This question like no other is relevant forEvery woman. How to choose a husband to live with him soul to soul throughout his life, not to be disappointed in marriage, to keep the love and warmth of relations after decades? Should we approach the solution of this issue on the principle of "endure - fall in love" or marriage for many years is possible only for love? Or maybe a modern prosperous family is possible only as a result of a marriage of convenience? And finally, what are the requirements for the candidate for husbands?

Marriages are different ...

How to choose a husband?

... and on their kind depends largely on who exactlyYou will choose your husbands. One thing is civil marriage, but if you are aimed at the fact that the creation of a family is possible only as a result of a strong love and frenzied passion, if you are sure that the darling will be comfortable even in the hut, if the feelings and emotions in the relationship for you in the first place - for sure you do not even wonder how to choose the right husband. After all, for such a romantic person, the answer is obvious - the most important thing is that a loved one is around, and love will help to close your eyes to shortcomings. It is necessary to admit that such an approach is fundamentally untrue, since a few months after marriage the pink shroud falls from the eyes of a happy lover, and the seemingly at first such cute and insignificant flaws of the young spouse become eventually obvious, painful and unhappy to live happily.

Another category of women, in contrast to the romanticGirls, seeks to marry a certain type of man, clearly outlining in his mind his main qualities. As a rule, most often on this list material welfare and strong character appear. To her husband, like a stone wall - and nothing else. Such women will face another misfortune - they will also be unhappy in marriage and will not be able to make their spouse happy. In addition, a self-confident man may turn out to be a family tyrant, but financially independent to get into debt or lose a large amount in a casino. If love was not originally, a woman is unlikely to try to maintain a relationship and save the marriage.

Therefore, the surest way, how to choose a husband -It combines feelings and rational approach. Yes, the future spouse must certainly fall in love and at the same time make him certain demands. After all, a happy marriage will take place only in the case when love will go hand in hand with mutual respect, understanding, the ability to adapt to each other and the desire to improve in the name of their second half.

How to choose the right husband: the quality mark

How to choose a husband?

Of course, every woman has her own list of requirements for the future spouse. However, there are a number of criteria that are recommended to rely on when choosing a husband.

The commonality of views, interests, values ​​and plans for the future. Of course, this largely determines the fateMarriage. Of course, it is pointless to look for a husband who will be your exact replica of the issue of hobbies and views on life. However, the global values ​​of life you still have to coincide. For example, if you adore children, and he is absolutely cool towards them and regards himself as childfri - you are unlikely to get a happy marriage. Or if you prefer an active life (parties, clubs, travel), and he is naturally a homebody and likes to spend evenings with a cup of tea by the TV, and he will spend his vacation with pleasure to renovate his office - this is also not your destiny. And do not hope that in a man's marriage will be corrected - family life in any case will dull the feelings, but the disparity of interests, on the contrary, will exacerbate.

Social status, upbringing, family customs. A fairy tale about Cinderella for that and a fairy tale, and not a story -Very rarely unequal marriages are happy. The best option is how to choose a husband - if your future spouse will be from a social circle close to you. Equally important is the similarity of your family upbringing. If you lived in a well-to-do, well-to-do, full-fledged family, marriage with an offended orphan can go sideways - as a result, you will become guilty of all his life's failures. The same applies to girls from poor families who want to marry "for the prince" - you are practically guaranteed constant humiliation and the title of "second-rate" if not from the husband, then from his relatives and friends - for sure.

Attitude to the beloved woman. He should not only be an ardent lover andGallant boyfriend, but also a true friend who can support in difficult times, give useful advice, help resolve unsolvable problems at first glance. Do not be afraid to test your future spouse for strength - let him prove that he is ready to be with you even in the most critical situation. That is why you should not carefully hide before the wedding the problems and difficulties you have.

So as not to drink, do not smoke and always give flowers ...

How to choose a husband?

There are a number of criteria that any womanShould force to think hard: and whether this man should become my spouse? Be sure to remember them if you want to know how to choose the right husband.

A number of bad habits of the second half can be tolerated, even if it's clinging to one's teeth. However, this does not apply Alcohol and drugs. If you see that your darling is not indifferent toThe first or, even worse, the second - or run away from it without looking back, or rush to immediately correct the situation. However, think about whether it is worth starting a joint life with a trip to the narcologist. Perhaps salvation drowning - still not your destiny, and you are worthy of something better?

The same can be said about Indifference applicant for husbands to other women. A lover of women will always betray herselfAn unambiguous glance accompanying a beautiful stranger. There are a number of other ways to easily take a womanizer to clean water. If he can not keep his desires while in love with you, what will happen to him after the wedding? The chance to curb Lovelace and turn him into an exemplary family man is reduced to almost zero.

Suspiciously refer to the two male opposites in regard to money: Miser and trash. Neither one nor the other is able to make a woman happy.

Want to know how to choose a husband - Take into account his attitude towards others: If he is gentle and affectionate with you, but with othersBehaves frankly in a boorish way - this should alert. Perhaps, fascinated by you, this boor also shows tenderness and care, but it is worth the feelings to cool (which is inevitable beyond the threshold of family life) - and threats and abuse will pour on you. If life does not appeal to you in the form of a scandal - refuse such a candidate for a spouse.

When listening to our recommendations, do not forgetAnd about their own criteria. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and, after thinking carefully, write a list of your requirements for the future husband, dividing them into main and secondary. Of course, it's unlikely that fate will give you an ideal, but at least the most important of your requirements the candidate for husbands must match. Successful choice to you and a cloudless family life!