How to win a man?

The times when prerogative have sunk into oblivionConqueror belonged to a man. Either the women's emancipation makes itself felt, or "the man is not the same now" - but modern women are increasingly asking how to win a man. And that - it is quite reasonable approach, because while some of the stronger sex will wait for active action, you can grow old. However, the tactics of a woman-conqueror must be very subtle and cunning - otherwise you risk being branded as an annoying Velcro chasing your pants.

So, the object for conquest is chosen and you are readyTo proceed to action. Of course, much depends on the attendant factors and subtle nuances. What is the ultimate goal you pursue - spend the night with a man, become his mistress or marry him? As an object of love refers to you - does not yet know about your existence, considers you to be your girlfriend, shows some sympathy? Is he stuck with a relationship with another woman or is he free, like a bird in flight? Is a convinced bachelor or is in search of his second half?

As you can see, very much can affectThe end result of your actions. And if in one case to win a man does not present special work, then in another this task becomes simply unbearable. Therefore, in each specific case, you must draw up an individual plan for how to win the heart of a man. We offer you universal advice, which is suitable for a woman conqueror in almost any situation.

Take care of yourself

As before, we advise starting with yourself. It is foolish to hope that a man will pay attention to you solely because of the breadth of your soul and good temper. As you know, men like eyes - that's why you should be exalted on the surface. Fight with excess weight, learn how to properly care for yourself, improve your speech, gait, expressive look. All this is quite affordable at home without large material costs.

Work on yourself and psychologically. Try to overcome your complexes and fears, practice auto-training and affirmations, learn to find positive things, even in small things. Male ideal is not only attractive and well-groomed, but also a cheerful girl. Learn to smile beautifully and laugh, infecting others with laughter.

It will not hurt to improve in businessHome, especially in matters of cooking. The fidelity of the saying about the male stomach as the shortest way to his heart has not been canceled yet. Learn new exotic dishes, but remember that a good half of men will prefer a classic borsch - so bring your skills to professionalism in this.

And even if you can not win a man, youMake a big step forward in self-development, following our advice. And it will certainly be appreciated by someone else - and perhaps it will be he who will become your prince.

Do not be easily accessible

How to win a man?

The mistake of many modern women is to conquerMen through the bed. Of course, if your goal is sex for one night, then there can not be any options. This is the easiest way to get a man - but the effect of it is just as short. Unless you do not hit him in bed so much that he will become your slave for ever and ever - but in this case his soul may not belong to you. In most cases, he will be gentle and affectionate until the time comes to get up and get dressed - after that he may not want to see you anymore.

Periodically turn on the bitch

Many women are convinced that men withoutMind from bitch, and bitchiness is one of the surest ways to win a man. Especially such a belief is strong among the unsatisfied losers who, in search of love, are looking for the answer to the question of how to become a bitch.

However, this is not always the case - and real bitchOften unhappy in love. However, it turns out that it is very useful to get some female tricks for bitch. Do not be a real bitch, but sometimes "include" it - is also quite an effective way to attract the attention of a man. The most important thing here is maximum naturalness. False man does not understand and will not forgive.

Do not bother him

To win a man does not mean endlesslyInvite him to date, send love sms, pursue him on his heels and explain himself in infinite love. Usually such behavior of men only frightens off and causes disrespect to the girl. Remember about self-esteem, self-esteem and that a man should take care of all the same. Even in that situation, if that's what you conquer it! Your task is to provoke sympathy and push it to courtship.

Like his mother

How to win a man?

Let's just say this tip is not entirely universal. Pay attention to whether the man you adore is a man of authority. Does he often mention her in conversation, does she live with her, orients her opinion. If this is so, you must certainly use this trump card in solving the problem of how to win the heart of a man!

Of course, it's easy to say - like your mother! But how can this be done? When meeting, be as polite, helpful and complaisant. Agree with everything she says. Try to trace her outlook on life and start a conversation on topics that will be known to be popular with the future mother-in-law. Remember: your goal is not to become a friend of his mother, but to call her to herself so that she can tell her son: "That's what I dreamed of such a daughter-in-law!"

And it does not matter what she might turn out to beOld grymzo, and you - not at all such a white and fluffy lamb. At the moment you should be worried about something else - so be kind enough to try on the clever mask and excellent pupil.

Like his friends

Another important authority in the life of many men -their friends. Especially if they are single - because they will until the last dissuade their comrade from a love affair. Trying to win a man, in any case try to enter into a competition with his friends - you risk to suffer a fiasco. Even if you hate them with all the fibers of your soul (after all, it's spent some time by your loved one) - do not give a look.

The best option is to become "my boyfriend" in theirBachelor company. Of course, this does not mean that over time you will become a mummified man-like creature with a cigarette in your mouth and a bottle of beer in your hand. However, if you can support a conversation about fishing and football, do not frown at the strong man's word and do not "pull the blanket over" during your joint meetings - you can get approval from this male company. At the same time know the measure and remember about self-esteem - do not let them completely ignore you as a woman and abuse profanity, tell you too intimate masculine secrets, behave indecently. In addition, friends will not appreciate such sacrifices, believe me.

Stay true to yourself

We gave you some tips on how to winThe heart of a man - and many of them are based on female cunning, the ability to play the right role, somewhere not to finish something, and somewhere not to finish something. However, with all this, you should still remain yourself, not flirt and do not overplay, do not forget that real feelings can only be built on the basis of sincere relations. And all the tricks, manipulations and tricks should be small and harmless, to look natural and not give cause for suspicion.