Learning about the long-awaited pregnancy, happyA woman feels almost a sorceress. To know that you are the root cause of the future birth (just nine months!) Of a blue-eyed kid with charming dimples on his cheeks, like his mother's, or a stubborn chin, like his father's, is not this a miracle? Yes, but sometimes the future father is not at all happy about this news and does not strive to acquire a new status.

Why does not the husband want children?

Why does not the husband want to have children?

If a man does not want to have children, this is not a reason to classify him as a selfish monster. What, you called him that? Do not hurry!

According to statistics, only 7% of menPerceives the message about the impending fatherhood adequately. And what about the rest? Why does not the husband want a child? He is horrified by the impending changes in his life. Alas, the instinct of motherhood, which occurs simultaneously with hormonal reorganization in the body of a pregnant woman, is absolutely unknown to men. And his father's instinct appears only after the coveted snuffling bundle, tied with a blue or pink ribbon, is on his hands. And then not all newly-born fathers.

We immediately mark off the category of random fathers. If the connection with the woman does not imply anything other than banal physiology, it is unlikely that the child will be welcome.

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Some men do not want to change their calm, measured life with small joys to something unpredictable and extremely responsible. When your small copy screams day and night,And the wife from the kitty turns into an irritated fury, here it's not until the weighed and cold-blooded decisions that adorn the strong half of humanity. To show weakness and indecision in everyday situations is a very difficult choice for men.

What to hide, there is a category of men,Preferring to remain in the role of the only and gently guarded child ... from his own wife. If you manage to re-educate like that, do not forget to put such a fact in the Guinness Book of Records.

What if my husband does not want a child?

Why does not the husband want to have children?

If a woman decides to give birth to a beloved man,She will do it, believe me. But how I would like to have his participation and support in this important decision! Your task is to make sure that the chosen one starts dreaming about the heir. Therefore, no ultimatums and reproaches. Have patience, show the most winning female qualities - wisdom and flexibility.

If the husband does not want to have children, to convince him of the opposite - then bring reasonable arguments, painted in pleasant emotional tones. In talking about a possible addition in the family, it is important to emphasize the importance of such a step to consolidate the feelings of the spouses, to transfer experience and traditions. A man must understand that you want a babyFrom him. That you just can see what a gentle and attentive father he will be. Draw attractive pictures of your future pastime without forgetting to gently press against the wide man's shoulder.

If the ice has slightly moved, make an audit of yourCircle of communication. If it does not have a pair with the baby, be sure to correct this omission. A man should get the first useful experience of communicating with the child, and in a safe mode. Show your loved one that you are completely sure that your parental responsibilities will be up to you, especially if you have such reliable support. Some time will pass, and the husband himself will begin to speak on the long-awaited topic.

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Why does the husband not want the second child and how to deal with it?

Why does not the husband want to have children?

Often, the father's feelings for a man beginManifest only with the birth of a second child. But to convince him to decide on this step is not always easy. Especially if after the birth of the first-born, the spouse lost her former forms and grew cold to her husband.

If this is not about you, find an opportunity to find outThe true reasons for not wanting to experience the re-parenting joy. A categorical refusal can hide the fear of material instability. In this case, you have to take a calculator in hand, calculate the necessary costs for a new member of the family. All is not so terrible? In any case, the ability to save you will not hurt. The apartment issue, if desired, also finds a reasonable solution. It is necessary only to want.

Categorically it is not necessary to use the birth of the second child as the last straw in strengthening the collapsing family relations
. It will not be easy for a kid to bear on himself the burden of an unwanted child.

Another option, when the husband does not want the secondChild - if he was the only child of his parents. In this case, you should tighten your memory, finding the most advantageous episodes of communication with brothers and sisters in your childhood. Talking about the happy moments in the parents' home, do not forget to draw a relevant analogy with your current family life, emphasizing the excellent paternal qualities of the spouse. Every mention of a toddler must be imbued with caress and love for his future father. This will help the man to take on the role of the father repeatedly with joy and conscious determination.

Remember that the situation when the husband does not wantHave children, you can always move from a dead center. Be patient, attentive and at the same time moderately persevering. A little time will pass - and the husband will certainly want to share with you the joy of parenting.