The main types of female figures: we define our own

Types of female figures. How to determine the type of a figure?

Man by nature is unique. As there are no two similar people, there are no ideal figures. The concept of "ideal figure" is very conditional and at different times the standard was considered to be different types of female figures.</ P>

Ideal figures in the past ...

  • In prehistoric times, women with a hypertrophied figure were considered the ideal of beauty.
  • Ancient beauties were tall, long-legged, had an ever-young look, small breasts and an unusually beautiful gait.
  • A medieval woman was associated with her mother, so the ideal was a figure with unmentioned waist, hips and a very round belly.
  • The Renaissance was preached by the cult of a woman, so women of this era were famous for their magnificent forms.
  • In the era of the Classics, the figure of a woman must be strictly canonized - an aspen waist, heavily drawn into a corset, snow-white skin and lush breasts.
  • In the Enlightenment, naturalness was especially appreciated, and the woman in itself was already an ideal, with all the flaws and virtues.
  • The 19th century adored women with impressive rounded forms, wide hips and a flat belly.
  • The advent of the 20th century radically changed the concept ofFemale beauty. There was a so-called standard stereotype of the ideal woman 90-60-90, which starts to change very slowly (this can be seen right now at some fashion shows) with the onset of the 21st century.

In order to more easily determine what advantages of the female body is worth emphasizing, and what drawbacks of the figure require correction, conditionally introduced such a concept as the types of female figures.

So, from all the above, let's try to make some useful for us, women with different figures, the conclusions:

  • Ideal proportions of the figure does not happen,
  • Any female figure is beautiful,
  • Over his body you need to work constantly, emphasizing all his dignity.

The main types of female figures

Below we will look at how to determine the type of a figure:

Types of female figures. How to determine the type of a figure?


A-shaped or Pear-holders of this typeHave curvy rounded hips, a thin waist and small shoulders. Owners of this particular kind of figure are attractive to men, but this figure is susceptible to cellulite. This is primarily due to the fact that fatty deposits of this type occur primarily on the buttocks, hips, legs, less often at the waist.

When choosing this type of women's wardrobe should be visually enlarge certain body part and try to hide the bottom.

Women of this type should always remember that they should draw attention primarily to the face, neck and upper body, and leave the bottom as it were in the shade.

Types of female figures. How to determine the type of a figure?


X-shaped or Hourglass - happyHolders of a figure with ideal proportions - clearly marked waist, the volume of shoulders is equal to the volume of the hips. The fatty interlayer of this type is evenly distributed throughout the body and when the weight of the representative of the X-shaped figure is typed, the volume in the region of the chest and thighs is accumulated.

Women of this type should choose clothes that emphasize the waist.


Rectangle (banana)

H-shaped or Rectangle - a feature of thisType in that the volumes of hips, shoulders and waist are almost identical. Women of this type are most prone to fullness. To the problematic zones of this type include a wide waist and abdomen.

Representatives of the H-shaped figure need to focus on the chest and legs, the waist and hips are desirable to hide.

Types of female figures. How to determine the type of a figure?

Inverted Triangle

V-shaped or Inverted Triangle - a distinctive feature of this type are the broad shoulders, which in volume exceed the hips.

The lack of this type of figure should include apparent massiveness. Fat deposits in this type usually occur in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Representatives of this figure should focus on the legs, which need to be highlighted.

An Apple

Types of female figures. How to determine the type of a figure?

O-shaped or Apple-representative of thisType combine the harmony of the legs, arms, proportionality of the shoulders and hips, but almost no waist. The fatty layer of this type tends to be deposited in the back and abdomen.</ P>

Women with an O-shaped figure draw attention to the face, décolletage and feet, and hide the waist area.

How to determine the type of figure yourself? It is necessary to be in front of a mirror to try to find out from the above-mentioned the distinctive features of its particular figure.

Usually, women are not very happy with their typeFigures and strongly complex in this regard. But there is no reason to despair. Classification of figures by type will help every woman always look perfect and refined.

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