How to become happy?

How to be happy? In search of happiness, each of us is ready to shovel a bunch of smart books, to engage in sophisticated self-interest and reach one goal after another. However, often after all this comes tiredness and even greater dissatisfaction with yourself - what happiness is there? In fact, being happy is simple and difficult at the same time. Simply - because happiness is in ordinary everyday things. And it is difficult - because we do not want to accept this fact and we are sure that we need to turn mountains to achieve happiness.

It's no secret that happiness for everyoneA person is measured by his criteria. And most do not know what they need for happiness. In fact, life itself will tell you how to become happier, the main thing is not to ignore these tips. And take a series of actions on the road to your own happiness.

Accept yourself for who you are

This is an indispensable condition for becoming aHappy woman. Dissatisfaction with yourself will lead to the fact that neither money, nor career, nor well-being in the family will make you happy. How often can you hear that a woman is unhappy, despite the seeming external well-being. The reasons for this misfortune are not to be found in external factors, but in yourself.

If self-analysis does not yield results, perhaps inThis situation will help consultation with a good psychoanalyst. Often the causes of permanent depression are not only psychological problems, but also various diseases, for example, problems with the endocrine system. Therefore, if you constantly feel unhappy, do not be too lazy to pass the examination with a doctor.

Analyze what makes you happy

How to become happy?

Take a sheet of paper and a pen and list in twoColumn list of things (events, people in your life, etc.), with which you are satisfied and dissatisfied. From what you get positive emotions, and what brings you only negative. Roughly speaking, a column with a minus sign is what makes you unhappy. And vice versa - the "positive" column clearly demonstrates what gives you moments of happiness.

Now try to think how to reduce toMinimize the impact of factors from the "negative" column and how to increase the impact of the things listed in the "positive" column to become a happy woman. Try not to destroy, then limit the influence of those factors that make you unhappy: change the bored job or ask for better conditions Employer, avoid meeting people who are unpleasant to you, stop too tragic to perceive the troubles of your relatives and friends - try to adjust yourself and them to optimism, help them and believe in the best, and not flood the mountain lezami.

At the same time, direct all your forces to the fact,So that the things marked in the "positive" column happen to you as often as possible: allow yourself to have a good rest, meet more often with your friends, do not be afraid to shift part of your duties to someone else's shoulders, update your wardrobe / hairdress / make-up, give time to your favorite hobby.

Of course, each of us will have our own list, andListed by us is given only as an example. Sometimes as a result of filling these columns, simply unthinkable things are opened: it turns out that the unhappy woman is made by her husband, the execution of routine work around the house, duties to the parents, and happy work, creativity, freedom of choice.

Live for today

How to become happy?

Having created such a miracle-list, you can startBe happy right now. The one who sets long-term goals is mistaken and thinks that only after their achievement he will become happy, and before that one must suffer a lot of hardships and troubles, to be unhappy. This is not true!

As a rule, after a feeling of euphoria fromReached comes a feeling of devastation and the notion that it was not necessary for happiness at all. A new frontier - and new disappointments. And all because that and have not learned to be happy at this particular moment in time.

So, do you want to become happier? Become this right now! You already have a list of what brings you happiness, you already have a guide to action - proceed immediately! Being a happy woman can and should be done without Napoleonic accomplishments - after all, happiness hides in the ordinary things around us. Just need to learn to see it, and not the ghostly blue distances, which sometimes seem more achievable than happiness "at hand."

Make a wish list

How to become happy?

Surely in the "positive" column you have written outNot all things that make you happy. About something you still only dreamed of, something planned for the future. Take another sheet of paper and write your wish list - what you need in order to be happy.

At once we will notice, that in drawing up of such listIt is worth starting from the realities of your life. Goals should be achievable and real. Otherwise, the dream will remain a dream - although for some people it's just not enough to live such an Eldorado. If it is necessary for you - leave for this purpose only one "blue dream", and all the rest plan with the installation that sooner or later it will reach it.

Let these desires and goals not become a hindrance to the daily happiness that we have already written about.

How to become happy and successful?

Many women equateConcepts of "happiness" and "success." There is a deal of truth in it. However, success does not always mean career advancement and other professional achievements, as most believe. You can be a successful wife and mother, successful in your hobby, successful in helping others. To be successful means to achieve the heights in your vocation. And each of us has its own.

Therefore, in order to become happy andSuccessful woman, it is important to determine what is still your vocation, your life purpose, and what is only imposed by stereotypes and public opinion.

So, the most important thing is to accept and love yourself for who you are, and to understand that happiness is next to you, you just have to open it to meet you. Be happy!