Palm oil will help to rejuvenate the skin

Palm oil, as the name suggests,Extracted from the fruit of the oil palm and widely used in cooking and cosmetology. From other vegetable oils palm oil differs rich in vitamin and vitamin E, and carotene (provitamin A), and coenzyme Q10, as well as other vitally important medicinal substances that optimally combine and mutually reinforce their effects. Suffice it to say that in red palm oil carotenoids are 15 times larger than in carrots and 50 times more than in tomatoes - the traditional sources of provitamin A. Vitamins contained in red palm oil are absorbed by our body almost completely, without any chemical Additives.

Palm oil, photo

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This is what allowed the French cosmetic firms, which are famous for their high technologies, to include palm oil in the creams as a source of natural vitamins A and E.

Properties of palm oil

In recent years, many talk about antioxidants,Which help the excretion of our body of free radicals, which are sources of a variety of diseases and early aging. So, palm oil contains them in large quantities, and therefore irreplaceable for those who have increased cholesterol in the blood, who suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system, who has impaired metabolism and the immune system.

Application in cosmetology

Palm oil for skin is of special importance,Because it is the first to experience all the consequences of an unfavorable ecological situation, unhealthy diet and constant stresses. The skin begins to wilt faster, grows old, becomes covered with wrinkles, and is scaly. Vitamins contained in red palm oil provide the skin with effective antioxidant protection, due to which the aging process slows down, wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, and the skin itself seems to be reborn: dryness and flaking disappear, the skin becomes soft, smooth and younger in appearance.

In addition, palm oil helps protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, so it was included in the cream and lotions used on the beach.

If you want to preserve the youthfulness of the skin for a long time,Pay attention to the composition of creams that you choose. If they contain red palm oil, it means that their manufacturers are keeping pace with the times and using the latest achievements of the cosmetic industry.

Mask with palm oil for skin

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Home use

Palm oil has a very good effect on mature or dry skin. A special formulation allows you to apply it to the skin around the eyes. We offer several universal recipes.

  1. As a facial cleansing, use palm oil instead of skin foam for washing.
  2. You can wipe the disc moistened in palm oil, gently wipe the face.
  3. A wonderful evening cream is an oil that is simply applied to the skin with a thin layer.
  4. From palm oil you get a wonderful nourishing mask. For this procedure, apply a thick layer of oil and after about 40 minutes rinse with warm water.
  5. If you practice the use of cosmetics,Cooked yourself, take on board such advice. Add a teaspoon of palm oil to your cream, mask to nourish or moisturize your skin. This will enhance the effectiveness of the drugs and help restore skin and prolong youth.
  6. Adherents of using oil mixtures inCare and rejuvenation of the face like to make combinations of various vegetable oils, including in their composition palm in the proportion of 3: 1. Ideal for olive, coconut, burdock, linseed, shea or other oils.

Since palm oil has antiseptic abilities, it can be used even for sensitive skin.

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