts and the same amount of peach slightly warmed up oil. Massage for a few minutes, then leave the remedy for 10 minutes. Remains should be removed with a napkin and skin washed.

All these methods of using peach seed oil for face can be safely applied to the whole body.

Contraindications. Individual intolerance to peach oil.

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