How do models lose weight and do you need such extremes?

We used to see girls, proudlyPacing on the podium always well-groomed, pulled and beautiful. And meanwhile, they are just like us, trying to fight their bad habits, bad mood, and even overweight!

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It is difficult to imagine how models lose weight, but thisLooks about the same as we do - fighting with oneself, refusing tasty, depression! Moreover, if an ordinary girl rarely falls into a panic and resorts to cardinal methods, gaining 2-3 kg, then the model must always "keep" the form, otherwise it can simply be "removed from the show." So they have to constantly control their weight, depriving themselves a lot for the sake of the model's career. Of course, choosing this path, every girl is perfectly aware of the fact that she will have to sacrifice ordinary human habits, but reality is always much more difficult than the idea of ​​her.

The life of the model is a colossal work, constant stress, work on your appearance, and an emergency weight correction, in the event that several kilograms suddenly added.

Popular diet patterns

The way models are losing weight is quite interesting - it can be accomplished different ways, from completely reasonable to barbaric.

The usual fast-acting diet, not damaging the body, is a curd, rich in calcium.

  • The diet consists of low-fat cottage cheese, consumed three times a day for 200 g.
  • Specialists, nutritionists, insist thatDuring any extreme diet, and cottage cheese is one, because it involves the use of one product, take vitamin-mineral preparations.
  • As a drink you can drink green tea,Ordinary clean water and herbal teas that promote the removal of toxins. In order for the curd diet not to harm the body, its duration is limited to 1-2 weeks.

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How do models lose weight with a separate power supply?

Using food on the principle of separation of foods into protein and carbohydrate.

  1. Breakfast, as a rule, consists of carbohydrates rich in carbohydrates, consumed without sugar and oil.
  2. Lunch consists of boiled or stewed fish or lean meat (poultry, brisket, veal), low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Dinner includes dishes from vegetables, salads dressed with soy sauce or lemon juice.

Nutritionists say that ifA person will adhere to an active lifestyle and accustom himself to a multi-use (5-6 times a day) nutrition in small portions, the body will not experience fasting stress, and will not reserve nutrients in the form of fat deposits. This method of nutrition allows very quickly normalize metabolic processes and get rid of excess kilograms.

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Why do not I have to repeat it!

Well, when models use reasonable diets,But how the models lose weight, using all kinds of pills as an agent for losing weight and getting anorexia - it's scary! At first they begin to eat little and irregularly eat, then bring themselves to attacks of bulimia or anorexia, and lose control over their psyche. Famous models often suffer from these obsessions, ceasing to perceive their real appearance, turning from beautiful blooming girls, to sick, exhausted creatures. Years pass before it is possible to restore normal metabolism and return adequate perception and appearance - often the career of the model has to be forgotten.

Among the models there are also such lucky ones whoYou do not have to do absolutely nothing to maintain weight - their body has such an accelerated metabolism that digests all that is eaten, without delaying "a stock" or a gram. But so lucky favorites, because most people actively accumulate surplus, causing the figure visible harm.

Seeing how the models lose weight, using this technique, you probably want to resort to it, and lose weight without stress, breakage and breakdowns, putting the body in order, but not harming your psyche!

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