Very important is what you expect after sex at the first meeting. Please note that Sex on a first date Never become a strong base for strongAnd serious relationship. After sex, this appointment is likely to be the first and last, as a man will find you easily accessible, and they oh how they like to work for us. After such a completion of the first date, the gentleman will either not call back, or all your future "meetings" will end in the same way, without any hint of development (or maybe it suits you perfectly !?).

Sex on a First Date

Let's leave the reasonings for later, and first we'll tell you how beautiful it is to translate your first date not to banal sex, but to make it look like a beautiful and quivering gust of feelings.

How to prepare for a date

So, first of all, in order to get to the sexual relations on the first date, you should look beautiful, so that the man was admired by you, and he liked you. What does that require:
• Clothing should be selected in accordance withThe one where you will be (this in advance check with your chevalier). That is, you should not take a walk around the city in an evening long dress with a deep neckline on your back or go to a mini-skirt restaurant. Also, you do not need to dress too frankly outfit, the style of clothes should be restrained, but at the same time have a seductive zest (we'll talk about this a little later).
• Choose a "light" fragrance of toilet water,Which will be gentle and at the same time unobtrusive so that the cavalier captures your "expensive" fragrance, and it was comfortable for you to be near, and not "eaten" your eyes from your spirits with pheromones.
• It is necessary to give proper attention to the hairstyle,Make-up, manicure and pedicure. Any shortcoming, from the above, can kill a man's desire ... The same goes for depilation. If the gentleman you really like, then for him you can visit the beauty salon, where at the professional level you will have all these procedures.
• Well, I should mention a few words about the lowerUnderwear. Naturally, it should not be everyday, but sexual. To choose the color of underwear you need to tone your clothes, preferably preferring black linen, as it is considered the most sexual and most excites men.

Sex on a First Date

How to behave yourself

After you have become like a "candy"You need to pay attention to some little things during the date. At the meeting, limit the kiss to the cheek, gently embracing each other (as they do at secular receptions). It is best to act in such a way as to look dignified in the eyes of the chevalier and that your excessive looseness would not frighten him. The first impression will be decided very much not only regarding the end of the evening, but also the future fate of your relationship. Behave modestly without familiarity.

As for touch, then if you decideWalk around the city, you can take the gentleman by the hand, if you do not dare to do it yourself, then ask if you can take it by the hand, timid and tactile sensations bring together more talk. On the first date in the restaurant, the first touch should be made by a man, for example, taking your hand gently or by attaching you.

Now a few words about the topics for the conversation. You do not need to hint at sex in any way, it's possible to touch on the topic of sex, if it is appropriate, but only superficially. In the case when the gentleman himself touched the topic of sex on the first date, then try to translate the conversation nicely, or you can give a subtle hint that you do not deny this option of continuing the evening, but the proposal should be made restrained and at the right time.

So that your satellite has enough power toThe completion of the evening you are supposed to, do not load it with littleinformativnymi stories, problems, stories about your girlfriends, relatives, etc. In this list, you can include more topics about the former guys and partners, self-promotion, as well as do not need to be too intrusive, not to score a man's head and he did not run away from you as soon as possible.

Speak on topics that interest you both, notInterrupt him and try to lead the conversation in such a way that he tells more. Let him feel relaxed, starting a conversation on his favorite topic. Be sure to make a few compliments to it. Communication should be free, it is not necessary to pull something out of the interlocutor, if it is not interesting to him.

Now let's talk about the aforementioned "zest". Under this zest should hide what will "get" a man. For example, because the third button on the jacket is not fastened, the gentleman will want to duck unnoticed there with a look, but this should look sexy, and not vulgar. Or you can throw your foot on the leg, so that a man admires your legs, but again, so that it looks exquisite.

Sex on a First Date

How to switch from dating to sex

The most famous variant of the transition from a date toSex knows, probably, everything, when the gentleman escorts the girl to the house, and she invites him to her house, as a rule, for a cup of tea. But you must agree, I do not want banalities, and this phrase has already become boring.

