Gelatin from wrinkles around the eyes - 4 recipes for effective masks


Modern women have well understood that forPreservation of beauty and youth for a long time, you need to start caring for yourself as early as possible. In this case, no one is counting on only one method of influence, but understands the need to solve the problem in a complex. That is why now with traces of age are struggling right from all sides, using ready and home cosmetics, various vitamin-mineral complexes and biologically active supplements inside.

On the wave of understanding the role and importance of elastin andCollagen in the maintenance of beauty and a clear form of a woman's face first began to use gelatin for the skin inside. Noting that this simple and all available means perfectly strengthens the hair, nails and skin, they began using gelatin for the skin of the face. The effect of its use was very noticeable, so the mask of wrinkles around the eyes with gelatin quickly gained immense popularity, because it is this area with very delicate and fragile skin that is quickly covered with wrinkles that emphasize age and add it.

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The use of gelatin for skin rejuvenation

Gelatin is useful for the skin, because in factCompletely it is a collagen - a special protein of animal origin, and water-soluble, and therefore easily absorbed into the skin. For the beauty and freshness of the face, collagen plays a very important role. It creates a kind of skeleton, which keeps the skin tightly stretched and smooth. With age, the amount of own collagen and elastin in the skin is sharply reduced, since the extinction of the sexual function smoothly leads to a decrease in the synthesis of these fibers. As a result, the skin becomes drier, thin, covered with a network of wrinkles and wrinkles, there are sagging. In short, the face grows old.

But the modern woman is active and in a very matureAnd even old age, so she does not want to put up with such an injustice of nature. Therefore, it applies all available means of struggle, including gelatin against wrinkles. This substance has many advantages that attract women of all ages to it:

  • Availability and cheapness. A bag of gelatin costs a penny and is sold in any supermarket.
  • Natural origin. Gelatin is obtained from the skin, tendons and joints of animals, so this substance is related to our skin, hair and nails, it is perfectly digested both when taken orally and when used externally.
  • Absence of allergic reactions.
  • Easy cooking.
  • Latitude of use. Gelatin can be taken inside to strengthen the body, use it to treat hair and make from it a variety of cosmetics for the skin. Especially effective was the mask of gelatin for skin rejuvenation, which returns to it smoothness, tightness, removes wrinkles and narrows the pores.
Important! Choose quality gelatin without additives, best of all from well-known organic brands. Remember that the purity of the agent depends on the intensity of its effect on the skin.

Gelatin with activated carbon is an excellent tool for rejuvenating and removing black spots

Rules for the preparation of masks with gelatin

In order to gelatinous face mask fromWrinkles brought only good, it must be properly prepared. To do this, use enamel or glassware and quality food gelatin. To create effective masks, prosthetic gelatin, which is used to make a plastic makeup, is not suitable, it is soft and creates a surface layer without being absorbed by the skin.

Preparation mask:

  1. Dry gelatin in the right amount pourSelected liquid (water, milk for dry skin, juice or decoction of herbs for oily and porous.) For greasy, porous skin with pigmentation, natural apple or orange juice is often chosen.
  2. Dissolve gelatin in a water bath.
  3. Cool to room temperature.
  4. Add the necessary components.
  5. Apply to thoroughly cleaned and relaxedface. Before a mask it is not bad to make an easy massage - muscles will be pliable, and wrinkles - as much as possible smoothened. This is important, since gelatin in the mask, when frozen, forms a film that fixes wrinkles.
  6. During application of the mask, it is necessary to be in a horizontal position at rest.
  7. The mask should be applied to the neck, décolleté zone, since these places are especially prone to wrinkles, and the faces are more likely to age.
  8. On the sensitive area around the eyes, the mask using gelatin is applied especially gently and carefully, so as not to stretch and not injure.
  9. Wash off the mask delicately, over skin lines, with cool water.
  10. Complete the procedure with tonic, serum, moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Nowadays gelatin is widely used in cosmetology. A particularly noticeable result will be the simultaneous use of masks at home, visiting the beautician and taking gelatin inside.

Important! When heating gelatin, you can not use open fire and bring the solution to a boil.

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Recipes for masks with gelatin around the eyes

Prescription funds for home care existsQuite a lot, but the gelatin mask around the eyes is especially effective due to its naturalness. There are several different variants of such masks that differ in the added ingredients and their influence on the skin of the eyelids.

Mask honey-glycerin

This product very well and quickly moisturizes the skinAround the eyes and supplies it with microelements, which is so rich in honey. For her, only high-quality natural honey and glycerine, purchased at the pharmacy, is used. The last element is known for its ability to retain moisture and soften it.

To create a mask, take 4 tablespoons of water and glycerin and 2 - gelatin and honey.

Dissolve gelatin in water, cool to room temperatureTemperature and add the remaining components to it. The mask is applied to the cleansed skin very carefully, without stretching the skin and making sure that the composition does not get into the eyes. Keep until solidified, then just as gently washed off with plenty of cool, tonic water. Masks alternate with compresses from herbal decoctions and a massage with an ice cube.

Important! This home remedy has its pros and cons. The positive thing is that the pre-prepared composition can be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly clogged glass container for about a month. The downside is that honey and gelatin around the eyes can provoke a strong allergic reaction in the event that a woman has a sensitivity to bee products.

Mask moisturizing and clarifying

Another home face mask for the skin around the eyesContains fresh cucumber, gelatin and glycerin. It is prepared in almost the same way as the previous one, but instead of honey, crushed whole fresh cucumber is added to the gruel.

To get the mask you need 2 tablespoons of dryGelatin to 5 tablespoons of clean water and a strong healthy cucumber, best from the garden, and not from the greenhouse. Hold the mask for half an hour, remove gently, rinsing with cold water. Such a tool not only tightens and moisturizes the skin, but also slightly brightens the dark circles under the eyes.

Nourishing mask

If the skin is very dry with a pronounced meshWrinkles from contraction, it is better to use a nutrient. For him, you need 5 tablespoons of natural milk, a tablespoon of gelatin and a good olive oil of cold pressing. Prepared components are mixed, applied to the skin of the eyelids very carefully and equally delicately removed with a tampon and cool water.

Important! When using masks for the skin of eyelids with gelatin content they should not be abused. Alternate the product with other masks, compresses and applications, as well as ready-made products and visits to the cosmetologist.

Gelatin is an excellent natural remedy forSkin care, which can be used in various combinations. It deserves more attention and frequent use at home, because It is easy to use, it is cheap, and the result gives no worse salon.

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