10 features of feminine style in clothes

How to look feminine? Feminine style in clothes ...

It seems feminine, and therefore attractive, almost every representative of the fair sex dreams.</ P>

But here's the paradox: Ask any woman about what a feminine style is, and she will definitely give you her own "original recipe" for creating a feminine image. Yes, we can easily distinguish retro from punk, sports style from glamorous, but about feminine style in clothes we do not know practically anything.

What is he - feminine style in clothes?

Of course, this gap should be filled urgently, having learned by heart 10 distinctive features of the feminine style:

  1. Silhouette. Clothing should emphasize all the dignity of the female figure: a beautiful chest, hips, thin waist, well-groomed legs. This does not mean that your dresses and blouses should only be tight and open. Your outfit can be voluminous, but it should sit on a figure, without distorting its proportions and not giving it an unformed appearance.
  2. Fashion. Models of feminine clothing with their seams and reliefs, folds and trim, are characterized by the softness and smoothness of the lines. Sharp, harsh graphic elements create a sense of aggression and imbalance, which is unlikely to attract the opposite sex to you.
  3. Color spectrum. Color plays a decisive role in creating a feminine image, so pay attention to the clothes of gentle pastel tones. Colors can be very diverse, but we should not forget that the most feminine color was and remains red, as well as all its "derivatives" from pink-coral to lilac-violet shades.
  4. Fabrics. The main fabrics of feminine style are chiffon, silk, velvet, satin and knitwear. Here the decisive role is played by the same principle - the fabric should be light, airy and soft, i.e. Creating a feeling of tenderness, warmth and comfort.
  5. Decor. Feminine style should be smart. Ruches, lace, flounces and frills give the clothes elegance, femininity and special charm. The main thing is to choose the right color. Do not excessively get involved in black, it is better to pay attention to pastel shades, which can not be better suited to clothes in a feminine style.
  6. Pattern. Strips, cage, strict lines - this is not your choice. The feminine style is characterized by delicate color transitions, as well as floral, fantasy or watercolor patterns.
  7. Hat. This accessory can be very different - with and without fields, with a bright decor of feathers, flowers, drapery and veils. The main thing is that it looks appropriate and harmoniously combined with your outfit.
  8. Footwear. The platform, a massive cape and wide heel - definitely not your option. Choose shoes on a thin high heel, with neat straps and clasps.
  9. Scarf. Light chiffon fabric, delicate color scheme and a pleasant floral pattern - this is the perfect scarf, "mature" in the best traditions of feminine style. With it, you can give the charm and elegance to even the simplest and most modest image.
  10. Ornaments. Beads, pendants, earrings and bracelets - this is a must-have addition to the feminine side. Give up the massive jewelry, giving preference to miniature and refinement.

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