Fashion-ideas. How to hide a wide waist with clothes?

Do not be discouraged and do not punish yourself for a broadWaist. Mother Nature's whims should not cause discouragement. Small, but important tricks for choosing a wardrobe will answer the main question: how to hide the wide waist with the help of clothes, and at the same time remain fashionable and profitable to give such a feature to the figure.

What does the definition of "wide waist" mean? Here we mean the non-expression of the waist line with respect to the hips. That is, the figure is characterized by a straight silhouette without a seductive bend.

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For the benefit of taste it is forbidden

  • Stylists do not recommend wearing tight clothes with a semi-fitted silhouette. Contraindicated models, cut at the waist, double-breasted coats and jackets, short vests and various jackets-parks.
  • It is not necessary to wear tight skirts, a skirt-tulip model, a skirt on a yoke and a skirt-gad.
  • Pants with an overstated or low waist will disfigure the figure. The same will be done by the "coquette" and trousers-trousers.
  • You should try to avoid all accents near the waist line. Such details are assemblies, pelerines, elastic bands and ribbons on the belt.

Let's sculpt the figure

Women with an ideal figure to dress is not interesting - they are all to the face. Stylists love complex tasks and can literally sculpt a figure with the help of well-chosen items. So, we update the wardrobe:

  • - The straight cut and semi-adjacent silhouette should dominate the clothing. Shirts, blouses, tunics and dresses are desirable to have an A-shaped silhouette.
  • - The length of clothes is quite democratic. If the legs are slender, you can dress and mini, only a skirt is better to choose, expanded downwards. The variation is impressive: flare, skirt in pleat, trapezoid or flared.
  • - As a prospective kit for all occasions, you can choose trousers with stitches with a shirt that runs out, which will mask the waist area.
  • - Such a figure can not be tightened tightKnitwear. It will look better such a model, the fabric of which will be draped softly, as if hiding the most problematic places. Do not pull the waist strap or waistband too. Him place itself on the hips!
  • - Stylists are advised to have in the wardrobe differentStoles, shawls and ponchos. To hide the undeveloped waistline, you can wear a tight knit sweater, a long jacket, a vest or a cardigan. Popular models of fashionable sweater-type dresses blouson look very original on the owners of a wide waist.
  • - With a broad waist, it is better to give preference to blouses with a flounce "from the hip". Even supplemented with a thin belt, this model will make the figure not direct, but seductive.
  • - Women with such a figure can wear blouses, slightly flared down. Do not interfere with the drapery on the chest and the strap, lowered to the hips.

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Attire for the holiday

The mood of the evening should be created by the hostess of the house. But how to hide a wide waist with clothes and become the queen of a dinner party?

  • The feminine maxi dress with a white contrasting insert in the middle visually makes the figure slim. The main secret is in an overstated, clearly outlined waistline.
  • Another evening version is a tunic. If the length of the "flowing" model to the middle of the thigh, then this outfit will not only emphasize the slender legs, but also hide the wide waist.
  • Disadvantages of the figure will help hide the elongated velvet jacket, which has elongated sides and a straight line of the shoulder.

Rarely, what kind of woman does not complex aboutFeatures of a figure. Completely change the gift of nature is impossible, and is it necessary? Cleverly selected wardrobe will save you from the slightest doubt about your appearance. By the way, Angelina Jolie not only lacks a waist line, but also broad shoulders. But this does not stop her from dressing beautifully and being an ideal woman!

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