What good is home chemical peeling?


Peeling is one of the main procedures thatIs a complex of measures for skin care. Especially popular in recent years was chemical peeling. Due to active ingredients, the skin is deeply cleansed and completely renewed. In the cabin, this procedure is quite expensive, because of what it is available not for all women. But this is not a reason to despair, a similar facial treatment is quite possible to exercise and at home. Of course, the result of home procedures is not comparable to the effect of salon facilities, but if you observe the condition of regularity, the skin will always be in excellent condition.

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Feature of home procedures

Despite the fact that home remedies forChemical peeling are at times less aggressive than salons, they also need to be extremely cautious. They include all kinds of acids and other elements that, if misused, can affect not only the dead cells, but also damage the healthy skin. That's why, even if you do not do the procedure in the salon, be sure to consult a dermatologist first about using these or other medications.

The main task of chemical peeling is,Of course, purification. Nevertheless, it has a number of other beneficial properties that include rejuvenation, clarification, regulation of fat release, and a significant reduction in pores. In addition, such procedures contribute to the inflow of blood to the surface of the skin. As a result, cells are saturated with useful substances and oxygen, which contributes to the acceleration of regeneration processes.

It is worth noting that after chemical peelingThe skin becomes at times more sensitive to solar radiation and ultraviolet radiation, therefore it is possible to carry out this procedure only from the middle of autumn to the middle of spring. If you decide to perform the procedure in the summer, then within 10 days after it you must protect your face in every possible way from direct sunlight (be in the shade, wear hats with wide margins and so on). Also, within two weeks you must definitely use special means with a high level of protection from the sun. At the same time, the skin around the eyes and lips is also treated.

Precautionary measures

Since the composition of the chemical peelings is quite aggressive, in the process of the procedure, you must observe a number of mandatory precautions:

  • - Before starting the procedure, test for your allergy to certain components of the peeling equipment;
  • - in no case should the skin be exposed to sunlight after the procedure (in summer it is better not to resort to chemical peeling);
  • - the funds are applied as thin as possible, otherwise a burn may occur;
  • - before proceeding to the procedure, the face skin needs to be cleaned well;
  • - Do not allow chemicals to enter the area around the eyes;
  • - At the slightest uncomfortable sensations during the procedure, the composition should immediately be washed off the face with running water;
  • - the minimum break between the procedures is 10 days;
  • - chemical peeling is contraindicated for those with sensitive skin type;
  • - Within 1-2 days after chemical peeling, any manipulations with the skin (hand touching, applying make-up, washing with cleansing agents and so on) should be ruled out.

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How to choose a peeling?

There are many recipes for homeChemical peeling, but the choice of its means must be approached very responsibly. Be sure to consider the type of skin, otherwise you risk earning an allergy or encounter other serious problems.

  • The most suitable means for oily, and alsoMixed skin can be considered salicylic acid. In this procedure can be carried out every three days, tk. This type of skin more than any other needs constant deep cleansing.
  • Owners of dry skin is not worth itAbuse chemical peeling. The effect of one procedure is enough for two weeks. During this time, the skin will fully recover. Ideal active substances in this case are alpha hydroiodic acids, which not only improve the skin condition, but also promote better absorption of useful components from nutritious creams.

Recipes for home chemical peeling are very numerous and diverse, and in their effectiveness they are not inferior to salon procedures.

Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride is a fairly commonSubstance for chemical peeling. In cosmetology, its 5% solution is used. But, despite the low concentration, there is still a need for a test for the presence of an allergic reaction. The best part for these purposes is a segment of the inner bend of the elbow or under the knee, where the skin is as gentle as on the face. If after 5 minutes you do not feel anything but a slight tingling sensation, you can safely proceed to the procedures.

To begin with, wash and wipe your face with cleansingLotion or milk. Open the ampoule with calcium chloride and apply it on the face with a cotton pad (for convenience, you can pour the liquid into a glass bottle). During the first procedure, it will be sufficient to apply 4 layers of the substance. In the future, you can increase the number of layers to 8.

