Water diet for the lazy

Do you want to lose weight? Now it's easy and elementary, like all ingenious! Trying to get a more sexy and smart look, we all strive for a momentary effect, and, trying to reserve the right to eat everything that your heart desires! Do you think it's impossible to lose weight without sacrifice? Then try the water diet that the Americans patented, despite the fact that there is no "know-how" in it!

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Water diet for weight loss has only onePrinciple: if you want to eat - drink! Do not be scared, the water is not meant to replace food, it's just the basis of all vital processes in the body, which means it should help you find balance!

Water diet for weight loss, refers toMono-diet, and if it is observed for a month, it guarantees "maintenance" from eight to fifteen kilograms, 3-4 kg per week. More prolonged compliance with the water diet is fraught with a violation of water metabolism in the body, and the withdrawal of potassium and calcium. But the return to the diet through certain recovery periods is completely justified and gives an even more pronounced result.

Compliance of water diet for weight loss is alwaysIs perceived "with a bang" - it is unlikely that there is an easier diet, in which you do not need to change your usual diet and nutritional preferences! What we fear most - the feeling of hunger and the agonizing desire to eat, is completely absent.

A special attitude to yourself requires only water,Which we do not drink enough. Often, experiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction, we quench hunger, while the body required water. The reason is that we have moved too far from the natural sources and have forgotten how to understand the signals of our body.

Our daily meals, as a rule, usually end with the reception of coffee, tea, or other drinks, which in no way can replace real pure water!

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And the habit of drinking solid food in generalContradicts all the laws of physiology! Gastric juice produced by our body has a certain concentration, and diluting it with water, we inhibit the processes of digestion and assimilation, causing irreparable harm to health!

Remember the rule number one - do not drink during and after meals, only after two hours after eating you can afford a drink!

But you just have to drink water before meals! This rule - one of the main for the water diet for weight loss, drink should be half an hour before meals, which will prepare the digestive organs for food intake and processing. The intake of water before meals allows you to quickly achieve saturation and avoid overeating. This is the main principle of water diet - do not overeat, saturated with water.

When observing an aquatic diet, a person should drink about 50 ml per kilogram of weight, And since this is quite difficult, dietitians recommend to enter the rhythm of the diet gradually, and distribute the entire liquid throughout the day evenly.

Why the water diet is not recommended to followMore than a month? The month is the optimal time for all the processes in the body to normalize, the stomach contracted and began to be saturated with much less food. If you experience the effect of a diet for more than a month, you can strongly strain the cardiovascular system and kidneys, and earn a deficit of potassium and calcium, as well as other micronutrients. Precisely because of the risk of excretion of trace elements with large volumes of liquid, nutritionists strongly recommend combining an aqueous diet for weight loss with taking a vitamin-mineral complex.

Observing this diet, do not substitute clean waterOther drinks, the account of the drunk water is conducted only in the pure state, and having drunk a cup of coffee should be neutralized by a glass of water after half an hour. In general, it is better to replace all liquids with water for the entire period of adherence to an aquatic diet.

Special note: it's dangerous to drink tap water! Drink only pure artesian or drinking water, bought from trusted producers!

The water diet for weight loss is undoubtedly very effective, but before you take advantage of its benefits, consult a doctor for contraindications.

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