Lose weight with honey

At first glance this sounds somewhat strange,Because honey is a high-calorie product. However, honey is also a biologically active natural product containing a lot of substances useful for our body, so doctors recommend a moderate use of it for everyone who does not have allergies (it is not so common). In addition, people with diabetes should always consult with a doctor.

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How much can you eat honey when you lose weight?

Of course, honey can not be attributed to low-calorieProducts, so those who wish to consume on a bank a day risk getting fat. To return to a comfortable weight, only 2 teaspoons a day will be needed - just the amount that is absorbed without the burden on the pancreas.

There are practically no contraindications for such treatment - except for individual intolerance. Allergic reactions to biologically active natural honey are rare.

So, we grow thin with honey. Taking honey for only 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening after 2 hours after dinner, you will be able to restore your normal weight.

  • To do this, 1 teaspoon of honey (without top), dissolve in a glass of water and drink.
  • Water has special requirements: it can not be boiled, it must be cool or warm, but not hot.
  • Well stir the honey in such water - and you will get a 30% solution of honey, which is similar in mineral composition and properties to the plasma of our blood.
  • If you are afraid of allergies, you can try structured water, i.e. Water, which added just a few drops of honey. But even such a meager dosage will be useful for health.

Why do not you just eat a spoonful of honey and drink it?Its water, namely, to separate honey, especially in special water? It is necessary that honey is absorbed into the blood slowly and got into the intestines, not exposed to the effects of gastric juice. Then he can fulfill his regulatory and purifying function. You can help him if you drink physical water, do gymnastics or just take a walk, and at that time all 60 useful enzymes, microelements, vitamins, minerals and organic acids contained in honey will begin a painstaking work on restructuring Your body and putting it in order.

One should immediately say that we lose weight with honey gradually, but the result will be fairly stable, if you also reduce the caloric content of your diet.

A glass of honey water, which you will drink in the morning and in the evening, will help reduce your appetite and bring your body (and weight!) Back to normal.

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Diets based on honey

With the word "diet" many people have an association withAbsolutely tasteless fresh food, as well as a constant sense of hunger. Nevertheless, if it is a question of the honey diet, it is worth saying that it is not just effective, but also quite pleasant. It does not require strict restrictions on food, and therefore is suitable for almost everyone.

Features of the honey diet

Honey diet requires someConditions for maximum efficiency. So, you need to completely eliminate or at least limit the use of products that contain starch in their composition. The fact is that this substance at times reduces the effectiveness of honey. At the same time, this product shows good results in combination with sour-milk products, as well as fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamin A. Thus, it is recommended to include beets, tomatoes, peppers, apples and carrots in your diet. Thus, you will not only accelerate the processes of weight loss, but also be able to have a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine.

One of the undeniable advantages of the honey dietIt can be considered that it contributes to the fight against cellulite. This is due to the fact that improving the metabolic processes, this product contributes to the splitting of fatty deposits. Nevertheless, it is necessary to approach very cautiously to such variant of a diet. The fact is that honey is a strong enough allergen, and therefore this variant of losing weight requires a preliminary consultation with a nutritionist. Also pay attention - if you have kidney stones, you will also need to refrain from the honey diet.

  • Honey recipe № 1

The simplest version of the honey diet isThat three times a day you need to use at least one teaspoon of honey. And, it is not necessary to eat it in its pure form. It is perfectly permissible to add it to the main course (cottage cheese, fruit salad, tea and other products). To increase the effectiveness of honey, you must eat acid in various forms. It can be fruit, kefir and other dairy products. In addition, it is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible in any form (if tea, it is better without sugar). Meals per day should be at least 5. Duration of the diet is 14 days. For this period it is quite real to lose up to 6 kilograms of excess weight.

  • Honey recipe №2

The second option is more radical andImplies the use of an acidic liquid for two days. Also, you can drink green tea and clean water without gas. The recipe for a weight loss drink is quite simple - in three liters of water, you should dilute the juice of 15 lemons and 50 grams of honey. Glucose, which is contained in honey, contributes to the fact that you will not feel hunger. At the same time, the acid promotes the burning of fats that accumulate under the skin. It should be noted that this variant of the diet is strictly contraindicated to people with high acidity, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Honey recipe №3

This variant of the diet is designed for 3 days and is basedOn the simultaneous use of honey and chicken eggs. This diet option allows you to lose up to 3 kg of weight in a short time. The menu for each of the days will look something like this:

As a breakfast you need to useA mixture of two yolks with a teaspoon of honey. You can drink all this with coffee without sugar or with tea and lemon. As a lunch it is allowed to eat a slice of cheese with the same drinks. For dinner, you can eat broth with dried black bread, as well as orange (an apple or pear is allowed). Before going to bed, you should definitely drink unsweetened tea, squeezing out juice from a slice of lemon into it.

The second day begins with the same egg-honeyBreakfast, like the previous one. Lunch will be similar, but it should also be added 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. For dinner, eat a little boiled meat or fish with vegetable salad. Finishes the meal with tea with lemon.

Breakfast of the third day is no different from twoPrevious. For lunch, you can make a sandwich of rye bread with cheese, which is washed down with unsweetened coffee or tea, acidified with lemon juice. It is also recommended to eat a few lettuce leaves. For dinner, boil the egg and a few vegetables that do not contain starch and drink it all with tea and lemon.

This diet option shows quite goodresults. But this is only if you do not have contraindications to it. So, be sure to make sure that there are no allergic reactions to honey and eggs. It must also be taken into account that such a diet is inadmissible in case of cholecystitis, diabetes, liver problems and digestion.

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Massage and baths with honey

To make the honey diet even moreEffective, it is recommended to accompany her with honey massage. Lubricate the skin with honey, after which you need to alternately glue and sharply tear off your hand. Thus, you warm up the skin and stimulate the circulation. This procedure perfectly copes with the task of removing fluid from the body, which helps to reduce the volume and get rid of cellulite.

Also very useful for the figure are honeyBath. To do this, you need to dissolve in water 8 spoonfuls of salt (preferably sea), 2 tablespoons of honey, and also just a couple of pinch of red pepper to improve blood circulation. After 10 minutes of this procedure, it is recommended to perform a massage again with honey and essential oils (avocado or grape seed is the best choice). Regardless of whether you do massage after a bath, be sure to take a shower to wash off the remnants of honey and pepper.

Honey is a unique prodt that has bothTherapeutic, and cosmetic effects. But few know that with his help you can quickly and without special restrictions lose weight. To achieve impressive results, it is recommended to combine the internal reception of honey with massages and baths.

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