How to use clothes to "expand" narrow shoulders

To be honest, we are all in one way or anotherLeast standard: somebody weighs more than normal, someone has hips much wider than shoulders, someone thinks that their legs are short. In general, we are all different and that's what makes us unique. So you do not need to bring up complexes, just need to know the features of your figure and choose clothes based on this knowledge.

Regardless of what type of your figure is,It is always necessary to measure a thing - sometimes even a thing that is certainly inappropriate by the type of figure sits perfectly. But most often you need to take into account the features of the figure, such as the ratio of the hips and shoulders, the location of the waist, the length of the legs relative to the length of the back.

How to hide the narrow shoulders with the help of clothes, photo

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Narrow shoulders: what to wear?

  • If you have wide hips and relatively narrow shoulders, then tunics and dresses with voluminous sleeves, A-silhouette are best suited.
  • If they are tunics, then their length should reach the middle of the thighs, that is, the place where the thighs are narrowest.
  • To balance the width of the hips and shoulders, you can prefer clothes with large decor elements in the area of ​​the shoulders and chest.
  • Sometimes it looks good flared dresses withAn overstated waist, unequivocally there are straight and strongly flared trousers on an inflow belt with small folds. If you like narrowed trousers, then they should be worn with long jackets or jackets, reaching the middle of the thighs.
  • Wide top, but narrowed to the waist jackets fit your figure, if you wear them with skirts and ribbons, year-old skirts, shaped like a trapezoid.
  • If you have such narrow shoulders that you do not risk wearing dresses made of thin materials, try to get out of the situation due to color decisions.
  • If the bottom is dark and the top is very bright, with a large pattern, flowers or geometry, the shoulders will appear wider and the hips already.
  • With sloping and narrow shoulders categorically do not goDresses and blouses are covered like a kimono, with bat sleeves, clothes with a triangular neckline. A horizontal slit-shaped neckline or cutout of a square shape, large shoulder pads, sailors' collars and shoulder straps will help visually make the expressionless shoulders larger.




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At narrow hips, on the contrary, it is required visuallyTo increase their volume due to folds, large draperies, with which the wide trousers with large folds, skirts in a large crease, long jackets with a square silhouette will do fine.

If the legs do not differ in length, then it is not worth itWearing mini skirts and very lush skirts, voluminous trousers such as bananas, with cuffs or priborennye at the ankles. Appearance does not benefit even if you wear long jackets, skirts of medium length, reaching to the middle of calves, shoes on a flat sole or, conversely, too high or a massive heel.

Solve the problem if you wear dresses with a high waistline, suits in which the top and bottom have the same color, shoes on a low, stable heel.


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If the back is long, then you do not need to buy clothes withCut-off waistline, understated waist and too-fitting silhouette. Narrow belt and striped print, vertical layout of the picture will only enhance the impression of disharmony. But dresses with an overstated waistline, moreover with a wide belt, a coquette - perfectly harmonize the silhouette.

If the back is short and the legs are long, you can notAllow yourself a wide belt, short jackets and bolero, sweaters and blouses, tucked into skirts and trousers. It is advisable to purchase dresses with a low waistline and straight dresses that are not cut along the waist line - and wear expressive belts on their hips with them (you can use bright shawls).


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If you have wide athletic shoulders, then youContra-indicated blouses and dresses with short voluminous sleeves, details in the area of ​​the shoulders and chest (epaulets, turn-down collars, patch pockets). In order to visually hide your shoulders, you must wear blouses and dresses with a triangular deep cut, accenting the bottom with a lighter color, and the top muffled by dark shades. Long, medium-sized beads and chains will help to look away from the line of shoulders below.

There is no ugly figure, just need to carefully think through your wardrobe.

Narrow shoulders: what to wear?

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