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Woman and handbag - the concepts are inseparable. How many women's secrets are hidden in this small accessory, how many unsolved mysteries? No bag can not do without a lady. She is without her, like without hands. Some women confess that without a purse they lose confidence, do not know where to put their hands on walking, etc. Women need handbags for storing all necessary and unnecessary trifles, which can be useful outside the home. However, the bag is not only a functional wardrobe item, but it also makes it possible to make the female image brighter, fuller, finished, and for no reason women of fashion attach importance to the choice of bags, which, incidentally, are also influenced by fashion trends. Let's look at which models of bags will be most relevant in 2015.

1. So, the trend number 1. Bag "Tote"

The most fashionable model of bags 2015 will be a three-dimensionalBag "tout", and in the form of an inverted trapezoid. These bags can be made of a variety of materials, can be of light leather or suede, from the skin of reptiles, can be monophonic or two-, three-color, with or without a pattern. These bags are usually worn in the hand, however, they have the ability to visually increase the volume of the lower body, so women with a "pear-shaped" figure are not allowed to wear these bags, but they will be slim and tall girls the very time.

Fashionable bags to 2015

Trend No. 2. It's time to travel: carpetbag</ P>

In the new spring season will be very popularCarpet bags. This time the designers chose the average size for them. These bags are especially convenient for trips or long walks. Despite the small size, they are quite roomy.

Fashionable bags - a bag 2015

Trend number 3. Hiking bags</ P>

Young people and women who preferSports style and an active lifestyle, it is recommended to purchase backpacks in the new season. They look very stylish and modern. Backpacks can be made both from leather, and from a dense fabric with various prints. Leather backpacks, for example, as in the collection of "Trussardi", form resemble a bag. They are recommended to be worn on one shoulder.

Fashion hiking bags 2015

Trend number 4. Tablets </ P>

Every day, the number of business women in the world is growing,And designers have to take this circumstance into account when creating their collections. Businessmen - this is a special category of women. She should look both feminine and strict. No handbags with rhinestones, embroidery, tassels and fringe will not work for her. In addition, she needs a bag to store documents, so the most convenient option for such a lady will be a flat bag-tablet on the snake. By the way, they can be both with handles (Versace), and without them.

Trendy bags - tablets 2015

Trend No. 5. And again to school: Satchel and Messenger bags</ P>

For businesswomen also perfectly suitedBag-briefcases. In spring collections they have both a rectangular and a square shape. They usually have both short pens and long harnesses at the same time. Bag-briefcases are either worn in the hand, or over the shoulder.

Fashion bags for school 2015

Trend number 6. Cigar box</ P>

Among the collections of bags "Spring 2015" you canMeet a lot of small hard bags, reminiscent of a tiny box. These bags are usually worn holding a short handle located in the middle or in the hand, like a clutch.

Fashionable small bags 2015

Trend number 7. Exotics</ P>

Leather bags are still considered actualReptiles or their imitation. This can be bags of different styles, and can also have unnatural for the skin colors. For example, in the collection of Gucci there are bright red bags made of varnished "crocodile" material.

Fashionable reptile leather handbags 2015

Trend number 8. Riot of colors</ P>

The most fashionable trend of spring clothing arebright colors. The same goes for bags. Designers decorated their collections with bags of various bright and flashy shades: red, orange, bright green, yellow, green, turquoise, etc.

Fashionable bright bags 2015

Trend number 9. Exactly</ P>

If before the bag had to match the colorAnd style with shoes, then today, according to the decision of designers, the bags correspond to a dress or outer clothing. So in the collection of Mah Mark, the bag is made of the same material as the light coat, but at Jenny Packham she copies the dress decor.

Fashionable bags for the color of the outfit 2015

Trend № 10. Soft bag-pouch</ P>

Among the spring collections you can find bag-bags, which instead of the lock are tightened on the cord. Bags of this style included in the collection of "Wendy Nicole", "Elizabeth and James", Ralph Lauren and others.

Fashion handbags - pouch 2015

Trend number 11. Duffel bag</ P>

This is the name for handbags that have the shape of a small round chest, only with rounded corners. In the new collections they are made of bright materials and can contain the colors of the attire.

Fashion bags - trunks 2015

Trend № 12 Bag-pipe</ P>

Bright spring bags of cylindrical shape are very relevant in the spring of 2015. They can be voluminous, like Topshop Uniqu, and very small.

Fashion handbags - tubes 2015

Trend number 13. Fringe</ P>

As you know, fringe is a trend of the newSpring season. She wears dresses and skirts, coats and jackets, pants and shorts. Among the new models there are a lot of bags, also decorated with fringe, and this can be as a bag-hobo, or clutches, tablets, etc.

Fashion bags with fringe 2015

Trend number 14 Flower print.</ P>

Many handbags have a floral print, which is also one of the main trends of 2015.

Fashion handbags with floral print 2015

That's all. Dear girls and women, when choosing a handbag, you need to consider two rules: miniature girls should better abandon large trunks, even if they are at the peak of popularity, but large women in everyday life should not wear small handbags.</ P> </ P>