Sex is one of the constituent relationships betweenMan and woman. Many people from adolescence have a huge interest and desire for it. If your relationship is developing rapidly, embraces and kisses are not enough, but you want to quench that crazy passion and attraction - this is it, you are attracted to sex. You do not need to consider yourself preoccupied, it's quite normal and natural.

Due to the fact that sex for many girls isAn uncharted topic, this article we want to dispel all accumulated fears and myths, as well as tell you how to have sex for the first time, answering all your questions about this. After all, the school does not tell all those subtleties and features that you need to know before entering into sexual relations. For example, one of you was told at school how to go to sex? It should be gentle and beautiful, and not come, go to bed, do everything and go. There are many nuances that we will try to disclose for you.

Sex for the first time

Age for first sex

The question at what age it is possible and right to deal with the first sex, so individual and philosophical that he can devote a separate article, but we will touch this topic superficially.

Age for the first sex of girls, the theme is veryDelicate and personal. We see the first sex as a fairy tale, not only because of our feminine sensuality, but also because of our physical features, in which a hymen rupture occurs, which you can not return.

Each girl has her own worldview to the firstSex. Someone loses virginity before the age of 16, which is very early in our opinion. At this age, the first sex is either due to stupidity, or because of indifference to this issue. Believe me, it's very early, and we can with great confidence declare that you will regret it. Some girls are waiting for the wedding, that on the wedding night to give the most precious thing that she cherished for him the only one. The main part of the girls loses virginity in 17-18 years, when it happens to her beloved guy.

Let's just say one thing that you should want it, andDo not commit the first sexual act spontaneously or under the persuasion of your young man. If he puts you an ultimatum, that if you do not have sex with him, he will leave you. Such a guy is not worthy to give him, he needs you as a sexual object and eventually he will leave you, and you will regret that your first guy is a bastard and took advantage of you.

If you love each other, both want this, andYou are already 18 years old, then this is quite normal. The main thing is that later you do not regret what was done, because at that age young couples break up, and a new young man-the future husband-will no longer be your first man in a sexual plan, which you actually regret.

Sex for the first time

Partner in the first sex

Most often, girls do their first sex withFavorite guy with whom they meet quite a long time. There are cases when girls enter into an intimate relationship with a man who is older than her, in order to simply entrust this procedure to an experienced person. In any case, the first sex should be the cause of love and passion, and not some kind of messiah.

How to tune in to the first sex

First of all, adjust morally to this event. Please note that for the first time mistakes are possible and everything can pass, not as smoothly as it is shown in romantic films. This is the first time that you have tried, and only then you knew what and how, while enjoying it.

You should not have a false opinion thatThe first sex will not bring any pleasure - it's not. We just want to warn you that you are not disappointed, if suddenly something goes wrong, as we would like. Maybe the first sex will bring you great pleasure to both.
The big problem is when the girl is afraid to startSexual life, thinking that it will be very painful. It all depends on the characteristics of your body and the partner. If the partner loves you very much, he will try to do everything very carefully, without hurting you.

At a time when you feel that in the near futureFuture you will have an intimate affinity, try to talk about this with a guy. Share with him your fears in this matter, tell me how you would like that this magical and long-awaited first time passed. The partner must know that before that you did not live a sexual life.

Sex for the first time

How to prepare for the first sex

It happens when the first sex doesPsychological trauma to the girl because of where he was held. After they realized that everything happened not there and not how it was dreamed of, the girls are disappointed in sex and on this basis they can begin to feel depressed. This should happen not in a komorka and not in some unhealthy place in unsanitary conditions, but must pass in a cozy room in a beautiful, romantic setting. The best places for first sex: at home or at the guy's house, but not at the dacha.

The choice of a place in which you will have sex, hasA few nuances. When you do this in an apartment with a guy or in a neutral territory, then if you do not like something or become uncomfortable - you can quickly get ready and leave, which you can not do when you are at home. But at home you will feel more comfortable and relaxed, as you are in a familiar setting for you. Remember, at home you will always remember that this was your first time. Decide on a place based on your situation. Be sure to make sure that wherever you are, for the entire period of time, until you are alone, no one will come.

Try to give Romanism a room in whichYou will have it. Just imagine: the light went out, small candles are burning all over the room, the bed is covered with rose petals, light and gentle music plays - how magical it is! This is the first time you will remember with trembling. Prepare yourself for yourself this evening: do a manicure, a pedicure, make depilation. Be sure to buy a beautiful and sexy underwear.

The beginning of the evening is best to start at home, and not withWalk or visit the restaurant so that you are both relaxed. On the table should be easy food, best of all ice cream and fruit. In no case need to eat up before sex, it can have negative consequences. As for alcohol, in order to relax, you can sip a little wine, but while in a state of experience, do not lean on him especially to not get drunk and spoil the long-awaited evening.

It is very important to translate your romantic evening toSex. You can begin to dance a slow dance and smoothly move to kisses, then in a fit of passion go to bed and continue there to caress and seduce each other. This option is convenient because for the first time even the process of stripping and denuding causes a great deal of embarrassment, with muted light it will be more comfortable for you to do this.

Sex for the first time

How to have first sex

Try to kiss each other more, for thisYou can prepare yourself by looking in advance at the love scene from the melodrama. Do not shut yourself in, let your caresses be timid and insecure, nothing terrible. Understand, the experience does not come immediately, you do not need to become self-absorbed, thus putting everything on the guy, he also wants to have fun. Do not be afraid to stroke, hug, kiss and touch the intimate places of your partner, he will be very pleased and insanely exciting.

