Basics of rational nutrition for weight loss

The most important thing in losing weight is to lose weightForever, and to achieve this is very difficult. But you can - provided that you will use a rational diet for weight loss in combination with physical exercises. Competent selection of products is crucial for a balanced diet. But first let's understand, but what do we actually eat?

Rational diet for weight loss

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Products for weight loss

And we eat, scientifically, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber. Let's see what can be included in our rational nutrition for weight loss, and what will have to say goodbye, reluctantly.

  • Carbohydrates: a rational diet for losing weight

All carbohydrates can be conditionally divided into "bad"And "good". To "bad" carbohydrates include bread and various kinds of pastries, cakes and pastries, chips, muesli, pasta, potatoes, white rice. They are very caloric, and since the physical load we usually have is very low, then all these calories, being transformed, are deposited in fat stores.

To "good" carbohydrates are bread from a singleGrains and with bran, brown rice, buckwheat and oatmeal, macaroni from coarse flour, mushrooms. They are also many in green vegetables, tomatoes, peas, red beans, soy, dairy products, fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juice and bitter chocolate.

Consumption of "bad" carbohydrates should be minimized, and "good" - maximized.

  • Proteins: a rational diet for losing weight

Proteins are a source of amino acids, of whichOur body is built, that's why their balanced intake with food is very important. Proteins are of vegetable and animal origin, and we need both, although the number of plant proteins can be increased.

Most of the animal proteins are found in meat and poultry, fish, eggs, milk, aged and soft cheese.

The source of vegetable protein is soy, beans, nuts, lentils, seaweed and sprouted wheat, oat flakes, brown rice, bitter chocolate and whole grain products.

You can not reduce the caloric intake of food due to proteins, otherwise the body will take them out of muscle mass. That is, you will lose weight, but not at the expense of losing fat, but by reducing muscle mass.

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  • Fats: a rational diet for losing weight

Fats are also conditionally divided into "bad" and "good", although here everything is not as unambiguous as with carbohydrates. "Bad" some nutritionists consider all fats of animal origin, including butter.

However, in reasonable quantities, these fats alsoNeed, as they are the source of many necessary substances, for example, fat-soluble vitamins. Fats are a source of energy, they contribute to the elasticity of blood vessels, are necessary for the operation of many body systems and the synthesis of the substances necessary for it. For health, only superfluous fats are harmful, especially if they are misused.

"Good" fats are found in unrefined vegetable oils, primarily olive oil; In sea fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines); In nuts, avocados.

More details about diet for weight loss, we wrote here.

Be slim!

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