Variants of rice diet for weight loss


It is believed that rice diet for weight loss -Useful. The arguments are different, from the cheapness of the main product, to the possibility of completely washing the starch out of it by soaking it. The main argument is the speed of action. It is believed that for a day on unsalted rice without additives the most common person can lose up to 3 kg of excess weight. Although the body can normally retain about as much water if we abuse salt and preservatives in the home. This is not a hint, but a direct statement of the fact why rice diets are so effective.


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Origin and mechanism of the rice diet

Rice diet - almost the "oldest" wayLosing weight. It was mentioned in different booklets and calendars for women, published in the 80's. Then there was one version of the diet - you had to chew a glass of rice, soaked and washed, for 6-7 days. By the way, you can track how the mentality of a person changes in the era of food abundance. Then it did not seem some kind of horror, eating one food for a not very rich family was considered one of the norm options.

"They" do not mention the rice diet so often. White rice as a component of nutrition is not in great honor in the US and Europe. The thing is that the vast majority of housewives use not rice, but its already welded semi-finished analogue. He with salt, spices, delays water and is not proud for a diet. Western diets actively promote the use of brown rice. Say, this option is also healthier, and it will be good to help burn fat.

Any diet on white rice works by:

  1. Drastic exclusion of salt from the diet. Sodium chlorine, in fact, we are not an absolute enemy. It is normal in food and must participate in the regulation of water-salt metabolism. Frankly speaking, the "merged" view, almost completely without "water" under the skin, to which many girls aspire - is not the most healthy state. A certain amount of fluid protects our joints and ligaments from injury, helps normalize blood pressure and allows the skin to remain more youthful. So excluding salt is a bad idea. Bad, also, and for the heart muscle. Fanaticism here can cause a tachycardia. But the rice diet in our country requires the complete elimination of salt. This way you can achieve a "drain" of about 3 liters of water per day, especially if combined with any diuretic: from a lemon at night, to green tea with fennel;
  2. A sharp restriction of caloric intake. Well-known fact - most people use about 3000-3500 calories per day, and it's not about some brutal portions of food and daily pizza. This is the most common routine - a couple of sandwiches in the morning, lunch in the dining room during the day, some homemade dish with fried potatoes or meat in the evening. Well, and dessert, where without it. A glass of rice contains, at best, 700 kcal, and then, if you have poorly soaked it and poured it on a hill. The deficit is huge, the body consumes fat reserves, but not too fast, the consequence is, again, huge problems with metabolism in the future. The metabolism adapts to any rigid protocol that you are developing in order to quickly lose weight. And he does not forgive you for such "bullying." A couple of weeks of rice, or buckwheat, or any diet, and your body will no longer react to "irritants" in the form of an ordinary decrease in calories by a normal amount, for example 200-300 per day;
  3. Reduce the amount of food. We are used to not paying attention to such things, but most of the "excess weight" is the contents of the intestine and the water that enters the body with the products. If there is something relatively small in volume, you can achieve a significant reduction in weight in a short time;
  4. And yet, the rice diet requires almost completeExclusion of our usual drinks. Most of its protocols are the rejection of coffee in all kinds. How many cups of coffee do you drink? The diuretic effect of the drink is greatly exaggerated, the abuse of caffeine for most people is the cause of swelling, especially if caffeine is supplied with sugar and cream, and not just "in its natural form."


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Portability of rice diets

Very many people write that they can withstand the rice dietEasy, since it does not involve any temptations. You chew your unsalted rice, life goes by. Others write that the diet is simply intolerable and its only advantage is that after a couple of days of such a food, you do not want anything - rice, or eat, or live in principle. According to the criteria of tolerability of diets established by ADA, this method of losing weight is considered as not very profitable:

  • The diet does not contain all the necessary quantitiesProteins, fats and carbohydrates for an adult. Purely physiologically, it should be felt as very hungry and, by its qualities, provoke disruptions. This is a normal biological mechanism for protecting the body, and overcome it by willpower, drinking some kind of tea to beat an appetite or glasses of water before eating will not work;
  • Diet is not diverse, one of the mainRequirements for the tolerability of diet for weight loss is violated. A variety of food is a natural state for a person, and it is perceived by us as comfortable. Artificial exclusion of the opportunity to choose, someone will help to eat less, and someone - to fixate on food definitively. What kind of psychological features are yours? The answer to this question will help to find out whether rice is suitable for you or not very suitable;
  • Diet is harmful to health due to itsUnbalanced and poor micro and macro elements, as well as nature vitamins. It usually gives an "argument" that the Chinese people are fed with one unsalted rice for years, and nothing, communism is building with a commercially oriented person. But in fact, such a diet causes early loss of teeth, thyroid disease, impaired excretory system (constipation), hormonal disorders, and the so-called chronic fatigue syndrome.

Among other things, the same ADA in the guidingThe recommendation for nutritional specialists indicates that mono-diets are a proven way of provoking anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating and other disorders in a person. Especially it is necessary to avoid such food for those who by their nature are inclined to eating disorders, have inadequate ideas about their own body and lose weight for years or all their lives.

