Calcium peeling is an effective way to clean and rejuvenate the skin.

In the process of vital activity on the surface of the skinA layer of dead cells is formed. This stratum corneum may be of different thickness, but in any case it gives the skin a gray, dull appearance, emphasizes all wrinkles and prevents self-cleaning of the pores. As a result, they become clogged, acne, acne occur, and the skin condition deteriorates sharply. To get rid of dead cells, modern cosmetology uses scrubs and peels.

Calcium peeling with chloride

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Chemical peeling involves the dissolution andSloughing of dead cells, so it is more effective and less harmful than scrubbing - removal of the stratum corneum by mechanical abrasion rubbing. However, peeling chemicals can not always be carried out at home. This procedure is deep, middle and superficial. The first two types require performance only experienced cosmetologist in a specialized institution. It takes a long time to recover after a medium and deep peeling. Peeling with calcium chloride refers to the surface, so it does not require a recovery process, painless and does not cause any damage to the skin, if it is carried out according to all the rules.

The use of calcium chloride in cosmetic practice is not a novelty, rather, a well-forgotten old. However, the effectiveness of the procedure from this did not diminish.

What is calcium chloride peeling

When applied to the face of calcium chloride is brokenThe connection between dead cells, and they begin to disintegrate naturally and slough off the skin. In this case, the living cells of the surface layer of the skin do not suffer. When the stratum corneum is removed, young, actively growing cells remain under it, giving the face a young and fresh appearance.

In addition to skin rejuvenation, the elimination of coarseThe stratum corneum opens littered pores, facilitates their purification and narrowing. When a layer of dead cells comes off the surface of the face, various peeling, coarsening areas, pigmentation, and small scars after acne leave.

Attractiveness of peeling with calcium chlorideConsists in its efficiency, simplicity and possibility of carrying out independently, in house conditions. Of no small importance is the cost of the procedure - calcium chloride is cheap and available to everyone. To perform the peeling you do not need any special adaptations or specific knowledge. It is enough only to act carefully and carefully. The Internet has a lot of videos written to help those who do this for the first time.

Despite the opportunity to monitor their beautyAnd youth at the most famous cosmetologists, many movie and show business stars prefer to do calcium peeling on their own, so it's simple and effective.

Such a procedure can be performed by persons of bothSex of different ages. It is shown to young people with skin problems - high fat content, pimples and acne, "clogged" pores and comedones, uneven relief, pigmentation and post-acne. Peeling helps them to get rid of these problems, to make the skin cleaner, smoother and beautiful, to get rid of rashes and their consequences. For older people, peeling primarily helps fight wrinkles and pigmentation, rejuvenates and refreshes.

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How is the procedure performed

For peeling, you need to purchaseThe nearest pharmacy 10% solution of calcium chloride. Of additional tools and devices will need cotton wool and a bar of baby soap. Theoretically, the soap can be any, but in the children's there are no dyes, perfumes, or any aggressive additives. This is the most gentle and delicate remedy, so many practitioners of home-made peeling prefer it to children's soap to other varieties and species.

  1. Using a cotton pad on the face is applied a layer of calcium chloride. It is necessary to avoid the area around the eyes and lips - there is a very thin and sensitive skin, which can not be touched.
  2. Then hands are well washed and soaped with baby soap. With these soap hands towards the skin lines, it is very gentle and gentle to massage the face. As a result, flakes are formed, consisting of soap foam and dead skin particles. They roll into lumps, and under them remains a clean, smooth and young skin.
  3. When the whole face peeling is finished, it is necessary to wash with clean cool water to eliminate all traces of calcium chloride and soap. After the first procedure, the result will be very noticeable.
  4. Wash your face with a towel,But do not wipe. Since new, young cells open after peeling, the skin becomes especially susceptible to various cosmetic procedures, therefore it is better to continue taking care of yourself by using special masks, serums and creams, depending on the type and needs of the skin.

The result of peeling

After manipulation, the skin immediately looks younger,Fresh and has a brighter, uniform color. Since dead cells are removed from the skin, preventing the removal of secretions from the pores, they are cleared of surface contaminants and the skin already seems much cleaner. Taking advantage of the fact that the pores are maximally open, you can clean the face by applying special masks.

Fine wrinkles due to dry skin,After the peeling disappear completely, the magnitude of the deep decreases, their relief is smoothed. Pigmented spots become lightened, and small ones disappear completely. Smoothes the relief of the skin caused by post-acne scars. As a result of the peeling procedure with calcium chloride, the skin rejuvenates, becomes fresh, smooth and supple, and collagen and elastin are synthesized in it. Peeling is useful in many types of skin problems, although it can also have contraindications, including individual intolerance to calcium chloride.

The number and frequency of procedures depends onCondition of the skin and its thickness. Thick, oily and coarse skin can be treated more often, and with thin, dry and brittle one needs to act more delicately. In any case, the correctly executed peeling will quickly lead the skin into excellent condition.

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