How would we not like this, but the relationship withLoved ones can not always be in a stage of insane love and all-embracing passion. Unfortunately, over time, even the strongest pair will come a time when feelings become dull, there will be dissatisfaction with the partner, on the horizon looming risk of a rupture of relations. Stop! Is everything so prosaic, and a sad outcome can not be avoided? Of course not! To the joint life does not crack, you need to know how to maintain a relationship with your loved one.

Where to begin?

How to maintain a relationship?

The most important rule of preservation of relations -Act together. Let's put it bluntly, if you row one way in a family life boat and your partner in the opposite direction, the result will be sad. The worst situation is when one partner sees problems in the relationship and is burning with a desire to solve them, and the other simply does not notice them, and therefore sees no point in the changes.

Therefore, to begin to solve problems arises from a frank conversation. Most likely, it will be very difficult and,Perhaps even unpleasant. However, to act "quietly" in this issue does not work out - so prepare for a long, serious conversation with your soul mate.

What are you sure you should talk about? First of all, express your concern about the emerging crack in your relationship. Speak calmly and kindly, without accusations and rudeness, otherwise your loved one will simply be shielded from you by a wall of misunderstanding and anger. Let him know that you are very worried about the fact that your relationship will end, that you do not want to lose your feelings, that you can not imagine life apart.

Having adjusted the favorite in a positive way, Go to justify your suspicions and worries. Perhaps this is the most difficult stage, because youNecessarily have to tell your partner in person their claims to him. And here is also not the place of an aggressive tone. Share with him what does not suit you in recent times. Perhaps he has some unpleasant habits for you, he stopped talking to you about joint plans for the future, did not fulfill the promised, began to disappoint you in bed, began to stare at other women or increasingly apply to the bottle ...

Try to find together the reasons for thisBehavior, hint that if you do not immediately address these gaps, a break in the relationship will be inevitable. The most difficult thing is when the partner does not realize his mistakes and sincerely believes that you exaggerate. Try to still reach out to his heart, bring serious arguments of his concern. Of course, it will be better if you prepare for this conversation in advance.

About the next point of the conversation, many people forget or deliberately avoid it - but in vain! If you want to know how to keep a relationship with a guy or a spouse - Be sure to ask what does not suit you. It would be foolish to assume that you have toBeloved mountain of claims, and he is satisfied with you one hundred percent. Be able to listen with dignity and special attention to listen to the demands put forward in your address. After all, you and during your life together have certainly changed, and not in everything for the better.

The conversation on souls will help to find out the reason of discontent with each other - and this is the first important step on a way of the decision of a question how to keep relations with liked.

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We act immediately!

How to maintain a relationship?

Well, it's time to move from talking toActions, because if everything remains at the level of confidential conversation, the problem will not move from the dead end. Of course, the only true advice in what actions you need to take to maintain a relationship with your loved one can not be. After all, much depends directly on the causes that led to the emergence of problems in life together.

For example, if we are talking about more serious reasons- treason or drunkenness - then, most likely, you can not do without the help of a specialist (psychologist, narcologist). In some cases, the relationship is generally better to break, so as not to hurt yourself and your partner. In the classic cases of the crisis of relations between men and women ("life was eaten up", the partners were bored with each other, their shortcomings surfaced, joint life became a burden) the following tips will help:

1. Joint rest. Some modern psychologists adviseTo save the relationship by rest from each other. Perhaps someone like this advice and useful, but Taymledi believes that this method - just an excuse to avoid problems. But you will have to carefully plan the family budget. Above, we talked about how to solve them together, and separate rest does not fit this requirement at all.

So, maybe you're both just tired of householdTrifles, from living in four walls, from the same "picture" before your eyes every day. How to keep a relationship with a guy in this case? Change the situation - take a vacation and go on vacation. Where - it is already from your personal preferences and the possibilities of the purse depends, and this is not the essence. However, it is desirable after all, that it was an interesting and at least partly active rest - it will much better bring you closer than lazy lying on the beach under the scorching sun.

2. Joint plans. Surely at the dawn of your relationship they had yousea. Over time, they came to naught? We urgently need to correct the situation! Joint plans for the future greatly strengthen the family. This does not necessarily have to be something serious like the birth of a child or buying a property abroad. Start small - plan to buy a new TV, change wallpaper in the bedroom or establish a talking parrot.

3. Joint business. Try to act together and in doing itHousehold duties, and work. Help each other to the best of their abilities. Let your partner feel that without you it will be difficult - and let the same feel you.

4. Joint hobby. Do not you have a hobby for two? It's time to start it! It does not matter what it will be: collecting, extreme sports or creativity - it is important that it unites you. If nothing comes to the head, take a large sheet of paper, paint and brushes and try to draw a picture together, drawing the lines of each other. This is a fun and exciting game that will give you a few minutes of real positive. In addition, an experienced specialist will be able to find out the source of your problems, having analyzed the resulting drawing as a result of such a joint work, and will accurately tell how to keep the relationship with your loved one in your case.

How to maintain a relationship?

5. Solving intimate issues. As a rule, a split in relations is accompanied byProblems in an intimate life. Passion disappears, the partner becomes less attractive in sexual terms. And though careless couples are used who are used to solving all their problems in bed - they are to some extent correctly, because full-fledged sex is a guarantee of the stability of relations between men and women.

Again, consider together that youDoes not suit sexually. Fortunately, now a dime a dozen and the necessary information to improve the intimate life, and appropriate accessories and accessories that enhance the sensations. The main thing is do not be shy about your desires and do not be shy in demands.

6. Getting rid of irritants. Try to find out what factors in yourRelationships are annoying, and try to get rid of them. Perhaps some of you snore heavily in a dream or forget to wash a plate after yourself, leave a tube with toothpaste uncovered, or shave not with your razor. Such trifles can terribly annoy and spoil the mood. Try to please the partner and watch yourself from now on, avoiding the irritating actions.

7. Relations with relatives and close people. Do not allow the situation that relatives and friendsInterfered in your relationship and advised how to maintain a relationship with a guy or husband. Particularly active in this regard can be moms (both girls and boyfriends), girlfriends and friends. The best thing is not to devote them to your problems - it's up to you two, and only you two must solve them. If it does not work out - take advantage of the adequate professional opinion of the psychologist, but not the subjective advice of your mother or girlfriend.

8. Mark even the slightest progress in the relationship. Go smoothly all will not - tune into it. Restoring relations is a serious matter, and therefore a long one. Do not wait immediately impressive results - better to praise each other for every pleasant change. After all, from such trifles, whatever one may say, love itself consists.

Maintain the flame of love and passion

It is a mistake to think that if it was possible to preserveRelationships with loved ones - the trouble is behind and you can relax. It was not there! Unfortunately, the fire of love needs constant recharge from your side, and therefore you will have to maintain a relationship throughout your life. What to do, love only first brings only joy and delight, later becoming even hard work for two people.

One only comforts - the sooner you seeProblem and take up its solution, the faster the result will be. Therefore do not put it off - especially since now you know exactly how to maintain a relationship with your loved one. Act - and let luck be your companion in this difficult matter!