How to be loved?

Hundreds and thousands of women daily torment themselves with oneA question: how to be always loved? So you want to keep the unique and unique next to you for many years, while remaining the object of his admiration and adoration. Is it really impossible?

Perhaps the most important features of a woman,Who wants to always be loved, are her insecurity in her own strength, anxiety about the fact that "he will leave me," constant suspicion and samoyedstvo. It is these qualities that need to be eradicated first, for men do not like such ladies. And even the most staunch and most enamored of the stronger sex will eventually escape from the bore, who constantly interrogates him: "Do you love me?"

So, the main answer to the question of how to be the most beloved is to change yourself. It is common knowledge that men admireWomen who know their own worth, love themselves, are self-confident. Such a woman a man will always prove his love, like the first time. And if the lady is attached to her beloved enough that she no longer represents his existence without him, devoting every moment of her life and all her thoughts to him alone, the man will, for obvious reasons, relax.

Interesting to know! What men want from a woman.

How to be loved?

Consider a man in your life as important,But not the only meaning, not the only joy. Then he will know that apart from him you have other hobbies, and will always struggle to ensure that you do not exclude him from his "list of preferences." Be passionate about something, do not close in four walls, communicate with friends and girlfriends, attend self-improvement courses, find a job for the soul.

However, ignore a man without giving himDue attention, too it is impossible. Dumplings from the store and an uncomfortable house can disgust him - and then your multifaceted nature will not save. This is especially true for those women who are interested in how to be a beloved wife - after all, keeping the warmth of marital relations for many years is not so easy. So do not forget about the main rules to keep the love of her husband: indulge his delicious dishes, provide a home, be careful. In a word, make it so that he would like to return every day to your common home.

For many men, female support is very important. We have already said that a woman who wants to be always beloved should love, feel sorry and respect herself - and she must give the same to her man. Men are strong physically, but morally they are weaker than women - and therefore it is so important to substitute your fragile but caring shoulder in moments of emotional distress or problems at work for your man.

How to be loved?

Men love something new - even the most beloved woman can get bored, bored. Whether you like it or not - and sometimes you will have to please your loved one with a variety. And this diversity should be manifestedEverywhere: in your appearance, and in sex, and in cooking. However, there is a category of conservative men - such similar changes can be unpleasantly shocking. And if you know that your loved one belongs to this category - just ignore this point and continue to live according to the previously established "rules."

In general, if you want to know how to be happyAnd beloved - just be it! Do not focus on small problems, on your own complexes, do not look for problems where they do not exist. Just love your man, give him joy, get a positive charge from every little bit of a pleasant event. Learn to love life with all its facets - and then happiness will forever settle in your home. And the fact that such a bright optimistic woman will be loved by the best man in the world, you do not even have to doubt.