When all layers of the drug dry, you need to moistenFingers in water, grease them with usual toilet or baby soap and gradually remove the mask from the face by rolling it. You will notice, as with the granules begin to descend keratinized cells, and after washing, the skin and at all will be fresh, soft and renewed. To the skin after the peeling should be treated very carefully, so do not wipe it with a towel. It is better just to get wet with a paper napkin, after which you must apply the cream.

If your skin normally tolerates chlorideCalcium, then after several procedures, its concentration can be increased to 10%. This is the limiting concentration, which is safe. Otherwise, you may get a chemical burn.

Camphor and boric acid

The following recipe for chemical peelingImplies a combination of 10 grams of boric acid and 30 ml of camphor alcohol, as well as some auxiliary components. To begin with, you need to grate the baby or toilet soap on a grater, add 30 ml of glycerin and hydroperite, 10 ml of ammonia, and the previously specified amount of boric acid and camphor alcohol.

When you mix the composition well, the mass forPeeling will look like a homogeneous cream. Apply the compound on your face and wait until it dries completely. Next, remove from the face of the film with a cotton swab soaked in a ten percent solution of calcium chloride. At the end of the procedure you need to wash. Do not apply this compound to the skin if it has inflammation or ulcers.

Badyaga with hydrogen peroxide

To prepare the preparation, take two dining roomsSpoons of powder balyaga and begin to gradually add to it hydrogen peroxide (3%), until the mass becomes similar to porridge. Now you need to prepare the person for the procedure. First, wash and rinse the skin over a jar of hot water, into which you can add a little dry chamomile flowers. You can also make a warm compress with a towel.

Apply mask to face using cotton pad. If you prefer to work with your hands, it is better to wear gloves first. When applying the formulation to the skin, rub it lightly in a circular motion. After 20 minutes, the mask should be removed using a gauze pad moistened in warm water.

This mask needs to be used every day untilPores, until the skin does not appear peeling. This will be a signal to the fact that the necrotic cells began to separate from healthy tissues. The number of procedures depends on the type of skin. So, normal and dry skin will clear in 2-3 days, but oily skin may need up to 5 procedures.

Home acid peeling

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Acid peeling

Because dry skin also needs regularPeeling, it is important to choose for her an effective and, at the same time, a gentle tool. Fruit acids can become such a means. Such procedures not only clean the surface of the skin, but also saturate it with a variety of useful substances. The main advantage of this peeling is that it uses natural ingredients.

To prepare a cleanser, anyFruits (preferably seasonal), among which at least one fruit should be related to citrus fruits. All components must be thoroughly washed and ground to a puree state (it is better to do this with a blender). Fruit gruel should be applied to the face in a thick layer, and after 15 minutes, rinse. Be sure to moisturize the skin with cream after the procedure.

The simplest recipe for acid peelingIs a mixture of lemon juice and water. The composition should be applied to the face with a cotton swab and leave for about 5 minutes. After this, you need to wash and spread the cream on the skin, which contains no petrolatum. This tool not only cleanses the skin, but also lightens it lightly and even wrestles with wrinkles.

A wonderful remedy for fruit peelingIs a strawberry. In a blender, stir in a smoothie a small apple and three large berries of strawberries. The remedy should not affect the face for more than 5 minutes, as it can pinch the skin.

If your skin comes up with fruit peels, thenYou can add a little exotics to the procedures. In equal quantities, take pineapple and papaya, add a little honey and mix the composition thoroughly with a blender. The time of exposure to the mask on the skin is also 5 minutes.


Chemical peeling is, undoubtedly, a useful procedure. Nevertheless, she has a number of serious contraindications:

  • - the presence of viral diseases;
  • - skin problems;
  • - allergy to components of drugs or hypersensitivity to them;
  • - the presence of wounds, scratches and any other damage on the surface of the skin;
  • - During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • - herpesvirus infection;
  • - Hypersensitivity of skin;
  • - a period of less than six months after the end of roaccutane intake;
  • - a tendency to pigmentation and scarring.

Chemical peeling done at homeConditions, does not concede on efficiency salonnomu, and its cost in some times is less. In addition, all components are available in pharmacies or stores. If you follow all the rules and precautions during the procedures, the result will be a beautiful, clean, radiant and smooth skin.

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