In any case, in medical dietetics andNutritiology monodiet on rice is used in a single case - severe food poisoning, the first day after washing the gastrointestinal tract, and in combination with the body's support of electrolytes and amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals through a dropper. This, of course, does not correlate with weight loss.

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Diet on rice for 3 days

This diet is sometimes called a "geisha diet", butIt is not known for certain whether it is related to Japanese culture or not. Most likely, the name is simply given for beauty. And to sweeten the difficult fate of losing weight. Usually takes a glass of rice a day, it is washed in 3-4 waters the evening before. The goal is to make the drained liquid completely transparent. When this is achieved, it is necessary to pour the rump with water and leave it so overnight. In the morning again 3-4 "washing", laying in a pan and cooking.

How much water is poured into rice for weight loss? Great and philosophical question. Some sources claim that the porridge should be unpleasant-liquid, others - it can be dry. Usually the amount of water is regulated independently, depending on one criterion. Obviously, the more rice water is in the rice porridge, the more bulky the dish is. Those who are used to eating a lot, it is probably useful recipe: 4 glasses of water and 1 cup of cereals.

On a three-day rice diet, salt porridge alsoIt is impossible, as on all others. Some sources recommend adding lemon juice to the boiling water. Others - pour it directly into the mess. Still others - sprinkle with greens dill. Fourth - use "spicy salt". The latter should be strictly without the addition of ordinary salt, only crushed shells of marine animals and spices. In general, there may be several recipes for refining the main course.

Separate sources recommend also to drink half a fat-free kefir, for the purging of the intestines.

How much can you lose weight on such a diet? Usually kilograms of 2-3 leaves due to the "drainage" of water. These are normal figures for a person with 30% and above fat mass. If weight loss does not go, and you lose about a pound, perhaps just not excess weight is too much, or swelling is not about you.

How much will it leave at the expense of fat? You can only count about. To eliminate 500 g of fatty deposits, we need to spend about 3,500 kcal. Therefore, the deficit per day should be approximately the same. And this can not be achieved without fitness. And it's just hard for them to do it, eating one white rice. So all this looks like a myth, most likely in 3 days will leave about 100-200 grams of fat. Do not forget also that on protein-free diets, it leaves, basically, muscle mass.

Diet: 7 days rice and minus 10 kg!

Rice diet for 7 days reminds her of the same for 3 days. Simply for washing away starch from cereals the following protocol is thought up:

  • You take 7 jars, ordinary, glass, three-liter;
  • Fall asleep in each of them a glass of rice and pour 3 glasses of water;
  • Wait for 2 days, do not forget every 6 hours to wash and pour cold water in rice in a given volume;
  • Then take the rice from the first jar and cook it without salt. You put the pot itself "at the end of the line", filling it with a new white rice, one glass;
  • Then comes the second, moving to the end of the queue. Then - all the rest, but already without moving, as to eat this miracle for you only a week.

Sane people have already wondered howThere is rice on this diet with a loss of shelf life. Of course, rice can ferment. Sources on this topic are silent, individual write - that all this is only useful prebiotic bacteria. Technically, cooking kills both useful and useless bacteria, so diarrhea is not to be feared. But also count on delicious white rice, too, usually the ready dish resembles a sticky white mass.

They say, in a week of suffering and self-denialYou can throw up to 10 kg. True, to try or not, it is worth thinking. This is the most "provoking overeating sweat" version of the diet, and it can not be considered healthy by any criteria.

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Diet on rice broth

Diet on rice decoction was originally inventedNot at all for weight loss. It serves to soothe the gastrointestinal mucosa of a person who has received severe food poisoning. The broth contains a certain amount of carbohydrates, but it is highly valued for it - the mucous texture envelops, and the discomfort after poisoning goes away. As usual, folk medicine attributes to rice broth a bunch of useful properties, often having nothing to do with reality.

In theory, the rice broth burns fat and "removes the appetite." In practice, it simply fills the stomach well.

Variants of a rice diet with decoction two:

  1. You cook half a glass of rice for 4 liters of water and eat only that, there are no other foods and dishes in the diet anymore;
  2. You cook the broth according to the previous recipe, butReplace them with dinner, or any other meal, the rest of the broth you drink a glass before each meal, and do not count calories and measure portions, ostensibly, the natural regulation of appetite will do all the work for you.

Is there a diet with rice decoction? On the one hand, yes, and it can help to lose weight to a person who then will not overeat after the end of the diet. On the other hand, it is better to do without such protocols due to the fact that it severely depletes the adaptive resources of the body and can lead a person to breakdowns, diseases and other unpleasant consequences.

Admissible "maximum" rice diet for weight loss

Most people ignore the simple fact,That the rice diet is no better than any other mono or unbalanced diet. If you adhere to such rations, it is worth remembering that once in three months you need to adhere to no more than one such diet. This is a safe "medical" minimum, which will avoid muscular dystrophy, problems with overeating at the exit from the diet and the collapse of the immune system. Eating before and after a rice diet should be varied, and, if possible, fully. Strongly does not fit the rice diet to anyone who performs at least some physical exertion, for weight loss or not.

In general, like any other diet, rice should not overload the body. If this condition is met for you, you can consider this variant of the diet.

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