Preparations to increase muscle mass: who needs it and when?


Do we need drugs for muscle mass? Everything depends on the understanding of the subject. Not competing in bodybuilding man most of them to anything. The fitnessist is suitable for amino acid and protein supplements, as well as various drugs to improve the supply of muscle blood. But steroid drugs to him completely to nothing. It should be understood that most of what allows you to effectively increase the mass, quite significantly interferes with the hormonal background of a person. Therefore, it is worthwhile to divide the drugs into suitable ones for health training and not suitable.

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Pharmacy products for fitnesista

  • Riboxin

This medication is known as a cure forHeart failure. It improves the functioning and nutrition of the heart muscle. On muscle, its application also affects positively - slightly speeds up anabolic processes and recovery. Riboxin can be included both in the work on muscle mass, and on drying, because It protects from overload our heart.

  • Potassium Orotate

The drug has a weak anabolicActivity. It is used to improve cellular metabolism. It affects the body and complexly - causes an increase in appetite, so it is useful "on the mass". To those who seek to dry out, orotat can be useful as an assistant in the great task of keeping muscles on a diet.

  • Panangin

This drug enhances blood circulation andHelps to fill the muscles with blood. It turns out a good pumping effect (pumping), and a faster recovery after exercise. In fact, panangin does not increase muscle, but speeds up metabolic processes in them, which gives a positive effect with adequate nutrition and competently organized training process.

  • Glutamic acid

It is an amino acid that is used by the bodyFor protein synthesis. Replenishment of its deficiency promotes normal recovery after physical exertion, and allows us to grow large muscles. Glutamic acid is also important for immunity, as its use here will contribute to the normal resistance of the body to various infections.

  • succinic acid

Direct influence on muscle growth does not have, butPromotes faster cell metabolism. In the presence of other factors - a normal hormonal background, sufficient sleep, a good training plan - helps to recover after physical exertion is very significant.

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Preparations from sports nutrition for muscle growth

  • BCAA

Amino acids with branched chains are"Fuel" for building muscle and building material at the same time. During training, they increase the level of energy, after its completion - contribute to a qualitative recovery. Alleviate the loss of muscle on the drying, help to grow on the mass, in general, this drug is necessary for everyone. You can find BSAA in tablets or powder for dissolution in water.

  • Creatine

Creatine is involved in the transformation processEnergy in the muscles and helps to increase their contractile activity. A sufficient amount of creatine contributes to a faster growth of power, this product of sports nutrition is quite useful for power athletes, and for those who want to build a significant mass.

  • Proteins

Complex protein supplements, protein isolate,Albumin and casein help to fill the protein deficit in normal diet. We can take the protein after exercise, or in the morning on an empty stomach before the beginning of the exercise, in order to get enough energy.

  • Myostatin

Myostatin is a class of new sports supplements,Which should lead to the growth of muscle mass, but the effect of myostatin has not yet been studied. They should make the anabolic potential of cells limitless, without affecting the hormonal background and not being doping. Myostatin can be found in all sports nutrition bars, but their effectiveness today is controversy.

  • Tribulus preparations

Tribulus and its preparations will be interesting, beforeAll, to men. These supplements increase the natural level of testosterone and promote the activation of metabolism. They accelerate the recovery of muscles and allow you to get rid of lethargy and fatigue in everyday life. Tribulus preparations do not contain synthetic testosterone and are not doping. They simply help to reveal the genetic potential to the fullest.

  • ZMA

It is a sports supplement with zinc, improving sleep andEnhancing the secretion of growth hormone and testosterone. Athletes should treat the intake of ZMA carefully, some brands also contain green tea extract, which has a stimulating effect and disturbs sleep. All this does not allow you to take the supplement before bedtime and requires the selection of another brand.

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Anabolic steroids, amateur sports and muscle mass

The use of anabolic steroids in amateurSport is considered unjustified. Yes, the mass of all these drugs will come, no doubt, but the effects of using steroids are systemic, not fully understood, and in the case of the female hormonal system, are generally unpredictable. Many have heard about the fact that steroid drugs increase muscle mass almost without training and begin to take them too early, before the birth of children and the onset of adulthood. Then the risk of acquiring negative consequences increases.

It should be understood that all anabolic steroids affect the hormonal background. For women, they "bring" foreign amounts of testosterone, which can lead to:

  • The appearance of hair on the body by the male type and alopecia (alopecia);
  • Changes in the timbre of the voice, and they are irreversible;
  • The appearance of acne, rash;
  • Fluid retention and significant weight gain;
  • Mood swings, the appearance of seizures of uncontrolled aggression;
  • Headaches, increased blood pressure.

In this post-course therapy for women, tooIs an endocrinological mystery. Many at the end of the course are not slender relief beauties, but "flooded", with acne and broken hormonal background.

It is proved that the reproductive system after the use of anabolic steroids in women is restored for at least a year, and during this entire period it is better not to think about the birth of children.

Many after such a set of muscle massCollide with a "pullback", that is, the mass does not hold, the muscles decrease in volume quite quickly, and everything comes to its original state. As a result, a person is faced with a choice - either periodically apply drugs courses and continue so nearly all his life, or reconcile with the fact that the result will not be permanent and unstable.

In a set of muscle mass, not only and notAs many drugs as training, nutrition and recovery. If an amateur, training 3-4 times a week in the hall without a pass and, eating "on weight", can not get 500 grams per month, he does something wrong. Most likely, training loads for him are minimal, and food is not enough. Either there is an excess of the allowable training load and not the optimal distribution of macronutrients. Most often, a fitness lover really has enough multivitamins, fish oil and ordinary food to gain weight.

The article was prepared by Anna Tarskaya (coach, nutritionist)

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