The best way to hint at sex, thenTime when you sit on a bench in the park or at a table in a restaurant: whisper softly and gently in your ear to the knight that he drives you crazy or something like that. If a man is not stupid, then he will understand what you are driving at.

If you have an unrestrained attraction toA man and it is impossible to extinguish, then at the appropriate time, act in such a way that you are as close as possible to face to face, creating the opportunity for a kiss that will develop rapidly.

So that a man does not think you are frivolous,Do it so that he himself would want to make love to you on the first date. Adjust everything as if you are touchy, and he lost his head and could not resist you, and you could not resist a man like him.

Almost all men are always ready for sex,So by the end of your date, you can start to seduce your companion. It can be sexual eating strawberries with cream or ice cream. In a few seconds, the button unbuttoned from the stuffiness and quickened breathing will not leave a single man indifferent.

When it comes to sex, startTease a man. It can be a striptease or incredibly tempting caresses, from which he will lose his head. In the end, it turns out that you are such a touchy, who could not resist such a man as he!

Sex on a First Date

Is it worth to restrain yourself so much?

If you Do not want to look easy in the eyes of a man, Then on the first date it is better to actin this way. When you do not care what the gentleman thinks, and you do not care about the continuation of the relationship, then you should not bother, just tell about your desire to the man - the result will not take long.

Consider also the place in which you canTo happen sex. Passion is a delicate matter, and can lead you to sex in the most unpredictable place, but also you do not lose your head! The ideal option is a trip to his home or hotel room. The extreme case - a car, a country house or in a fit of passion, this role can not fulfill a crowded room in a restaurant.

Sex on a First Date

How to have sex on a first date

The answer to this question is extremely clear, but still we will reveal a couple of nuances:
• Do not show your depravity, if any;
• Do not be too vulgar during sex;
• Do not forget about the pleasure of the partner;
• Do not hide your desires, share them with a man;
• If you do not like or dislike something - tell this to a man, he is not a telepath;
• Play along with the partner in some moments;
• During sex, be "alive" and also active;
• Beforehand, worry about contraception.

Relationships after sex on a first date

If after that you want Once again have sex At the next meeting with him, and maybe much more - Build relations with him, You can try to do the following. After sex do not need to disperse immediately, try to stay a little longer. The right move is to continue communication, because sex is the culmination of a date, after which you already, sort of like, and met close, but at the same time are not close. After sex, some people feel embarrassed to communicate further and want to quickly fall asleep, or else leave as quickly as possible. If you see that the man is a bit embarrassed, take the initiative into his own hands.

The most correct way out of the situationCan become an offer to relax in a hot bath with foam. The very relaxing atmosphere should defuse the situation and move you to another stage of communication. Take a bottle of wine or champagne with you, fruits will not be superfluous either. The conversation should start on your own, talk on a wide variety of topics: music, movies, interesting events, funny (but not discrediting) stories from life, common acquaintances, favorite places, interests, etc. If everything develops properly, then you can start feeding the man fruit (preferably grapes) from your hands. Be at the same time sexy with him and do not forget about gentle and beautiful kisses. If everything goes fine, then talk about the fact that you are with him very well, and you would like to continue a serious relationship. Ask this question before you leave the cooling foam bath, so you will not spoil the romantic atmosphere and will not build false hopes.

Sex on a First Date

How to adjust a date after sex

In the event that you spent the night at your house,Then try to wake up in the morning before your desired man. Prepare him a delicious breakfast, beautifully decorating it, while you kill not even two, but three birds with one: feed it, show attention and show your culinary skills, than make you think that you can be a good and caring wife. If you do it at his house, then he might not like it, that you only met, and already you manage it in the kitchen. But at the same time, it may also please you that you have coped with a mountain of unwashed dishes, which he could not master and wash, thus showing that if you move to him, then his house from the den becomes a cozy nest.

