Tips for the style of Evelina Khromchenko

Style from Evelina Khromchenko

Evelina Khromchenko is known to many of us asStrict critic of the TV program "Fashionable sentence", but this person is not only one of the most stylish women of the Russian couture and prêt-a-porte, but also the editor-in-chief of the glossy magazine L`Officiel.</ P>

This stylish lady has been for many years nowAlmost Delphic oracle in the Russian fashion world, and, in addition, the founder of such a cult annual event, like Russian Fashion Week. That's why girls and mature women who want to always look elegant, very useful compiled by Evelina list, which lists things designed to make the basis of the lady's wardrobe, which has an impeccable taste.

Style Tips

So, the list "From Khromchenko" includes accessories, and shoes, and everyday clothes.

As for things universal, and, of course,Classical, then Evelina classifies them as a white cotton shirt with a classic cut and an invariable pencil skirt made of a noble texture with an average length.

Also, according to Mrs. Khromchenko, every exquisite lady should be stocked with a trouser suit of a strict cut and a small black dress, the so-called "dress-case".

As for the costume and the dress, they are bestTo sew to order from an experienced craftsman - when choosing patterns and when final fitting will take into account all the features of your figure, which will later look in such outfits even more attractive, skilfully emphasizing the dignity of your appearance and hiding its shortcomings.

As for the things that will become the main thing in creating a less restrained image, there are also few of them, but all of them will perfectly match with each other, creating simple, but harmonious ensembles.

  1. So, the first thing a must-have in the list of these thingsIs an alcoholic vest with a natural, pleasant to the touch fabric. Its color can be either white or beige, or black. Together with such a shirt it is best to wear dark blue jeans, preferably narrow or straight, depending on how close to the ideal is the shape of those legs on which they will be worn. To complement the outfit will help a motorcycle jacket made of black leather.
  2. For a cool season, Mrs. KhromchenkoAdvises to have in a wardrobe a cashmere sweater of warm coloring, on top of which you can put on a cashmere coat of direct cut. The tandem of these two things suggests the cyclical fashion, the return of the silhouettes of the eighties and nineties, when free trench and cardigans were the latest squeak. If you are uncomfortable even in a jumper and a coat, wrap it in a pashmina of a color shade that will advantageously emphasize the color of your skin.
  3. The collection of shoes of an elegant woman does notShould consist of hundreds of pairs of different styles and colors. It is enough to limit one pair of classic black or beige shoes with high heels, one pair of shoes and ballet shoes. As an autumn-winter variant jockey boots are offered. Just like shoes, all these shoes should be aged in black and white. The only exception is the boots, the color of which can be brown.






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Evelina Khromchenko does not share secretsAbout how you can make your hair on your own, but she tells you which accessories will help to complete the created image. First of all, it is necessary to remember that the string of natural white pearls is still quite universal, and, at the same time, an incredibly stylish decoration. You can also diversify the image with accessories such as a bright silk handkerchief, a wide belt of patent leather, sunglasses of the aviator model, and, of course, a wristwatch, necessarily with a large dial and a wide belt, maybe even men's.

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