Dry peeling will preserve beauty and youth


Nowadays there are no problems with good cosmetics: In shopping malls, you can find tools to care for any skin. Gels for young girls suffering from adolescent acne; Moisturizing creams for ladies in the prime of life; Masks and peelings for mature beauties, actively fighting wrinkles and other age-related changes, which, alas, expect every woman sooner or later - all this is abundantly presented in any self-respecting cosmetic shop.

Maintain the skin in good condition is very important- with this no one will argue. No matter how old a woman is, she must be well-groomed. But, it turns out, not always the necessary effect can be achieved only by emptying the purse. There are ways to deal with skin problems with minimal costs. One of the options available to each of us is dry body peeling. What is it and who can apply it?

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Maximum effect with minimum costs

Dry peeling, in fact, is a superficialMassage performed on all parts of the body. Such dry cleaning is a wonderful way to get rid of dead particles of the epithelium, which interfere with the normal nutrition and functioning of the skin.

Supporters of Ayurveda are in favor of frequentUse this cleaning method. Both women and men try to do mini-massage every 2 days. Some do this daily, trying to help the skin in time to get rid of keratinized scales. In childhood and early youth, the body is able to remove the interfering particles on time, as well as dirt and dust, because the process of cell renewal occurs very quickly. With age, these processes slow down - the body needs a little help. It will not be a mistake to say that dry peeling is shown to every person who has crossed the 30-year boundary.

Skin functions, as we remember from school lessonsBiology, do not reduce only to coverslips. This body (by the way, the largest of all human organs) is able to excrete degradation products and toxins. Remember, what is recommended for a patient with acute respiratory viral infection, who has a high fever? Correctly: drink more, so that afterwards the remnants of the activity of pathogenic microorganisms leave the body faster. Then recovery should be expected in a shorter time.

So let's use this methodAnd we will begin to peel the skin of the body at least once a week, and ideally - twice a week. This requires only a brush and 5-10 minutes of free time - that's all the costs.

Benefits of dry peeling

On the one hand, it's nice to take advantage ofSome sort of fragrant peach peeling or ground coffee beans. But, on the other hand, their effectiveness is strongly dependent on the conditions of use: so, the greatest effect will be observed if you take these funds with you to the sauna. They work great if you apply them to a steamed body when all pores are open. Let's be honest: is it so often that we allow ourselves to hike with friends in the bath? Most likely, it's impossible to do this every week: everyone has their own worries, and therefore "bath days" fall out at our share, at best, once or twice a month. For a good effect this is not enough.

Dry peeling can be done at home on their own. There is no need to moisturize and steam the body: on the contrary, this method of removing dead scalings works well just on dry skin.

Note how many "pluses" in such a dry cleaning:

  • - do not need to allocate a whole evening and somewhere to get out of the house;
  • - there is no need to buy anything - except for "tools" - a brush that will last for many months;
  • - You can follow the procedure at any time, when there are free 5 minutes.

Dry peeling is invigorating, if you do it onMornings. After this, it is recommended to take a contrast shower - and now you are ready to fulfill your usual duties. You do not even need a cup of coffee, without which, as you still thought, nowhere!

The action of the peeling is as follows. This small massage:

  • - stimulates blood circulation;
  • - "disperses" the lymph;
  • - accelerates the process of metabolism and cell renewal;
  • - gives the skin a healthy radiance.

After the session you will notice that the dream became better, the mood swings ceased to exacerbate, fatigue went away.

Important point: dry peeling helps women get rid of cellulite as well.

To understand, at the expense of what is achieved thisEffect, let's recall how a nasty "orange crust" is formed. In youth, it is easier to cope with it, since it often is simply the result of an incorrect distribution of fat in the cells. Sometimes the girl has enough to lose weight - and cellulite goes away himself.

Another thing is a mature, "golden" age. At this time, the production of collagen and elastin is reduced, between the upper layers of the skin and those that are located just below, the elastic "layer" becomes thin. The thin upper layer, as it were, "attracts" the lower layers to itself, because of which there appear non-pleasing holes and bumps. All these irregularities can be significantly smoothened if regular dry peeling is done.

Attention: The brush for dry massage should be matched correctly. Too stiff bristles can injure the skin. From the soft, there will be no sense. Therefore, we choose a brush of medium hardness, better from natural materials.

Peeling can be performed for both the body and the face. Let's see what its features are in each case.

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How to perform the procedure correctly

In order to not do harm to the body, it is necessary to make movements not chaotically, but in strict order.

Begin peeling from the feet, gradually moving higher, to the heart area. Then we perform massage with a brush of hands, starting with the elaboration of the fingers and rising to the shoulders.

Actions should be smooth enough, it is best to do peeling with the help of rotational movements.

Dry face peeling can be performed afterPeeling the body (of course, another brush) or hold separately. The face peeling brush should be slightly softer. This condition is especially important for owners of dry and sensitive skin. By the way, if there is no brush under the hands, it will be replaced by a towel.

On the face of the movement perform strictly on massage lines, otherwise it is possible to increase the number of wrinkles due to stretching of the skin.

Dry massage: how many times a week should it be done

Peeling should be done 2 times a week. Too often, too, do not expose the body to such an effect: it is necessary that the cells have time to recover. Facial massage with a brush is recommended to be carried out from once every 5 to once in 10 days. In this case, all movements should be performed without pressure, gently, gently.

It is important to complete the procedure correctly. After the basic actions are completed, you need to wash your face and body, get wet with a towel, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Owners of dry skin is perfect olive oil.

The brush should be washed, and it will be even better if you splash it with boiling water: it is necessary to destroy the bacteria that are left on it. Then the "tool of labor" must be carefully dried.

Are there any contraindications?

Dry peeling has few contraindications. Most of them are relative. So, it can not be done to people who:

  • Too sensitive skin;
  • - there are acne and pimples;
  • - there are not healed wounds on the face or body.

To absolute contraindications can be attributed only to the presence of skin diseases (fungus, eczema, psoriasis), and even after the symptoms subsiding, you can gradually accustom the body to such a massage.

Special vigilance should be shown to people,Which have many birthmarks on the skin. In themselves, they are not dangerous, but they can not be damaged, since it is fraught with malignant degeneration of moles. If the birthmark is small, then you can do the peeling, just these areas need to be carefully avoided.

Dry peeling has a lot of dignity and very few "minuses". Convenient, fast, almost free, and most importantly - effective! Well, maybe, let's take this as a way to maintain beauty for armament?

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