Can acids burn fat? What acids are useful for losing weight?


It sounds frightening: Acid for weight loss ... Meanwhile, acids are important chemical compounds that participate in metabolism, solve many problems associated with the assimilation of nutrients, the transport of certain molecules in our body and the restoration of muscles after physical exertion. By the way, by all of us, unloved fat is also an acid in its chemical structure. Can acids burn fat? Direct reception of none of them to lipolysis does not. They can solve some problems, like accelerating the recovery processes and detox, but not "burn fat", as almost every one of them is written in popular sources.

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On the benefits and harm of acids for weight loss in general

The most important: If your diet is not in order, you systematically eat more than you spend during the day, you move little, but eat a lot, no acid will help you. Desperate to lose weight on "Pp, LJ and other letters" should not swallow acid and hunt for novelties, but just walk around for a few days with a pedometer, read a training diary and a nutrition diary, and then - objectively evaluate what they still eat, and What's wrong with what they eat. If you take, say, lipoic acid without doing these necessary actions, you will be disappointed in acid too. In principle, you can lose weight and without the acid, too, but without action your weight, most likely will stand.

Is there any benefit from dietary supplements? There are two points of view:

  1. "Soviet". The founder of this school is the "father-founder" of Soviet dietetics M. Pevzner. He believed that no additional supplements, except for vitamins and minerals, which are not enough in a low-calorie diet, a person is not needed in principle. There will be no savings or benefits in terms of consumed and spent calories from them, and nothing good will come of it either;
  2. "Modern". Recently, more and more people have written about the fact that different substances can be used as additional helpers for losing weight, they allow you to feel better on the diet and promote more active fat burning.

However, with reference to the "heroes" of ourToday's article can not always be said. If we try to generalize the role of acids in the body, they can improve energy metabolism and promote better health. But harm can also be, and be expressed:

  • Reception of various dietary supplements, study of a heap of materials onThis topic and various experiments cool the person from the main thing - counting calories and controlling their own physical activity. If you do not count and do not control, it's unlikely that something will work out with weight loss. Most likely, just a lot of time and money will be spent;
  • Acids can harm the gastrointestinal tract, especially if there are already diseases, and a person mindlessly swallows all sorts of different dietary supplements, exacerbating his condition;
  • Acids can not provoke a decline, but the mostA real increase in appetite. This may sound strange to someone, but it is a fact. Many drugs affect metabolism in the most ambiguous way and contribute to increased appetite. And if a person does not know how to control himself, he also complicates the task further, failures are inevitable;
  • Every acid involved in metabolism hasTheir side effects. At a minimum, all these substances cause an allergic reaction and can provoke quite severe consequences for the body.

Lipoic acid for weight loss

Lipoic acid or alpha-lipoic acidAppeared on the market of dietary supplements for weight loss relatively recently. Previously, it was used as a dietary supplement, improving the absorption of proteins and carbohydrates and was used for supplementary nutrition in diseases of the heart, liver and muscular system. Lipoic acid was also prescribed for reconstructive surgery, burns and mechanical damage. It was used as a general restorative for patients who faced with malnutrition and dystrophy.

Later, studies were conducted, the resultsWhich confirmed the positive effect of lipoic acid on energy metabolism. The substance was found to be useful for diabetics experiencing physical overload and those who encountered nutritional deficiencies. It was proved that lipoic acid accelerates energy metabolism in cells and helps to progress better in power sports. And if you "cross" it with another popular "assistant" - L carnitine - you will get a good supplement for growing strength and endurance. Thus, and there were dietary supplements for thinning with lipoic acid and L-carnitine.

The most common additive on our marketIs the Turbo Aluminum. This substance contains both L-carnitine and lipoic acid. The supplement is designed to help in the difficult task of maintaining a training regimen on a low-calorie diet. In general, Turboslim-Alpha is quite popular as the simplest "pre-training". And he, of course, does not burn fat by himself.

The advantage of using lipoic acid isImproving recovery after exercise. But the disadvantage is that it does not affect lipolysis by itself, and, moreover, can not cause it. More from this acid we wrote in the previous article.

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succinic acid

In the old days there was a folk recipeGetting rid of a hangover. In the morning after the party, take a few pills of succinic acid and drink plenty of water. This will help in detoxification of the liver and relieve headaches. In addition to the treatment of hangover syndrome, succinic acid has proven itself as a substance that helps to recover quickly after food poisoning and contributes to faster removal of food toxins of any format.

Then the following theses appeared:

  • Once succinic acid has a positive effect on the liver, namely in the liver and fat burning occurs, succinic acid should help in burning fat;
  • If it's fair, it's definitely worth getting rid of fat with succinic acid;
  • It is worth taking acid before every meal, so that fats are burned better.

Some sources say that amberAcid helps to improve the metabolism of fats, others - that it discourages the appetite. A popular recipe for its use is to drink 1-2 tablets before eating with a glass of water. No wonder, losing weight here will not help itself succinic acid, and drinking water. If you drink on an empty stomach a glass of water, the appetite will decrease due to the mechanical filling of the stomach. In general, this is the main secret of all slimming operations with succinic acid.

