Divorce. For many women, this word means a collapse of hope, an unfortunate fate and almost the end of life. To remain one - almost all women are afraid of this, and "divorce" - even more so. And if not one, but with a child in his arms - and even worse. The obsessive thought that "anyone who needs a single woman with a child" begins to pursue almost from the first days of life in the status of the ex-wife. The oils are poured into the fire by parents and friends, neighbors are whispering behind their backs, and nothing ahead of them except emptiness and despair. How to survive the divorce from her husband and start life from scratch?

We suffer in solitude and do not show a kind with outsiders

How to survive a divorce with your husband?

Do not believe beliefs that new horizonsLoom before you from the very first days after the divorce. A pier, only and it is necessary, that with ease to sigh and thank the destiny which has rescued you from this scoundrel. Such advice is relevant only if you lived together with a drunkard, a womanizer or a fan of beatings. However, the reasons for divorce can be different, about the husband can remain not only bad, but also pleasant memories, and the heart can still not completely cool off the unfulfilled love. And in such cases, to part with the past oh how hard!

We advise not to build a strong and proud woman, but Give vent to one's emotions In the first days after the divorce. Do not hold back tears if you want to cry, do not hold back emotions if you want to scream. You have every right to do this! However, it is not worth sticking too much, think a hundred times before burning joint photos and hammering disks with a wedding video is part of your life, and the memory of it should remain at least for your children. However, if the desire to quickly part with everything that in one way or another recalls the past of married life, is so great - and here do not hold back.

At the same time, all these emotional outpourings are goodOnly alone with you, in extreme cases - in a company with a mother who understands you or your best friend. But in any case, do not go off on children, friends, colleagues at work. It is for them to immediately create an image of a balanced woman who does not suffer at all after the divorce. For children this will help to recover sooner from the parents' divorce - after all, often for them this is not less trauma. And every "well-wishers" and lovers to discuss someone else's private life behind them will not give you the opportunity to savor the details of your grief.

But too cheerful and carefree inThe desire to painlessly survive a divorce is not worth looking at - and it is unlikely to do it naturally. Those around you will instantly realize that you are only trying to cover up your spiritual feelings with a mask of fun.

On the threshold of a new life

How to survive a divorce with your husband?

Long to suffer do not recommend. Give the emotions a way out, splashed out the accumulated negative - it's time to think about what awaits you ahead.

Fortunately, long gone are the times when the divorceIt was considered a disgrace to a woman, and you could put a cross on your personal life. Modern society is fairly liberal about divorced women. And most importantly - to itself refers not as a "second-rate" person, but as an error-making woman. And it's good that you decided to correct this mistake, and not to suffer with it until the end of your days!

Options for starting a new life are a lot - everythingDepends on your preferences, possibilities, presence or absence of children, the age of children and many other factors. What is really not worth doing is to immediately go in search of a new love, because there is a risk of confusing real feelings with the desire to simply forget yourself and forget about thoughts of a failed marriage. And here and before the second mistake is near.

Asking how to survive a divorce from her husband, remember that This is a period in life when it is possible and necessary to change what you have long wanted to change. Its external appearance, work, place of residence,Views on life - all this can undergo changes on your part. Change will create a sense of the beginning of a new life, the main thing is that it is a change for the better.

Do yourself better, as you can imagineTo allow. Change the image: color your hair or change your hair, master a new makeup, refresh the wardrobe, allow yourself more sleep and if not inclined to fullness - treat yourself to something delicious. Treat yourself with pity, with tenderness, with love - who else would like to please you in this difficult period of your life?

How to survive a divorce with your husband?

Find a hobby for the soul, good, leisureModern lady is not limited to needlework. Although it is necessary to admit that embroidery and knitting are perfectly calming and getting out of the depression. Do not want to use "grandmother's" methods - sign up for newfangled carving courses or oriental dances, master scuba diving or modeling of polymer clay. Look for your hobby and find something in which you can realize yourself to the fullest.

Do yourself self-improvement andSelf-education. Analyze your past mistakes and think about what you need to do in order to avoid them in the future. Perhaps in this you will help a professional psychologist - this is really a no-nonsense person in this situation.

If you have children, direct your efforts to theirSide. To give the children to their mother and forget themselves in isolation is a bad option. Relive this time together: spend time together, talk, watch cartoons, play, relax in nature, visit interesting places in your city. After all, for the mother It is important to know not only how to survive the divorce, but also how to facilitate this period for your children. Together you will be much easier to do it. Remember - the dearest thing that you have, has not disappeared with divorce, children still need your love and care.

Do not deprive yourself of communication with people. If it is still difficult to communicate with loved ones - perhaps it is worth thinking about new acquaintances. However, it is not necessary to get addicted to new friends by deleting old ones from life. It is worthwhile to be prudent, making new acquaintances - often on such mentally unstable women-razvedenok "hunt" representatives of various sects and marriage swindlers. It is better to make new friends in some club on interests or on the Internet. But it's more preferable to go to the club with your best friend or cinema with a company of bosom school friends.

Relations with the opposite sex

How to survive a divorce with your husband?

Often a woman after divorce rushes to extremesIn the matter of relations with men. Some put between themselves and the opposite sex an invisible wall, a psychological barrier that does not cross. To others, on the contrary, it seems that the answer to the question "How to survive a divorce from a husband?" Is to quickly find a replacement for a former husband, a new father for children. Both extremes do not promise anything good.

Do not seek new love and do not avoid it
. Behave with men naturally, at the same timeTime remembering about their past mistakes and trying not to repeat them. If your ex-husband was not indifferent to drinking, then the new boyfriend, sipping a glass over a glass, should be automatically removed from the list of applicants for your hand and heart.

However, it is not necessary to be limited onlyThe shortcomings of the former spouse - if you are planning a second marriage, then he certainly should be successful and long, and for this it is necessary to compile a list of requirements to the applicant for husbands. And do not be shy of your desires! And if this does not happen - it does not matter, personal life is quite possible without a second stamp in the passport.

We hope, now you know how to survive the divorce. This is easy if you seriously worry about your fate and take the situation under control. Successfully you will go through this difficult period in your life - and from now on everything will be all right for you!