A husband left ... It is a tragedy for every woman,The tragedy is sometimes even greater than the betrayal of her husband. The family remained without a head, without a breadwinner, without support, children without a father, a woman without a spouse, with whom she shared several years of joy and sorrow. Confusion, despair, shock ... These feelings are experienced by every abandoned wife. And if the family life was sufficiently prosperous and her death crash is similar, the wife naturally raises the question: how to return her husband to the family?

So, your husband left you. How to return a negligent spouse to a family nest? If you are sure that life without it will not be nice to you - take the situation into your own hands.

Why did the husband leave the family?

How to return the husband?

First of all, analyze the reasons for leaving her husband. There may be several, but the most common are three:

- Dissatisfaction of the husband with family life - you are disgusting your spouse, he is tired of being near you, more simply, he has stopped loving you;

- he had another woman, the feelings for which were so strong that he ceased to conceal these relations and preferred to continue his life with a new passion;

- he changed as a person, changed his views on life, and from now on your plans for the future do not coincide, and you do not enter into his plans.

Very often, these causes are interrelated and manifest in a complex.

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How to return the love of her husband?

Do not rush into your actions. Experienced psychologists advise Wait a while - very often the husband does not find the expectedSatisfaction away from the family and he returns back. He suddenly begins to miss the seemingly annoying home-made pancakes and ironed shirts, fragrant coffee since morning and shaggy house slippers.

How to return the husband?

Take a position offended and offended - notThe best option. It is better to "remain friends", no matter how hard it is and how the cat does not scrub. This will allow you to always stay in touch, periodically call up and meet. If you have children, do not forbid your husband to see them. Such contacts from time to time will not allow the light of love, caresses and cares to fade away, which, perhaps, still hovers in the soul of your spouse.

If you want to know how to return a husband to the family, in no case Do not try on the role of the victim, do not let tears, hysterics and scandals. Indeed, men are acutely responsive toWomen's tears and may for a while succumb to pleas and stay with you because of pity. However, over time, they develop a kind of immunity to tears - and then you will remain alone with your sobbing. And even more so do not make scandals with scratching out your eyes and tearing out your mistress's hair - be a prankish woman, no more. The best option is to be moderately proud, self-assured and in no case not to let the spouse know that without him you do not have the sense of life - even if it really is.

The husband left the family not from a good life - this is understandable. Therefore, It's time for you to change something in yourself. How to return the love of her husband? Remember, when you last updated the image, something was carried away, somewhere you went - in general, when was the last time you devoted yourself to your beloved? Men - strange creatures, they want and home comfort, and goodies in the kitchen, and ingenuity in bed, so that the wife was at the same time well-groomed, attractive and interesting in communication woman. That's the last time you need to think about, especially if there are gaps on your part in this paragraph. And they are - because husbands do not leave attractive and interesting wives.

And most importantly - do not make a desire to return her husbandIn the family the only life goal. Try to find another meaning in life and tune in to the positive - with your husband or without him. In the end, you can be happy without it - the main thing is to let yourself know this.

How to return her husband with conspiracies?

How to return the husband?

Especially superstitious women in their desire to returnLove of a husband can resort to the help of magic. Fortunately, rituals and conspiracies in order to return her husband, abound. You can turn to wizards and magicians for help or try to use the otherworldly forces yourself. However, remember that jokes with magic can turn into undesirable consequences.

You may need to first bewitchMistress of her husband, and then already bewitch the wife to her. Know that any spells and conspiracies do not last forever - by returning the head of the family back, you must make every effort to ensure that he never wants to leave you again.

We bring to your attention Uncomplicated conspiracy to return her husband. Take any thing that belonged toYour spouse, put it on the sofa and cover it with a pillow. Say aloud the phrase: "Miu tiu rin rin. Shibo-ribo gin bilin. " Repeat this phrase you need exactly as many times as you and your husband in the amount of years. After that, from the pillow you need to remove the pillowcase and take a bath, wiping it all over the body, filling it with an attractive force that will force the spouse to return to you.

Another conspiracy, how to return her husband, whomLed rival. From the test, you need to make two dolls: a man (your husband) and a woman (his mistress). Put the dolls in different corners of the room. Every day from the very morning, go to the dolls, holding the edge of bread, and say: "Together you can not be, do not live, do not eat bread, do not raise children, do not drink honey. Verily I say. Amen".

How to return the love of her husband? Again become for him the only and desired, to change beyond recognition or to resort to the services of magic? Choose you. We just have to wish you luck in your hard work.