Stylish image with jeans boyfriend

Recently, things with a male character allMore often can be seen on the feminine fragile girls. Oversize - a large-sized coat in the male style, which was fashionable last season, gave way to jeans boyfriends. This model is in great demand and now you can often find on the streets of the city a fragile young lady in these jeans.

Boyfriends - a model with a low groin zone and waist. These jeans are practically not decorated in any way, but they may have slits and scrapes.

Today, jeans are in the wardrobe almost everyone. This is not surprising, because it is an ideal option, combining style and comfort.

A huge variety of models of jeans replenishedEach season with new offers from fashion designers. What do designers offer this year? Reminiscent of male jeans, brutal, rude and slightly bully boyfriends were borrowed from the men's wardrobe. Ladies can afford to wear these clothes daily.

Wearing such jeans, the girl should use accessories and shoes to emphasize her figure. Ideal fit boyfriends fragile girls.

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Who will the boyfriends suit?

Fashion lovers are concerned about this issue, because the model is far awayNot simple. If we consider that the clothes should fit the size and correspond to the proportions of the possessor, then we can conclude that the boyfriends will not be suitable for everyone. Ideally, this model will look at tall, slender girls, since jeans are able to give their narrow hips the necessary volume due to their baggy form.

If the girl has a more feminine figure and she has forms, then it is better to give up the boyfriends.

Jeans of this model are able to emphasize any shortcomings, so they are preferably worn only by tall and thin girls.

Boyfriends differ in expansion. Sometimes, if the model is too short and wide, they need to be bent. Some manufacturers produce jeans with scuffs and stains of paint. With such models, one should be careful, since excessive decorative additions can give the image a slovenliness.

What colors do jeans make? The colors in which the boyfriends are made, the classical colors are blue and blue.

When choosing pants should be neat, as the boyfriends are able to visually make the ass flat. But, if you choose the right shape and size, you can avoid this.

How to wear boyfriends?

  • Curved lapels

This image is ideal for lovers of street style. A girl who wants to show others that their opinion for her does not mean anything and that only she decides how she will act will appreciate such a model. The image of the "little girl" can either be mitigated with the help of harmoniously matched feminine things, or, conversely, beat by adding other elements of menswear to jeans.

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  • With sneakers

Undoubted comfort can give a combinationBoyfriends and sneakers. Appearance in such clothes will most likely not look feminine, but this can easily be fixed by adding a few elegant elements to the set. The ensemble looks incredibly stylish, but you can wear it only in your spare time. Light and simple sneakers Converse or Keds paired with loose jeans will be an ideal choice for a relaxing and relaxing walk. To make the set more fun and bold you can wear bright and bright sport sneakers.

Jeans boyfriend with sneakers and sneakers

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  • Ragged jeans

Most believe that the male type of jeansMust be torn and worn, but this is far from the case. Naturally ragged jeans when creating a street style is the best option. However, combining such boyfriends is necessary only with refined and neat things, so that people do not have a feeling that they have a tramp before them.

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  • With a blazer and high-heeled shoes

The combination of these jeans with sexyBoats on a high hairpin and a nice blazer - one of the best ways to beat the trendy image this season. Such an ensemble is suitable for informal working days. It looks more refined, creates a luxurious, interesting appearance with a daring note.

To make the image, you will need spectacular high-heeled shoes. They emphasize the brutality of the boyfriends, but at the same time give the appearance of femininity and tenderness.

  • With shirt

Do you appreciate the convenience and freedom in clothes? Then you will like the combination of boyfriends with a shirt. This combination is ideal for a daily image, as well as for a weekend. For a feminine image, a translucent blouse is suitable, for a more brutal one, a one-color shirt.

Jeans boyfriends with shoes on high heels

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  • With a coat

The off-season is a period of unstable weather: It's still cold in the morning, and warm in the day. It is at this time that girls get their coats out of their wardrobes. Extended trench is simply created to form a feminine image with a brutal note. Boyfriends in the neighborhood with coats can be supplemented with any other clothing.

  • With a jacket

Everyone knows that for everyday wear there aremen's jackets. They can be worn daily on the street and look, however, elegant and elegant. To make an image of a completed jacket to wear with a little narrower boyfriends. Trousers can have a slightly worn appearance.

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  • With shoes without heels

Shoes without heels in combination with boyfriends - moreOne way to get maximum comfort. To make the image feminine, shoes should be elegant. Ideal ballet shoes or sandals with straps. If you like the hooligan image more, then it's better to wear shoes or sneakers.

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  • Baggy trousers

Boyfriends in combination with the wrong things can look very sloppy. If you add the right things to them, then the image will be very stylish.

To ensure that the ensemble looks harmoniousSelect items of clothing that will fit into the free lines. This does not mean that the boyfriends need to wear only fitted or tight tops. You just need to pick up things that do not look as baggy as jeans. Otherwise the baggy set will ruin even the most ideal figure.

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