Lipoic acid for weight loss: where is the truth, and where is the fiction?


Usually lipoic acid for weight loss is appliedIn the composition of dietary supplements. Preparations based on it are designed to "speed up" the metabolism and help us get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time. Their effectiveness is estimated as individual. This means that lipoic acid in no way can be considered a panacea for obesity and is not the only remedy to hope for a man who dreams of losing weight.

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How much you can lose weight with lipoic acid

In different sources, you can find the numbers to "minus 5Kg per month. " Lipoic acid does participate in the metabolism, but there is no scientific evidence that it is losing weight by just 5 kg. In principle, a 5 kg per month a person with excess weight can lose weight from ... any changes.

The placebo effect is known - we begin to takeAny diet pills, or powders, or whatever, but in fact, just eat less, because it makes us feel uncomfortable to overeat if we are already doing something for our figure. So what does this lipoic acid do?

What is lipoic acid, why it is drunk for weight loss

Lipoic acid is also known as vitamin N. This is one of the natural substances of the group of antioxidants. It is found in potatoes and broccoli, as well as in greenery. Like other antioxidants, it protects human cells from the action of free radicals, promotes the acceleration of metabolism and improves carbohydrate metabolism.

Lipoic acid is used for weight loss, sinceIt accelerates the absorption of glucose by muscle cells. This, in the opinion of supporters of this method, in itself helps to get rid of excess weight. In fact, taking lipoic acid makes more sense for those people who are trying to get rid of excess weight by exercise and have difficulty recovering. The intake of lipoic acid helps them in the recovery of muscle cells. Further, both along the chain, the process of recovery "spends" calories, they also spend their physical load, we "get" into the energy deficit zone and lose weight.

The very fact that some cellsThe body quickly absorbed glucose is not a sign that we burn fat. And, of course, nothing will help those who overeat. Lipoic acid does not "clog" glucose into cells violently and does not block the formation of excess fat if we consume too much calories.

So the antioxidant activity is great, of course, but the acid itself does not help a person who has nutritional problems and lacks physical activity.

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Dosages and methods of taking lipoic acid for weight loss

In fortifying purposes, usually prescribed 50 mgLipoic acid. Approximately so much we could get with food if our diet was not low-calorie, and we would be able to eat so much that it could meet the needs of the body in nutrients and vitamins. However, most of those in the regime of weight loss have so much can not. That is why they are advised to use antioxidant supplements.

For weight-reducing recommend 150-200 mg lipoicAcid daily. It should be taken on an empty stomach. Here the opinions of the sources dispersed - some say that you need to drink half the dosage before breakfast for 30-40 minutes and as many before dinner, others - that you should take the drug 2 hours after any basic meal.

Most sports nutrition products with lipoic acid are drunk in the morning before breakfast, and, not even before breakfast, but before the morning cardio.

What makes sense? Theoretically, if we try to recover better by taking lipoic acid, we should have some amount of glucose in the blood. And we should drink the drug after 1-2 meals. But if we are not on a low-carbohydrate diet, glycogen depots will not be emptied for a night, therefore we can take the drug and on an empty stomach, especially if we need to improve the nutrition of the muscles during the morning cardio.

Whatever it was, it makes sense to tie in the receptionAcid to exercise. If you do it right in front of her, for an hour, while you are exercising, the drug will be absorbed by the body, and will really help the muscles "take" glucose for recovery needs.

Lipoic acid does not work optimally withKardionagrukami, and with power training, moreover, directed not at the development of maximum strength, but on hypertrophy. During cardio, it can improve the energy exchange and performance of the athlete, but to feel it you need to be an athlete, not a sportsman, whose cardio is half an hour's walk to the show. Usually, you feel the work of such things, for example, by the second hour of an exhausting half marathon, or when you need to do the same cardio on completely depleted glycogen stores.

In general, it can improve the work of the traineeOrganism, if a person is engaged in the scheme "3 force 5-6 short cardio per week". And it can be almost imperceptible if a person does less or more. In the second case, overtraining is usually achieved by an amateur sooner than the dietary supplements begin to work, and therefore numerous problems arise.

Feedback on the admission of lipoic acid

In our country most often take dietary supplements"Turboslim Alfa" with L-carnitine and lipoic acid. He is the subject of reviews and detailed descriptions. Many really lose weight with it, since it helps to get the necessary physical activities without significant fatigue. Others - do not lose weight, because in itself fat does not burn, and create a deficit in other ways they do not bother. So lipoic acid can be both a good option, and just another is not clear why the purchased supplement.

Real feedback from doctors in the network is very small. Basically, they all talk about the importance of the correct regime of the day, feasible exercise and a restrictive diet. And the acid, they say, "helps". On the other hand, if a person really does observe all of the above, he may not need help.

About lipoic acid for weight loss you told Anna Tarskaya (trainer crossfire)

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