How to become a bitch?

What is she - a real bitch? Self-confident, purposeful, moderately cynical woman, holding on a short leash of men and causing envy of women? Approximately this image draws us imagination at the mention of this word. Many women who want to become independent and achieve success in life are sure - for this you must necessarily have a bitchy nature. TimeLeady knows how to become a bitch - and shares these secrets with you!

A real bitch must have a set ofCertain qualities that characterize it as a strong self-sufficient personality. No one should doubt that this lady is subject to everything. Therefore, if by nature you are not endowed with bitchiness qualities - and most women get them all the same with life experience - then you will have to work hard on yourself.

How to become a bitch. Tips and Tricks

So, first of all, you must engage in introspection and self-discipline. The real bitch always knows exactly what she wants in this life, And achieves the set goals by any - orAlmost any means. Do not start with transcendental goals - start small. Organize your life so that there is no place in vain for the time you spent. Believe me, the real bitch is lazy at one time - everything must be under her control.

How to become a bitch?

But the outward appearance of the bitch should look, on the contrary,As relaxed as possible. All the surrounding people should be in full confidence that you are only doing that you visit beauty salons and fitness clubs. We hope you understand the hint? Of course, the bitch should look at all in terms of attractiveness. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on fashionable gizmos from a boutique and the most expensive stylists - you can be a well-groomed woman with a minimum of funds. Work to ensure that you have a perfect make-up, hairstyle, manicure, tastefully arranged wardrobe, beautiful gait and proud posture.

Wishing to know how to become a bitch, remember that you must learn to be cynical, prudent and be able to hide your feelings and emotions. Bitch is guided in his actions only by a cold mind. In this case, no one bans, remaining inLonely and relaxed with a glass of wine, bury your face in the pillow and sob midnight, if something went wrong. But in the morning you should already look again at 100% - therefore, take care in advance of how you will struggle with dark eyes under the circles after the night of sobbing.

Relations with men are also worth buildingIn a special way. Here you need to feel the fine line and not turn from bitch into a meager, to which men will be afraid to approach. With the man you like, you need to be soft, charming, to let him know that only for him alone have you become such a fluffy cat. In fact, the tigress, sitting in you, has not disappeared anywhere - she just hid to grab another victim in her paws. His bitchy nature you still show in full measure, when he is already up to his ears will be in love with you and he will nowhere to go from under your heels.

Another tip, how to become a bitch - Do not forget to initially determine what you need this or that man. If it is of interest to you bothA sexual object or a source of expensive investment (in you, of course) a good choice, you can act. Immediately dismiss all poor beggars, mother's sons and other soft-bodied men - it's worthless to bitch with such ones! However, in the first stages of training bitchiness you can use them as guinea pigs - it's easier to train on such.

How to become a bitch?

Approximately the same tactics of communication you canTo apply and with the chief-man (the boss-woman at the bitch can not be a priori). For this, of course, it is not at all necessary to fall in love with him, but to charm and lull vigilance is just right.

Is it possible to fall in love with a bitch? The question is rather rhetorical. If you really want to, you can, of course. But then there is the risk of turning from a bitch into a cozy housewife. Although you can continue to be a bitch in your family life - but your husband will consider you a grymzoi. In general, here you decide for yourself, of course, but not for the same reason you decided to become a bitch to get married and get bogged down in the mountains of dishes and diapers, right?

And how to behave with other women? You should be prepared for the fact that other representatives of the weaker sex will hate you, envy or even regret. A good relationship from them does not have to wait, because it will be on you will look at the views of their husbands, and some husbands and themselves will rush after you, leaving a quiet family harbor.

Although among the younger girls, not yet burdenedFamily ties, there will be many admirers of you, seeking to take an example from you and also wanting to learn the secret of how to become a bitch. Do not trust them and make them your friends - at the earliest opportunity, the experienced bitch can throw you off the pedestal. Try to use them for your own purposes, making them your friends "in a way".

And most importantly - with all this you shouldStay happy with yourself and be confident that you are on the right track. If bitchiness does not bring you only frustration, depression, dissatisfaction with your own life - maybe you chose the wrong path? Think about it properly - after all, not all women need to be a bitch for happiness.