Browse Fashionable Skirts 2015

How much we would not like to wear pants, skirtStill remains the most feminine detail of our wardrobe. Of course, in everyday life pants are much more convenient and practical, however, in order to feel like a real lady, a woman should at least occasionally wear a skirt. By the way, if you choose the right style, then in it you will also feel free and relaxed. In the new collections of 2015, skirts of various styles have found their place. Below we present to your attention the description of the main fashion trends of skirts 2015.

1.Maxi free cut

For a season now, skirts-maxi of straight cut continue to remain relevant. They are able to visually extend their legs, especially if they are worn with short tops, jackets or jackets.

Fashion maxi skirts 2015

2. Long skirts flare</ P>

No less popular are long flared skirts. And in the collections of some designers, for example, Carolina Herrera, Alice + Olivia, etc. They are made of variegated materials with a floral print and are worn with a lower skirt that gives them volume. And in the collection "Polo Ral Lauren" they are single-colored (red, orange, blue, green, etc.) and are combined with short polo tops of the same shade.

Fashion flare skirts 2015

3. Large incisions</ P>

Another model of maxi is straight and narrow withLarge cuts of the skirt. And they can reach as far as the ankles, and up to the floor. This is a very brave style of skirts, which only self-confident, brave and uninhibited woman will afford.

Fashion skirts with cut 2015

4. Ballroom skirts</ P>

If before long multi-layered skirts wereAre appropriate only at a social event or a costume ball, today designers offer them to wear even in everyday life, combining with low-key tops and even shirts of men's cut, as in the collection of Ralph Lauren.

Fashionable Ballroom Skirts 2015

5. Skirt with a scent </ P>

Among the spring collections you can find a largeThe number of skirts of this particular model. They can be both long and short, but the main part is skirts pencils that reach the middle of the calves. Fashion house "Trussardi" offers short skirts with a smell of leather, Hermano Shervino - a skirt that barely covers the knee, made from materials of bed colors.

Fashionable skirts with a smell 2015

6. Atlas and tulle</ P>

Another model of midi skirts popular in the newSeason are double (double-layer) skirts flares or half-cakes. The lower layer is made of a dense material, for example an atlas, and the upper layer is made of some transparent material, for example chiffon, organza or tulle. These skirts look very feminine, and a woman, clad in a skirt of this style, looks like a fluttering butterfly. In the collections of Louise Beccaria and Holly Fulton, the top layer is strewn with applique from multi-colored flowers, which looks very nice.

Fashionable tulle skirts 2015

7. The style of the 50's</ P>

Very fashionable lush skirts in the style of the 50's. They can be sewn from a variety of materials, even lace and leather. However, they are mainly made of dense materials. The belt of these skirts sharply pulls the waist, making it more slender and thin. A magnificent hem hides the shortcomings of the figure in the field of the hips. However, these skirts are contraindicated for women with a wide waistline.

Fashionable skirts 2015 in the style of the 50's

</ P>

8. A short base under a transparent long skirt

In some collections, mini skirts have been found, which are "hidden" under a transparent long layer. Moreover, such a skirt can be an element of both a business wardrobe, even an evening and everyday.

Fashionable skirts 2015 of transparent fabrics

9. A pencil skirt</ P>

This season does not lose its relevancepencil skirt. With the right choice of length, she can visually build a female figure. Almost all business pairs consist of a jacket of different cuts and a pencil skirt.

Fashion pencils 2015

10. Balon</ P>

In the collections of some designers, skirts-baloons were found. They are perfect for thin people.

Fashionable ballet skirts 2015

11. "Tennis player"</ P>

This model skirts - with a small coquette andFolds of different widths - they prefer to wear young girls with slender legs. Pay attention to the model from the Just Cavalli collection, with a wide belt decorated with buttons. Decorated with beads, rhinestones, riveted belts are one of the main trends of the spring season.

Fashion short skirts 2015

</ P>

12. Elements of glam rock

Some famous designers, it seems,Made an excursion into the recent past and diversified their collections with elements of glam rock. The models of skirts are decorated with various metal rivets, snakes, leather inserts, buckles, etc.

Fashion skirts in the style of rock rock 2015

13. Skirt mini skirts </ P>

In the same style, leather skirts are made in different colors and different materials, among which there are imitations of skin of reptiles: crocodiles and snakes, etc.

Fashionable leather skirts 2015

14. Asymmetry</ P>

Fashionable 10 years ago asymmetrical skirts of skirts again become relevant.

Fashion asymmetric skirts 2015

15. The Trapezium</ P>

Owners of beautiful legs can flaunt onStreets in short skirts-trapezes. They can have folds, they can be monophonic or multicolored, leather or woven, but they are joined by a style and length, to the middle of the thigh.

Fashionable trapeze skirts 2015

16. Plisset</ P>

Despite the fact that the Internet often appearsNotes that the plisse is no longer in fashion and has receded into the background, in many spring collections, for example, Salvator Ferragamo, Tim Weiland and others, several variants of skirts-plisse are presented at once. However, if in previous seasons there were actual long models up to the floor, now it's in midi mode, although sometimes there are mini-versions.

Fashionable pleated skirt 2015

17. As for the decor elements, then in the trend of the skirt with the center-pivot zippers, buttons and buttons.</ P>

</ P>

18. The 3D effect

In the spring of 2015 will be in the train predatory colors,Geometric and floral prints, polka dots, cages, stripes, bright abstract drawings and ethnic patterns, but the 3D prints are absolutely a hit, as in the collection of Marco de Vincenzo. Other designers used a different technique to obtain the same volume effect, using as a decor large multicolored patches that cover the entire surface of the skirt.

Fashion skirts with 3D effect 2015

Dear girls and women, if you replenish your wardrobe with a couple of the above-mentioned skirts, then your spring image will undoubtedly be fashionable and relevant.</ P> </ P>