Well, if you read reviews about it on the Internet,You can find out a lot of different information. In particular, some individuals manage to think of Yak almost the main factor in losing weight and write that without it they could not lose weight at all, and with it kilograms flew straight overnight. Others argue that nothing but increased appetite for acid intake was obtained. Still others indicate a weight loss of 2-3 kg per month with complex procedures like diet, exercise plan and succinic acid intake.

Nicotinic acid for weight loss

Nicotinic acid or vitamin PP is an importantAn element of nutrition, and a substance to maintain the normal function of the nervous system. Nicotinic acid is prescribed both as a means of maintaining the rate of metabolic processes in tissues, and as support for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

By itself, "nicotine" can not causeLosing weight. But it is quite useful, especially when a person adheres to a low-calorie diet for a long time and there is a significant shortage of carbohydrates in his diet. Such nutrition can cause disruption of the CNS, insomnia and disruption of the excitation-inhibition cycles of the nervous system. In this case, nicotinic acid is prescribed to support the health of the central nervous system.

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Lemon acid

But the lemon acid is completely folkrecipe. He came, oddly enough, from professional sports. In sports where there are weight categories, there is a popular way of entering a lower weight category than a person actually weighs. For a day the athlete ceases to drink altogether and begins to eat lemons to simply feel less discomfort due to dryness in the mouth. First, leaners began to eat lemons "for burning fat" after learning about it. Then - drink already a solution of citric acid. And on this subject there were numerous "cognitive materials", the authors of which argue that citric acid accelerates metabolism, improves digestion and helps to reduce weight.

But is it worth anything to accelerate, especially if withDiet problems? It is not necessary, and nothing useful lemon acid to our body does not carry. But to get diseases of the digestive tract, constantly using acidic liquid, it is quite easy and simple.

Linoleic acid

Linoleic acid is an important componentBalanced and healthy diet. It is one of the "useful" fats and contributes to the improvement of tissue repair after exercise, the prevention of inflammatory diseases and the strengthening of immunity. The linoleic acid should be present in the natural diet (all sources of PUFA, fatty fish, flax, olives, etc.) and can be used as additives if a person does not get this useful substance from the main diet.


Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA orCLA is almost the most overrated addition from the world of bodybuilding. Recently, many sources have argued that it critically affects metabolism and contributes to its improvement so that a person literally begins to lose weight in front of his eyes. Began to appear and numerous dietary supplements with CLC for the usual slimming, not for bodybuilders. In the end, many, having acquired a little of this "happiness", were seriously disappointed in bodybuilding and in acid. The additive itself does not burn fat, but can reduce the appetite of people who, for some personal reasons, are not able to balance the consumption of animal and vegetable fats and absorb only plant fats. In fact, it is possible to describe the use of fats in any low-calorie mainstream diet, that is why CLC is popular.

Feedback on the use of CLC can also be foundvariety. Some say that it does not help at all and does not help to lose weight. Others - which normally reduces appetite. Still others - which contributes to improving sports results. What can be said for sure, is that this substance should not be consumed in too high a dosage to not get an excess of saturated fat. All the rest about CLK is very, very relative.

Thioctic acid

Initially, thioctic acid was usedExclusively in gastroenterology. This substance is a coenzyme and is used for neuropathy, concomitant diabetes mellitus and alcohol intoxication. For weight loss began to use tioktovuyu acid solely for the purpose of "supporting the liver." The logic here is the same as with other hepatoprotectors - we protect the liver and thus lose weight, since the protected liver burns fat.

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Folic acid

Folic acid is an important vitamin forFormation of the human nervous system. That is, folate is recommended to eat pregnant and preparing for this important step. But does folic acid affect weight loss? Not really. Its deficiency can cause problems from the nervous system and problems with falling asleep and sleeping. So, indirectly, folate deficiency can have a negative impact on recovery. Consequently, there is no need to make a deficit, good, most sources of folic acid, such as spinach and other leafy vegetables, are very suitable for a diet.

Lipoid acid

But lipidic acid is ... oddly enoughJust the wrong spelling of the name lipoic acid and it is not any independent substance. Therefore, everything about it should just touch the lipoic acid, and that's it.

Ascorbic acid

All known vitamin C or ascorbic acid- the most frequently discussed antioxidant among weight loss. There are results of studies according to which a sufficient amount of ascorbic accelerates the recovery processes and contributes to weight reduction by accelerating the metabolism. In fact, the results are based on the substitution of concepts. Scientists came to the conclusion that in the body of slim people more antioxidants than in the body full. Which, by the way, can be associated with a more rational diet of slender people, and probably has nothing to do with other factors. In general, ascorbic should not be in short supply, but it also can not significantly affect fat burning.

Glutamic acid

Glutamic acid is one of the amino acids. We get it with food, eating protein dishes, and for a person trying to lose weight, it will help increase immunity and accelerate the recovery of muscles after exercise. Glutamine is often included in the composition of sports nutrition products for slimming, its use also contributes to the buildup of muscle mass.

Thus, none of the acids considered by itselfDoes not burn fat and does not grow muscles. And let the dietary supplements can help us, but the main work will still have to do on our own. Compliance with diet, exercise and correct daily routine remain more important components of the slimming program than any acids.

An article for you was prepared by Anna Tarskaya (cross-trainer)

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