The Basics of Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

Proper nutrition for losing weight

The first problem of the "domestic" soul is howLose weight, not denying yourself a single dish. Full people are looking for miracle cures for weight loss, continuing to absorb a myriad of unhealthy foods, or sit on express diets, which only temporarily eliminate the "surplus" of the figure. But very few people really think about the fact that the process of nutrition determines all life and, most importantly, the shape of the body. So if you set it up, you can safely proclaim your unconditional victory in the war for the slender figure.</ P>

What can and can not be?

So, we decided that proper nutrition forLosing weight is not a myth. And although many argue that with obesity, it does not save (and this is really so, because in this case you need to follow medical diets), in order to get rid of a few extra pounds, you still need to follow the correct diet.

The simplest thing is to limit in your dietAvailability of fatty, high-calorie foods, i.e. Products that interfere with weight loss. Nobody forces to refuse, for example, from a favorite ice cream or a piece of a cake, but all this should be used in small quantity and occasionally. Ideally, your culinary weakness should be followed by a series of exercises or just a little motor activity.

For proper nutrition for weight loss is characteristicAlso observance of consumption of calories. Here, too, nothing complicated: with physical labor, you should increase the calorie content of foods, but do not bring it to the extreme. At mental work and accordingly sedentary work it is desirable to use малокалорийные dishes. Fortunately, there are plenty of recipes for the most delicious dishes of dietary "orientation". So you can and very much need to pamper yourself with delicious and at the same time useful dishes.

Many stars of foreign cinema and the world of fashion have one simple secret: if you really want to eat, you need a snack with something light and fairly satisfying.


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Snacks can be vegetable, fruit,Zephyr-jujube and so on. In place of favorite dishes put their substitutes. For example, instead of sour cream try fat-free yogurt, instead of ice cream - fruit ice, instead of biscuit pie - a fruit salad.

Examples can lead to an infinite number! At first everything will seem insipid and tasteless. And then you get used to the feeling of lightness and freedom from craving for the delicious, and your body will no longer be able to perceive heavy food.

In addition to the correctness and caloric content of productsShould also be remembered for the number of "squats to the table." In other words, about how many times a day you eat. The recommended amount of meals varies from three to five times.

In addition to traditional breakfast, lunch, snack andDinner can be in breaks and with a pulling feeling of hunger eat something unobtrusively simple: an apple, a pear, waffles with a fruit filling, a roll of lavash with fresh vegetables, boiled meat and low-fat cheese.

Options for snacks can be gleaned fromDietary programs (to adhere to the whole program, it is not necessary at all). Still it should be noted that late snacks, even the easiest and most useful, still harm the "well-being" of your stomach and gastrointestinal tract as a whole. Therefore, "do not eat after seven" is not a law, but a good recommendation.

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It is desirable to adhere to proper nutritionconstantly. This does not mean that you must permanently abandon something. It's just that you can sometimes include a few "liberties" in your balanced diet: so you overcome the psychological barrier of prohibition and you can not blame yourself for eating too much unreasonable. Be healthy and beautiful!

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