Recipe for coffee wrap for weight loss

Pleasant information for coffee lovers - there isA situation where it simply can not be too much! This is not about the abuse of coffee as a tonic drink, which has a number of side effects, such as the provocation of cellulite and high blood pressure, it is a question of toning and fat burning coffee procedures!

Coffee wrap at home. How to make a coffee wrap?

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Caffeine has long been taken note of the leadingCosmetic companies, because its role in the process of lipolysis is well known, which allows caffeine containing preparations to actively reduce the appearance of cellulite. Of course, guided by this, you can go and buy a caffeine-containing product, but why resort to "intermediaries" if we have the opportunity to interact directly?

Coffee, even very good today is always available, and coffee wrap at home can significantly ease the fight against cellulite!

This procedure is not only useful for your skin, but also very pleasant - the toning aroma of a wonderful drink will encourage the body, fill it with new strengths, and the soul with positive emotions!

Before using one of the recipesCoffee wrapping at home, be sure to prepare the skin for "receiving" coffee - do a cleaning procedure with scrubs, then a clean and receptive skin will be able to fully enjoy the exquisite procedure.

What is so useful coffee wraps?

Coffee has many truly miraculousProperties, among which its wealth of antioxidants, and mineral substances (manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium) makes it a natural activator of all processes of regeneration and purification. It is these properties that lead coffee to the first place in the fight against cellulite and fatty deposits.

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How to make a coffee wrap?

  • The simplest recipe for coffee wrapping inHome conditions will require about 100 grams of ground natural coffee (think a little for your weight and height or vice versa, minus), a little boiling water and a thermal wrap for wrapping (suitable and food).
  • Place coffee in glass or porcelainMisochku, pour boiling water to the formation of gruel. Cool to a hot, but not scalding state and quickly apply to the entire surface of the body and wind yourself with thermal film.

You can put coffee only in problem areas, for example on Monday you stimulate the buttocks and thighs, and on Friday - the stomach!

  • After you have applied coffee and wrapped the bodyWrapped in a sheet and a warm blanket, keeping the heat for about an hour. Then wash the coffee from the skin with warm water and spread it over with your usual cream. Enjoy the effect you can almost immediately - the skin will become supple and silky, and will look quite moisturized and gentle.

Doing coffee wrapping at home,You can add cosmetic clay to the coffee, for this, both ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and diluted with boiling water to form a gruel - this mixture is also applied to the skin under the film, and the maximum effect is achieved while keeping the heat for an hour. This procedure gives the skin excellent nutrition, thanks to the mineral substances contained in the clay.

A mixture of coffee and lemon oil, used in coffeeWraps, can reanimate tired and withered skin - especially in winter, when the skin does not breathe under the layer of clothes, and loses moisture from overdrying and hypothermia. To do this, mix ten drops of olive oil with four drops of lemon and add them to coffee, dilute with water and start wrapping.

There are many other recipes for wraps, inWhich lead the role of coffee - they are all capable of defeating one of our worst enemies, cellulite! The main regularity (at least 10 times a month) and good mood, then the victory is guaranteed!

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