Peach and cream peeling mask

Every woman wants to be beautiful - this is notFor whom not news and not a secret. It is checked, the person needs to be observed from the youth, and at occurrence of the first wrinkles leaving should be more active. Only in the modern world, where there are many stresses, not always a good ecological situation and difficult working conditions, it is possible to achieve the necessary effect, to remain always young and irresistible.

Lifting is a lifting without surgery and the use of complex cosmetic equipment.

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Mask composition

Excellent tones the skin, gives it firmness, andAlso the color - the pulp of the peach. The main condition: it should be ripe and juicy. Only a sun-ripened ripe fruit will be a real remedy for tired face skin.

Cream play the role of nutrition and fill the upperLayer of the epidermis with useful substances, moisturize, and also make the skin smooth. In general, any dairy products are always moisturizing and nourishing. There are so many variants of masks not only from cream, but also from yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and even mayonnaise. The latter, by the way, has gained immense popularity even in the treatment of hair loss.

It should be noted that analogues of such a mask can beMeet in stores under different brands of well-known and quite expensive cosmetics. However, what ingredients can be in their composition? Fruit essence, natural dye and preservatives? Most likely, no woman will agree to spend money on the factory mask in order to use this incomprehensible product for her face.


Mask-lifting of peach and cream requires regular application, at least once a week. In the absence of peaches, they can be replaced with apricots or even mangoes.


  1. Peach - 1 piece;
  2. Cream 30% - 2 tablespoons.

1. Prepare the necessary ingredients.

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2. Peach must be cleaned from the peel, and pulp to grind with a blender or mash with a fork.

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3. Cream should be whipped until it is airy. After that, the cream is simply mixed with the pulp of the peach.

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4. The mask is ready and to put it on the face, it is best to take a thick cosmetic brush. It is applied for 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water without soap.

Home lifting mask from a peach, photo

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Mask of peaches and cream with the effect of lifting is an excellent solution for those who prefer only natural, ecologically clean face cosmetics made by themselves.

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