How to lose weight after 50 years?

What is the difference between correct weight loss after 50 years? Skeptics say that it is almost impossible to lose weight by the usual methods at this age. And you need to invent various dietary types of extreme: from eating only kefir for weeks to unloading days every other day. In fact, it is strictly forbidden to significantly underestimate the daily calorie content of the diet and exclude whole groups of products. And the stories about how horribly slowed down metabolism, for the most part, are true for those who have already lost a large percentage of muscle mass. Fortunately, you can lose weight after 50, and not necessarily for this drink one kefir.

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The main secret of correct weight loss after 50 years

Remember how it used to be? It was enough to not eat for a couple of days at night, and 1-2 kilograms "flew" by themselves. And now, and proper nutrition, and the exclusion of fatty, roasted and salted do not particularly work? It happens because in an adult age our body spends less and less energy on maintaining its own vital activity. Over the years, we lose muscle mass. By 50 years in women, this process can reduce the rate of basic metabolism by 150-200 kcal.

It would seem that the numbers are not at all critical ifTake into account that we normally consume about 2000 kcal to support our own weight. But this is normal, and not everyone can honestly reduce their daily caloric intake to about 1600 kcal and increase motor activity.

Trainers and nutritionists working with ageCustomers argue that the most difficult thing here is just to acquire new useful habits. Agree, if someone is accustomed to breakfast with a sandwich with butter, lunch - a sandwich with sausage, and dinner - a pan of fried potatoes, it will be difficult to fall in love with the right food.

The same with exercise. In recent years, scientists have shown that reasonable dose-based strength training is much more useful than a passive finding at home and / or episodic cardio. Previously it was believed that the most useful things for losing weight - running and walking. Meanwhile, it is running and walking that can significantly contribute to a slowing of the metabolism and provoke a decrease in the basal metabolic rate. Of course, for an average person this is hardly possible, but for someone who, for example, runs about 40 km per week, walking can just become a provocateur of lowering muscle mass below the norm.

So, physical activity is the key to losing weight at this age. And also - the absence of contraindications for health reasons.

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Health and what exactly it is necessary to check

Usually we undergo general medical examination, and alsoShould visit doctors on the profile of chronic diseases. But often we make one mistake - just run around the doctors, without telling the specialists that we need to find out whether this or that disease is the contraindication to losing weight in one way or another.

Every specialist needs to find out:

  • Whether there are contraindications to power fitness trainings. Ideally, it is necessary to find out and contraindicated exercises, along with those that are shown;
  • Whether there is a contraindication to adherence to a caloric restriction diet, what foods should be excluded for health reasons, whether restriction of certain foods is necessary;
  • Whether it is necessary to apply additional physiotherapeutic measures or it will be sufficient to maintain an active motor regime and restrictive nutrition;
  • Should be checked with the cardiologist, occupations in which pulse zones will be considered as safe for your cardiovascular system.

Many believe that the campaign for doctors - a simpleFormality, and in the case of a person of age, they will necessarily "find something". But here it is worth considering that the correction of some metabolic states medically helps to lose weight. While the presence of these very conditions (eg, hypothyroidism) can complicate the task of independent weight loss to the maximum.

Physical exercises for weight loss

The mandatory minimum for weight loss isPassing 10-12 thousand steps a day. It is best to count them by the pedometer, it can be installed in the phone or purchased separately. Those who pass such a number of steps can not perform additional cardio-loading, but concentrate on power work and rehabilitation stretching exercises.

Who does not go 10-12 thousand steps, should docardio. At this age, uniform cardio workouts from small to medium intensity are shown. You should choose an exercise bike, a rowing machine, a stepper or an elliptical machine, but do not run in a park or treadmill. Ideal load - swimming, it eliminates the possibility of injuries to the joints and spine. Cardio should be done for 30-50 minutes a day, but so that it does not get more than 150 minutes a week.

Over time, some of the workouts can be made more intense. But it is not necessary to apply this absolutely to all classes.

Strength training is necessary and appropriate in a matureAge. It is worth starting with work in simulators. It is compulsory to pick up 2 exercises for each large group of muscles and work out the entire body during training. Under load, we must be at least 40 seconds, which means that 1 approach should last exactly that much time. We can increase the duration of the training by increasing the number of exercises, but do not have to work more than an hour in a row, so as not to cause fatigue.

In general, if you have never done before inGym, it is recommended to work with a trainer, it will help to learn how to perform the exercises technically and not have problems with joints and ligaments in the future.

It is worth noting that with contraindications to employment with weights there is a way out:

  • Static-dynamic work style or gymnastics "Izoton";
  • Callanetics or pilates.

All these things can be studied asVideo, and with the coach. But this does not change the frequency of training. They should "happen" at least 3 times a week. It is better to alternate training days with rest days and practice regularly.

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Nutrition for weight loss

Start with a normal lipid-lowering dietOr diet 8. This diet is based on the use of 3 servings of complex carbohydrates per day (from cereals or black bread), 3-5 servings of protein products (from meat and fish to cottage cheese and eggs), 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil additionally, A teaspoon of butter and 5-6 portions of fresh non-starchy vegetables. Supplement such a diet can be fruit, no more than 2 pieces per day.

An approximate menu layout will look like this

  • Breakfast: porridge on the water, fruit or salad, something from protein foods, for example, a steam omelet.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad or soup with vegetables on vegetable broth, something from protein products, for example meat, and a portion of cereal from whole grains.
  • Dinner: vegetables and fish or meat, with a couple of slices of bread.

Fruits and dairy products are great for snacksProducts. This is only an exemplary menu, a specific amount of products should be counted using programs for calculating calories, as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you do not want to contact a nutritionist for a calculation of the diet, you need to use the calorie counter, because only so we can get a balanced diet.

Many sources say that a mature personAge, it is necessary to have unloading days, exclusively on vegetables and fruits, or any similar products containing a minimum of carbohydrates and a maximum of fiber. In fact, unloading days are shown only to those who are experiencing medical problems and can not organize proper motor activity. If there is an opportunity to exercise regularly, it may be better to abandon strict diets and not to cut caloric content significantly, using such methods of weight control as a discharge hypocaloric day.

The peculiarity of nutrition in adulthood should beBecome mandatory inclusion in the diet of dairy products and fats omega-three. With time, we get less vitamin D3 and calcium and are able to absorb less of these substances. Meanwhile, they are necessary for the normal rate of metabolic processes and therefore, fatty fish and dairy products should not be excluded from the diet.

It is worth consulting with a doctor aboutVitamin and mineral complex. Admission of additional vitamins and minerals will help avoid such problems as excessive fragility of bones, skin diseases, slow recovery after physical exertion.

But fat burners, especially with caffeine andL-thyroxine in the composition is not recommended for weight loss after 50 years. Such drugs create an increased strain on the nervous system and contribute to the increase in the heart rate at rest. This can be harmful, especially if there are already cardiovascular diseases, and the person suffers from heart rhythm disturbances or increased pressure.

Do not recommend in adulthood and popular recipes for weight loss with laxatives. The risk of getting chronic constipation after use is increasing.

In the rest, physicians and coaches do not believe thatMature age is an obstacle to losing weight. Anyone can lose weight to a healthy standard and improve the quality of life with the help of feasible physical activity.

The article was prepared by Anna Tarskaya (coach, nutritionist)

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