Forbidden! Products that interfere with weight loss

Forbidden at losing weight are those products,Which will inevitably affect the increase in the number of scales. But at the same time it will be erroneous to put on the black list all the tempting categories of food that got there only because "it gets fat". By eliminating a certain group of foods from your diet, you are depleting your body's health by depriving yourself of nutrients that can not be replaced by analogues.

Prohibited products when losing weight or Products that interfere with weight loss

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Do I need to eliminate fats and carbohydrates?

By refusing fat, you doom the body to starve of healthy fats, and lipids are needed to purify the blood of excess cholesterol.

A low-carb diet leads to bad skin,Weakened hair and nails, general weakness and inability to exercise. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for the body. The restriction must be somehow balanced. The proportions of consumed fats, proteins and carbohydrates should be strictly observed.

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How to eat right?

Each group of food products is assimilated intoOrganism in its own way. Some go strictly on the development of vital energy, increasing activity and raising the mood, and some are aimed at stimulating the construction and recovery processes.

The first group is ergotrope products, andThe second is trophotropic. Ergotropic products are directed to irritation of the hypothalamus, the centers of which are responsible for energy production and providing cheerfulness of a person. Trophyotropic ones are aimed at restoring the body. If ergotrope prevails, then the person is cheerful and does not experience fatigue. When trophyrots are in the lead, we experience drowsiness and a desire to relax.

Proper nutrition is the provision of ergotropic food during the light day, and before bedtime to support the body trophotropic food. You can use it as a side dish to protein products.

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Products - assistants and products - enemies

Lose weight to help cottage cheese, lean fish, chocolate (cocoa), garlic, low-fat cheese, tea, buckwheat, pyshenka and pepper. These are all ergotropes. There are ergotropes that are rich in protein, in the daytime it is not worth it.

Lose weight to prevent milk, pork, fat, eggs, meatBirds, most vegetables (especially potatoes and tomatoes), drinks on yeast or with malt, yeast pastries. It's all trophyrots that reduce activity and set up the body for rest.

Neutral can be called beef, soy,Mutton, pasta and cereals, fruit. Bread and bakery products can be attributed to neutral if they are cooked without the use of milk, yeast and eggs. Otherwise it will be a trophyrope.

The combination of two groups is capable of severalBalance the influence of each other. Eating vegetables with garlic, pepper or cottage cheese, you can provide a full day lunch. For those who want to lose weight, it is better to lean on ergotropic food, completely eliminating trophiotrops from the diet. Such a simple diet slowly, but surely rid the body of excess fatty deposits and normalizes metabolism and digestion.

Author: Patina Anna

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