Before the partner enters you, be sure to wear a condom, if that, instructions on how to properly dress it you will find on the package.
It is very important how the partner enters you. There is much debate about how it is necessary to enter correctly: quickly or slowly. At the moment of penetration of the penis, a girl can experience pain due to two factors: stretching the walls of the vagina and rupturing the hymen. Do not worry, this pain is not strong and transient, will cause a slight discomfort and immediately go away. When the partner is experienced, he can jump into you, thereby eliminating the unnecessary discomfort that can result from the contraction of the vaginal muscles, which can make it difficult to penetrate. If the partner has no experience, it is best to enter slowly, without sudden movements. You should be nervous, because only with a strong stimulation the girl produces enough vaginal lubrication, which is necessary so that during penetration into the vagina, the penis slides. For your excitement, a guy can start stroking your hand in the area of ​​the clitoris, or use oral caresses in this area of ​​the body. A good solution can be a special gel-grease, which is sold in a sex shop, pharmacy or supermarket.

Because of the special structure of the female body,You can go blood, it will happen as a result of rupture of the hymen. Quite normal situation and worry, fainting, do not need. Preliminarily place a blanket or towel on the bed to be ready for this and do not spoil anything. If you do not experience any discomfort, the sexual intercourse can be continued. The appearance of blood can not occur at the first and even at the second time, as a result of its elasticity of the hymen can simply stretch and not tear.

Do not worry if you did not get an orgasm afterThe first time. Firstly, it could happen because you were too excited and could not relax. Secondly, you have little experience, and in the future everything will necessarily turn out. Another problem can be premature ejaculation from a partner. This is often due to the large overexcitement of the guys, so this is a good condom that will protect you with this embarrassment. The problem is completely solved, you can try to make a second attempt, while the guy should definitely wash and before re-penetration and dress another condom. In any case, try to support each other if you have any mistakes.

Now as for the pose. The first sex is not the place to get acquainted with the kama Sutra. For the first time, it's best to choose classic and standard poses. The most convenient "Missionary" pose, when a girl lies on her back, legs apart or throwing them on a partner, a man at the same time to lie down on top. In this position, it will be easy for you to control the depth of penetration of the partner, by raising or lowering the pelvis. The second posture is also very convenient for the first time, this is the "Rider" pose, at which the partner lies on his back, and you sit on top of him. In this case, you can fully control the whole process of penetration based on your feelings.

If you are doing well, then duringSex share your feelings with your partner. It should not be dry: "Like it!", "No, do not like it", but it's beautiful, for example, if you like something, say "Oh, yes!" Or "Oh, like that." If you do not like something, say: "Darling, I'm so uncomfortable", the main thing in a soft form and without any embarrassment.

It is possible that one of you may not reach orgasm or reach it before another. It is necessary to learn how to feel and control what will come only with experience and practice.

Sex for the first time

How to behave after the first sex

After the first sex, tell a friendFriend about their feelings: what they liked, and what is not. If there were embarrassments - it's ok, without them the first time never does, discuss it the next time you meet.

First sex means a lot for relationships. After it, you either become even closer to each other, or you can part. Do not worry, the second happens very rarely. If you did not succeed the first time, do not despair, it does not mean that life ended, beginning to blame yourself for everything and thinking that something is wrong with you. You also did not begin to be able to cook deliciously the first time.

After sex, try not to disperse, butSome time to stay together, most importantly, to communicate. You can go take a shower together or lie down in bed. If you're both embarrassed, defuse the situation and share what confuses you.

The first sexual intercourse can make changes inmenstrual cycle. When a girl begins to live a sexual life, the menstrual cycle, as a rule, becomes more stable, and the months are not so painful. After a while, visit the gynecologist, there is nothing to worry about, and do not be afraid, parents will not tell anything. Later, when sex with your boyfriend is permanent, you can switch to oral contraceptives (birth control pills).

Sex for the first time

The first sex you can get pregnant

Girls sometimes naively believe that at the firstSex they do not become pregnant. I wonder where such false assumptions come from? Than the first time is so special and what can exclude this possibility? The first sexual intercourse is not the discovery of the reproductive function, but is its cause. Therefore, at the first sexual intercourse, you have the same chance of becoming pregnant, as usual. Once again we want to recall the importance and necessity of contraception.

What means of contraception should I dig for the first time? We will not touch upon the subject of contraception in the context of reliability, but we will consider them at the angle of our situation:

• Birth control pills - not suitable, as they must be taken before the first sexual intercourse and only after consulting a doctor;
• Adhesive plasters, tablets, suppositories - are not suitable for a young organism;
• The calendar method - requires a lot of experience and is ineffective;
• The condom is the most convenient and the best remedyContraception, thanks to its availability, low price and simple use. At the same time, as written earlier, he will protect against premature ejaculation.

Interruption of sexual intercourse, this is when theEjaculation man removes the penis from the vagina, which excludes the entry of seminal fluid in you, suitable for experienced men, but not for the first time, because it may not be in time ...

Sex for the first time

Relationships after sex

As we said above, sexual life brings people together and your relationship will be more cohesive than before. After several times you can already make some innovations in sex and diversify the poses.

If your relationship, unfortunately, is over,Then do not think that you are to blame for this and the fault of sex. So often enough, because nobody swore allegiance to devotion. Do not regret that the first time you had this particular person, even though he may have turned out to be a goat. You wanted it and let it happen.

Very recommend reading our article about the rules of sex, in which we described all the nuances of behavior in sex from beginning to end.