Wrinkles above the upper lip: means for smoothing, home procedures, salon techniques


Prevention of wrinkles is good. But what if they already appeared? How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip? To get rid of them it is possible with the help of various cosmetic means, house masks and procedures, salon rejuvenating techniques. The main thing is to choose the most suitable options for yourself. And even better - apply them in the complex.

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Home masks and folk remedies

In most cases, for smoothingMimic wrinkles above the upper lip is enough to apply standard nutritional or moisturizing face masks. But since the work of the sebaceous glands in some areas is uneven, the skin is structurally and sensitive, it is useful to apply additional compositions to the area around the mouth.

  • A unique remedy for facial wrinkles -sauerkraut. It contains a lot of useful substances and a whole complex of vitamins that nourish the skin. To remove the creases over the lip enough to chop the sauerkraut (preferably their own cooking) in the gruel and apply to the skin. Half an hour later, remove the "mask" and wash. Instead of cabbage, you can use brine, rubbing the area around your mouth. The effect of using the product will surprise and please!
  • Well smoothes wrinkles over the upper lipMask of honey and aloe juice. The flesh of the fresh leaf of the medicinal plant is kneaded, squeezed juice and mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Apply on the skin, wait half an hour. Rinse off with cool water.
  • Not less useful for smoothing wrinkles overThe upper lip will be the application of a mask from immature apples or cucumbers. Fresh fruit (vegetable) rubbed on a fine grater and impose the resulting gruel on the problem area. The rest of the mask is taken off in half an hour with a napkin. The flesh of cucumber for completeness of action is recommended to mix with sour cream and honey (proportions 1: 1: 1). The effect of the application of such a tool appears instantly - after the first procedure the wrinkles become less noticeable, the skin is smoothed out.
  • To even out wrinkles over the upper lip, you can2-3 times a week to make a starch-kefir mask. The composition should be dense, like thick sour cream. Therefore, the amount of kefir (room temperature) per tablespoon of potato starch is determined by experiment. The mask is applied to the problem site, they hold for half an hour. After rinse with cool water.

In addition to natural masks extremely usefulTo maintain youthfulness of the skin, daily toning-cooling procedures are recognized. Bribes not only achieved through their regular implementation of the effect of smoothing wrinkles, but also the ease of execution.

So, for the prevention of skin aging, washAfter a night rest cosmetologists advise only cold water. In the mornings, after water procedures, problem areas on the face are wiped with ice cubes. For these simple manipulations, ice from ordinary purified water can be used. But it is better to prepare ice from broth of a camomile, calendula, other curative grasses, juice of a parsley, a celery, natural fruit or vegetable juices.

By the way, about celery. Recently, the juice of green leaves of this plant is called almost a panacea for skin aging. It contains special phytohormones (besides many other useful substances and vitamins) that give an excellent effect of moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating the skin.

You can use celery juice against wrinkles above the upper lip either externally or by ingesting it in the form of a "green" cocktail in combination with the pulp of cucumber, apple, spinach, parsley.

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Gymnastics from wrinkles

Special exercises that promoteSmoothing of the skin above the upper lip is recommended daily. The gym complex is quite simple and convenient because you can do "charging" at any suitable moment:

  1. We stretch out our lips with a tube of tension and immediately relax.
  2. Deeply inhale the air, inflate the cheeks and hold the exhale with your lips for 10-15 seconds.
  3. We lift several times the upper lip, as if we want to reach the tip of the nose.
  4. We apply non-standard positions to the lips - we draw it out with a narrow tube, groove, put out the tongue with a "shovel" or "needle", put our lips in a smile that completely reveals the upper teeth.
  5. Slowly, with a stretch, we utter on the exhale the vowel sounds A, U, Y, E, O.
  6. Pull the lips forward, alternately covering the lower lip of the upper and vice versa.

Each exercise is repeated 10 times. The gymnastics will not give an immediate result, but with the regularity of performance, the effect of wrinkle smoothing will gradually appear and will only increase with time.

Cosmetical tools

Since the main cause of skin fadingBecomes depletion of the lipid layer and insufficient moisture content, the most effective means for removing wrinkles are drugs with a pronounced moisturizing effect. This is not only an anti-aging cream, but also nutritious serums, masks.

Leaders of anti-aging cosmetics are recognizedMeans containing hyaluronic acid. The strongest are considered preparations based on serum with hyaluronic, which allow to achieve a visual effect of smoothing of facial wrinkles literally after the first application.

When choosing anti-aging drugs for facial skin, cosmetologists recommend paying attention to such indicators:

  • The level of hyaluronic acid concentration (for each age group it is different).
  • The naturalness of the composition.
  • For what type of skin is the cream.
  • Quality and shelf life of the product.

Finished cosmetics are used according to the scheme described in the instructions. Apply to problem areas or the entire face in the morning or at bedtime instead of the usual moisturizer.

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Salon rejuvenating procedures

The methods of removing wrinkles over the upper lip in the arsenal of modern aesthetic cosmetology are many. Let's list the most popular ones.

Hardware methods of face rejuvenation:

  • Laser grinding.
  • ELOS procedures.
  • Ionophoresis.
  • Chemical, laser, ultrasonic peeling.

Injection techniques:

  • Local introduction of philters.
  • Lipofilling.
  • Injection of neurotoxins, which reduce facial motility.
  • Biorevitalization.
  • Mesotherapy.

To radical methods of face rejuvenation include lifting, circular face lifting.

Results of salon procedures for the removal of wrinklesOn the face more pronounced, achieved much faster than the use of cosmetic anti-aging or folk remedies, are characterized by prolonged action. The disadvantages of this method of combating wrinkles include a considerable price and a whole range of contraindications, which often make the application of this or that technique impossible.

But the surest way to stay longerYoung and do not worry about the appearance of wrinkles on the face is cheerfulness of the spirit, a good emotional mood, an active healthy lifestyle and taking care of one's own health.

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