Scarf-tube: fashionable, beautiful and warm


Modern young women of fashion quickly picked up the ideaDesigners - to add to your image a new detail bearing different names: a scarf-trumpet, a snore, a round scarf. By the way, the idea is not new: ladies a little older remember well how this model of winter accessories appeared in the 80s. The last century and quickly gained popularity. In the current version, this scarf has become more voluminous, lush and wide, and, therefore, more functional: now it even better protects from the cold.

Who will go to the scarf-trumpet?

But will this model go to all? Many women, trying on, for example, a handkerchief, look critically at themselves in a mirror: the elongated face thus seems even more extended, square - visually increases in sizes. Do not worry: with a scarf-pipe there will be no such problems. He will go to every fashionista - you just need to pick the right model. So, a lady with a round or oval face can afford any scarf, a woman with large features should rather stay on more closely fitting versions, if the face is triangular - you need to choose more voluminous scarves. Note that if the neck is short, do not buy a large scarf, which will have to be wrapped in several additions: so the figure will seem massive. If the neck is long - you can choose a scarf of any length and "fluffiness".

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With what to wear?

What can I wear a fashion accessory? First of all, of course, with winter clothes. It will look great with a plain coat of smooth fabric. In this case, you do not have to worry about other "decor elements": the magnificent scarf is quite self-sufficient and does not need any additional decorations. He will perfectly suit a warm coat, especially if you use it as a cap and combine with the same in texture and shade mittens. Do you prefer a sporty style and believe that the scarf is too reminiscent of a classic handkerchief to look good with a down jacket? But this is not so: if your down jacket is not very variegated and bulky, then the scarf-tube will go well with it.

Selecting such a scarf, do not forget about the colorScale. First, you need to consider your own color pattern. If you are a brunette or brown-haired woman with dark eyes, feel free to buy bright models. If you are a gentle blonde with pale skin, try to give preference to models of pastel shades. A new element of clothing should be approached by those already in the wardrobe. Good looking contrast combinations, but they need to be selected very carefully, so that the image instead of stylish did not come out screaming.</ P>

We put on a fashion scarf: different ways

How to tie a scarf so it looksMore interesting? Fortunately, the model is so convenient that this issue will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced women of fashion. The easiest way is to clamp, that is, to put a scarf around your neck and make 1 or 2 loops. Then you need to carefully fold the folds. It should give the impression that the scarf is careless, but at the same time elegantly thrown over the coat. Another way - to put on a scarf like a hat, gently picking. In this case, the head and neck will be closed from frost.

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If you in your office with the onset of winter also cameA cold snap, you can put on a scarf as an option for a poncho or a cape (but only it is necessary that it be very wide): pass the head into the hole, and then lower the long "pipe" on the shoulders and below. So you get an extra sweater. The most daring fashionable women who love experiments, wear this winter accessory as ... a skirt or a dress. Yes-yes, this is not a joke, try it yourself: if the thing is connected qualitatively, in moderation is stretched and large enough, then it is quite possible to use it as a tight dress (on top it is necessary to put on a jacket or blouse) or as an elastic skirt.

You wanted to diversify your wardrobe soA universal thing? You can wander around the shops, picking up the model. Well, if you do not like anything or the price does not suit you? Then let's remember Granny's knitting lessons and make a scarf yourself!</ P>

A thin thread is twisted ...

For those who can knit, this is easierSimple. If you are a novice needlewoman, take the easiest scheme. Although it is possible to do without a scheme, if you knit by the "elastic" method: for example, 2x2. Do your first scarf is not very big: it will be enough to have 50 cm width and 60-length. Pick up the spokes number 8 or even 10 - the product will be more magnificent. Thread thick do not take, otherwise it will get a very dense canvas. You can take acrylic, half-wool or mohair. 2 face loops need to be alternated with 2 purlins. Then sew the resulting canvas so that the pipe comes out. If you choose circular knitting needles, the matter will become simpler: even sewing is not necessary.

Lovers of crochet also canMake a scarf. With the right selection of threads and spokes (the threads must be much thinner than the spokes) a soft, fuzzy and light "work of art" will come out. True, it will take a little longer to knit. We dial a chain of air loops as long as the width of the future scarf is planned. Then we connect the chain in a circle and start knitting - with or without a crochet. Option one - the product will be more lush, the second option - more dense. You can add elements of openwork binding - but this is for those who already have some experience in the knitting business.

It's good that the scarf-tube returned to fashion again. By the way, today not only beautiful ladies with pleasure wear it, but also men. Young people prefer to wear this accessory as a hood - and the ears will not blow, and the neck is closed. The model is very relevant. So, if you want to please a friend, brother or son, tie him tight scarf-tube of dark thread. And the beautiful ladies have all the opportunities open: for them, and bright, and bright, and combining several shades of scarves at once prepared by designers - choose to taste! If you do not want to part with a scarf even on a holiday - tie yourself a thin lace-lace model and put on "the light" with a small black dress. You definitely will not go unnoticed. Choose your "own" model and be the most fashionable and beautiful both on snow-covered winter streets and on a holiday in a restaurant.

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