How to dress full of girls and women: 14 recommendations with photos

Today the opportunity to dress stylishly and beautifullyAbsolutely not related to the presence of a certain amount of extra pounds. A properly selected clothing and is at all capable of making any pyshki sexy and breathtaking beauty.

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Any woman can look irresistible ifAs a basis for a good wardrobe and confidence in their own beauty. One has only to look at Queen Latifah, who, having considerable considerable advantages, looks simply gorgeous and reduces men all over the world crazy.

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14 simple tips on how to look at 100%

What a full woman does not dream of following herCrowds of admirers, and haggard "hangers" from biting bitten elbows? There is nothing easier! Take advantage of our stylish tips and recommendations. They not only help you emphasize all your beauty, but also feel like a real queen.

  1. - Posture is the basis of your beauty! Never forget about it. Throw out of their heads the obsolete stereotypes, that the full woman is one solid complexes. If you walk hunched over, it does not add beauty to you at all. Spread your shoulders, head up higher and proudly present yourself.
  2. - Correctly picked up bra - one of the most important things of the wardrobe. Choose a comfortable style and always make sure your underwear is beautiful and emphasizes all your beautiful curvy shapes.
  3. - Pantyhose - choose models in which there are pull-in inserts.
  4. - Exclude from your wardrobe too wide,Baggy clothes. It is only, on the contrary, instead of covering up the completeness, it emphasizes it even more. Stop your choice on the shapes of a slightly contiguous silhouette.
  5. - Do not choose overly tight clothes. Remember, it should only cover the body lightly.
  6. - Ideally seated clothes - especially clothes of your size. Do not buy a larger or smaller size.
  7. - Avoid significant contrast in colors when choosing clothes.
  8. - Dark colors make the figure slimmer, but remember that you should exclude angular shapes, as well as contrasting transitions in clothes.
  9. - Choose jackets and jackets to the middle of the thigh, instead of elongated styles.
  10. - Do not wear clothes that have large strips or a large pattern.
  11. - Skirts choose free styles to the knee, or slightly covering them. Forget about mini and skirt flare.
  12. - The sleeve of the blouse is better to be long, not three-quarters. However, it's a matter of taste.
  13. - Always open the neck, while choosing the V-shaped or square cut-out neck.
  14. - Shoes. Heel should be, but not too high. Exclude from the wardrobe shoes with square noses. The ideal choice - fashionable in this season shoes with an open finger.


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