When you are not at home, you can do the followingWay, while your partner is going to sleep, quietly gather and leave, while leaving him a note with the words: "It was magical, thank you for a wonderful evening. I would like to be with you always ... ". Thus, you leave behind yourself some mystery and mystery. Calling the man interest in himself, he will ask himself a lot of questions, which, most likely, will not give him rest, and he will call back.

Sex on a First Date

In order to organize the meeting for sure, you canEspecially to forget something, not necessarily something from clothes, it can be an accessory from your handbag, for example a cosmetic bag, but not a mobile phone. A decent and educated man will call you back and return the shoe to Cinderella. To ensure that the efforts are not in vain, make sure in advance that the man had your phone number, otherwise you will remain without a gentleman and without a forgotten thing.

If Partner did not call back or after sex Preferred to leave immediately, it is not worth itDespair, you should have been able to understand the risks of the first sex and what you're on. It is not necessary to search for the reason in itself, and furthermore to blame itself. You should have initially felt what a man really is and what he expects from the meeting: a serious relationship, a fun evening or sex without commitment. It is much more naive to think about any continuation of the relationship, if initially your date meant such an outcome of the events.

Sex on a First Date

Is it possible to have sex on a first date

This question is moreMoral point of view. It is clear that sex on a first date is not a crime and if the attraction to each other can not hold you back, then why not !? The question is different, as we said at the beginning, there is practically no future for the relations that began with sex. Judge for yourself, becoming a man, he would like to meet with a girl who is ready to give herself to everyone and already on the first date? - Hardly.

If you like, and you treasure this man,Then in order to build a long and serious relationship, once again think about whether it's worth having sex with him on a first date, maybe it's better to postpone for a few dates later. It's naive to believe that having sex on a first date you can hold or win a man.

On one of the male sites, a survey was conducted, inWhich men were asked about sex on the first date. The vast majority of men who participated in the survey believe that sex on a first date in girls under 25 years is wrong, and for girls from 30 it's normal. Although in a similar poll, the majority chose what is not against sex on a first date. Hence we conclude that for their part, men consider sex on the first date to be completely correct and normal, but at the same time, when considering this issue not with one's own, but with a neutral side, they condemn

One thing is very difficult to understand from which such an opinion onRelation to the fair sex, who are already over 30. Why to them such leniency in this matter !? We want to bring your attention to other statistics, in which the question of sex on the first date was asked girls. I wonder what our colleagues think of the women's shop? It turns out that as many as 78% of girls between the ages of 30 and 40 agreed to complete the first date with sex, when only 7% of girls aged 18 to 30 supported them.

Sex on a First Date

Sex at the first meeting

After wandering about the women's and men's forums, weFound live and actively filling the topic of sex at the first meeting. The difference between a meeting and a date is that bye-bye you are already familiar and more or less know your companion. On the one hand, the line is very fuzzy between these two concepts, but if you judge, then the sex at the first meeting is interpreted as sex with the first counter. In turn, you have the right to think differently, but in this situation at the first meeting, postpone sex at least for the first date.

Sex with a Stranger

Oh, how many secret and most dissolute desiresGirls are associated with this mythical character. Perhaps this is the most popular desire among housewives, to have sex with a stranger who is represented as an insatiable lion. Someone argues that secret desires must be realized, but can it be the desire to always stay with them? And if it's serious, there are no differences between this and the previous point, because at the first meeting, a man is a stranger.

Sex on a First Date

For those who are confused

Down with stereotypes and stagnant prejudices -Sex and women's health are closely related! Now the twenty-first century is no longer as important as what others think, the main thing is what you think. But one thing is the opinion of others, and the other is the reputation that is completely different. Spoiled reputation, In the end, can play a cruel joke, when you meet the man of your dreams and with whom you want to create a family, you can get information about your dates.

If you do not see anything wrong and wrongIn sex on the first date, and what's more, you are very handsome man or you are in love with him - then why restrain yourself and postpone for later what will eventually happen sooner or later? Just how will you treat yourself in the future, rethinking your actions.