The beginning of weight loss. Step-by-Step Plan for Beginners


Losing weight is the dream of many women, and even menalso. But sometimes, looking at your figure, people just do not know where to start the transformation. Undoubtedly, many first of all will be registered in a sports hall. But, perhaps, for them it will be a surprise that only 30% of success depends on physical exertion, and 70% depends on nutrition. Therefore, in order to get the shape of your dreams, you must certainly establish food.

What is proper nutrition

Proper nutrition implies the use ofHealthy and healthy products. So, from your diet you have to completely exclude all sorts of semi-finished products, muffins, sweet fizzy drinks and packaged juices, mayonnaise, crackers and chips, sausages and the like. All these and many other products not only do not benefit the body, but also can do him considerable harm because of their chemical composition.

Thus, the first step to losing weight will beComplete revision of their diet. It can be found that all kinds of harmful products are not just present in your diet, but also form the basis of it. Naturally, this affects the whole body. But most of these products will affect your figure, adding you extra pounds and promoting the formation of cellulite.

Proper nutrition is the basis of the processLosing weight. But it is not enough simply to replace harmful products with useful ones. It is important to comply with the regime of eating food, as well as carefully count the calories consumed. The main rule is that the amount of energy supplied should not exceed what is consumed by the body every day.

Products. Which must be excluded from their diet!

Permitted Products

Proper nutrition does not mean at allSome tight restrictions. It is important to maintain balance and provide the body with everything necessary for normal and productive work. So, vital elements for the body are contained in the following products:

  • - proteins in high concentrations are found in meat,As well as sea fish. Another important source of this element is milk and dairy products. It is also recommended to eat eggs and various legumes;
  • - a source of complex carbohydrates is porridge from buckwheat, millet, rice and other types of cereals. Also, this item can be gleaned from pasta, bran bread and vegetables;
  • - replenish the shortage of fast carbohydrates through fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • - useful fats in large quantities are found in dairy products (especially cheese), fatty fish, nuts, avocado and eggs.

Useful products for weight loss

When choosing foods for your diet, givePreference is given to those that have not been subjected to thermal or other treatment. It is also desirable that they do not contain preservatives, dyes and other foreign additives. So, if you love meat, then try to cook it yourself, and not buy sausage or semi-finished products. If you prefer muesli for breakfast, it will be better to cook them from the ingredients you have, than there are store fragrances.

If you watch the figure, then immediatelyGive up buying sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup. On the Internet, there are many detailed articles that will allow you to master these recipes yourself. Cottage cheese and cheese desserts should be replaced with natural cottage cheese, whipped with honey, jam or fruit. Also, do not "lead" on advertising tricks and buy yoghurts that improve digestion. It is better to drink ordinary kefir or whey. Also, take as a rule a snack with nuts and dried fruits, not snacks and sandwiches.

Products for improving metabolism

Features of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition, as a means to lose weight, has a number of rules that you just need to follow in order to achieve the desired results. These rules look like this:

  • Never neglect breakfast. Even if you are late for work, you need to allocate at least a few minutes to get the morning calorie rate. Breakfast is a source of energy that will allow you to lead an active and full life all day long. In addition, if you do not overeat in the evening, then in the morning you just can not refuse food. Morning meal intake must necessarily include slow carbohydrates (porridge), fats and proteins.
  • Water is not only a source of life, but alsoAn effective tool for cleansing the body. If you want to lose weight, you should drink a daily amount of water equal to your weight, multiplied by 30 milliliters. At the same time, juices, carbonated drinks, tea or coffee are not considered.
  • If you want to lose weight, you will have to move away fromStereotypes, which mean three meals a day. Meals should be frequent and not very large at the same time. If it's hard for you to get used to the new schedule, leave the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner (though on a smaller scale) and enter between them a small snack. Of course, this does not play a big role directly in the process of losing weight, but here the feeling of hunger will become noticeably less, so that you will not attack food and overeat.
  • There is an opinion that in order to maintain a harmoniousThe figure is strictly prohibited after 18:00. However, this statement is not entirely fair. If you are accustomed to going to bed late, then all evening and all night you will be tormented by hunger. Therefore, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • The diet should be planned in advance. You can do it the day before, or you can do it in a week ahead. Thus, you will always have a meal plan, so you will not be frantically looking for food in the fridge, quenching hunger than you have. It is also important to monitor snacks at work. It is better to carry food with you in special containers, so you do not have to be content with fast food and other harmful products.
  • Let the fats contained in food do notAssociated with you with fat on the hips and waist. In fact, fats are simply necessary for the body (and especially for the female). They help the skin to remain elastic, hair and nails - strong, and also contribute to the maintenance of the normal functioning of the reproductive system. Thus, by giving up fat, you are causing serious damage to your body. For every kilogram of your weight should be at least 1 gram of fat per day.
  • Despite the fact that it is carbohydrates that contributeSet of weight, from them in any case can not be abandoned. This is the source of vital energy, without which both physical and mental work will be impossible. It is better to give preference to complex carbohydrates, which are slowly processed and absorbed by the body.

Sample menu for the day

Calories and weight loss

Having decided to lose weight, you will certainly have to leadAccounting for the calories you consume. This is necessary to ensure that the amount of resources consumed by the body is an order of magnitude higher than those that come with food. This is convenient enough to do with special tables, which indicates the energy value of a wide range of products.

To understand how many calories you need,You need to calculate the base exchange number. If you want to lose weight, then you have to use 10-15% less, and if you want to get well, then, respectively, the percentage will have to increase. Thanks to this mechanism, you can keep your weight under strict control.

Of course, you may not have to countCalories, but you must be aware that this can significantly affect the effectiveness of your efforts. Not knowing exactly how much energy you consume, there is a risk of getting too much or too few calories. If you are new to the field of proper nutrition, then you need to consider how many calories a day you get with those or other products. Then you can freely navigate without complicated calculations.

Keep a record of all the calories coming with food!

Keep a record of all the calories coming with food!

The formula for the base exchange number

The basic level of exchange is minimalThe amount of energy needed by the human body. It should be noted that this indicator does not take into account serious mental and physical loads. Therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle, then this indicator will have to be adjusted.

There is the Harris-Benedict formula, thanks to which you can calculate your basic level of exchange. So, calculations will be made as follows:

For men:

BMR = 88.36 + (13.4 * weight, kg) + (4.8 * height, cm) - (5.7 * age, years)

For women:

BMR = 447.6 + (9.2 * weight, kg) + (3.1 * height, cm) - (4.3 * age, years)

Next, you will have to indicate the level of your activity, to adjust the basic level of exchange, multiplying it by the corresponding coefficient:

  • - the minimum level (you do not subject yourself to physical stress) - 1,2;
  • - low level (1-3 times a week you are engaged in sports or other physical activities) - 1.375;
  • - the average level (for physical activities it takes from 3 to 5 days a week) - 1.55;
  • - high level (from 6 to 7 days a week you are subject to physical stress) - 1,725;
  • - very high level (your vital activity is completely connected with continuous physical loads) - 1,9.

Thus, you can determine the number ofCalories, which your body needs for a full-fledged work. Now, you can control your diet based on what goals you want to achieve. So, if you want to lose weight, then reduce the rate by 10-15%. To increase weight, increase the amount of energy consumed daily.

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Good luck! You will succeed!

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