Losing weight once and for all!

You like to look at yourself in the mirror in fullgrowth? Do not worry, most women share your dissatisfaction. How do we get fed up with these wrinkles and folds in the most prominent places - hips, abdomen, knees, buttocks! How much effort do we make to get rid of them and lose weight for good, but they stubbornly return, despite all the diets and fitness clubs. Experience has shown that numerous "magic" pills and supplements also do not help.

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Why is it difficult to get rid of fat deposits in problem areas?

To understand why there are "problem zones"(In other words, fatty deposits), you need to understand the mechanism of fat tissue. It consists of fat cells (adipocytes), in which two processes are constantly occurring:

  1. Lipogenesis - formation and storage of fats,
  2. Lipolysis - the splitting of fats.

Thanks to these continuously flowing processes, our body is provided with energy and its reserves for the future.

If lipogenesis predominates, then aHypertrophy (increase) of fat cells. The processes of formation of excess fat mass are controlled by adipocyte receptors - molecular structures located on their surface: alpha-2 receptors promote the accumulation of fat, and beta-receptors contribute to its release into the bloodstream. The work of all these receptors is controlled by hormones - catecholamines, which, acting on beta receptors, cause fat release, and alpha-2 receptors - its accumulation.

Unfortunately, catecholamines more often interact with alpha receptors to ensure their saturation, and only after that, beta-receptors that break down fats are triggered.

But nature has prepared us yet another trap: In women in problem areas, one beta receptor has six alpha-2 receptors! That is, each of our defender has as many as six opponents! Therefore, fat cells and behave like Plyushkin: everything is stored in reserve, and in the most uncomfortable places for us - on the stomach, hips, buttocks, knees ... It seems that you can only dream about losing weight, after all, after diets and gym all at the end Ends back to square one ...

Salon procedures

And then aesthetic medicine comes to the rescue.

  • Liposuction (removal of subcutaneous fat) is firmly in the lead among the world among plastic surgery, but does not guarantee 100% safety, like any surgical operation.
  • Another method is mesodisolution, when in the subcutaneousThe fat layer introduces enzymes that destroy fat. But you need a whole course, because in one session you can process only a small area to avoid tissue necrosis.
  • To date, the most progressive,Safe and effective method that allows you to lose weight forever, this, according to European experts, is a lipophotomy AQP (Lipotomy AQP), which provides the result in just 1-2 sessions! After all, she uses a safe and physiological solution, which can be treated immediately large area, and in the end - lose weight forever!

But! In order for the result to stay with you forever, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and make it a way of life. Without this, we can not do, unfortunately!

Good luck!

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