How wonderful the beginning of a relationship, when you find out,Each other, this moment of falling in love raises you to heaven. Life gets bright colors, even kisses cause a huge wave of excitement. When he caresses you, you start from a half-turn, and sex drives you suma, bringing an incredible pleasure.

This period of relations is remembered with tenderness. However, along with time passes the former passion and attraction. Sex no longer brings such pleasure as before, but becomes a formal procedure. Everything happens according to the pattern: 3 habitual and already bored pose, going in a certain order, without any passion. But you want that euphoria and crazy passion that envelops the whole body during sex.
At one point, you want to returnBack the former passion and enjoyment of sex with your loved one. You are thinking about how to diversify sex, to give it new emotions and sensations. Do not despair, we will help you in this!

How to diversify sex

How to tune in to change

Talk to your husband or boy by offeringMake a little bit of diversity in your sex life. You need to do it delicately, so that he does not think that he does not satisfy you. This can be done in the following form: at the time when a loved one has a good mood, coquettishly start pestering and touch on the conversation about sex. Whisper in his ear: "Today I want to satisfy all your most secret and secret desires, tell me about them." When he tells about his, you can share yours. If you have an open relationship, you can, during the time you feed it with grapes from your hands, directly offer to try something new in sex.
After you have touched on this topic, and yourLoved this proposal interested, you can think together about how to diversify family sex. First, tell each other about your secret fantasies and what you would like to try. Sometimes, you may have to make concessions to both you and your partner, but if you strongly dislike his offer, then tell him directly about this, sex is a pleasure, not a sacrifice.

How to diversify sex life

How to diversify sex

To diversify the sexual life there are a lot of ways, below we will try to list the most popular and interesting ones.

• Sexy clothes
To make sex of beauty you can useSexy lingerie, negligee and frank dressing gowns. Such clothes are sold both in the shop of underwear, and in the sex shop. You can also buy stockings, very sexy, if they are in a mesh or with lace.
Your chosen one will surely be led by yourSexual image when you are dressed in black erotic underwear: body with stockings and high-heeled shoes. Over this garment, you can wear a short skirt and a tight top, in order to dance a passionate striptease.

• Diversify poses
Scoop up new poses will help kamasutra. It is not necessary to buy this large book, it can be found on the Internet, and it is best to download a video version. Necessarily you will find such poses, which will later become for you often used, but in general it is better to try them all.

• Spicy video
How can you diversify sex viewingErotic films? Viewing such a video will be a very interesting innovation in your relationship. There's nothing wrong if you and your second half watch adult videos. From this video you can find something interesting for yourself. Also watching films of this genre will help to get started before the start of the prelude.

• Change your image
Change your appearance, at least for a while: Color your hair in a different color; Buy clothes of a different style, different from everyday; Try to apply another make-up. Start flirting with your man more. In general, change externally - this should awaken a new passion for your loved one.

• Role-playing games
Never tried it? - And in vain! Firstly, it's very interesting, where the impromptu will tighten you. Secondly, this situation will be very exciting. Third, in the form of a fictional image, you can be anything: a schoolgirl, a lady, a girl of easy virtue, etc. After all, you know what turns it on: a bitchy debauchee or a touchy girl.
There are girls who consider role-playing gamesVulgarity and perversion. But sometime in the childhood you played dolls and daughters-mothers, then it was pleasant and did not seem vulgar. Men have different images of women, especially when their lover turns into the image of a depraved girl, in a frank dress and is not ashamed of her "dirty" desires.

How to diversify sex

• Sex shop
Diversify sex life will help products fromSex shop. Again, if you think that this is "dirty", then you are mistaken. A lot of couples use goods from a sex shop in their sex life. It does not have to be a "rubber organ" or a vibro-toy. For example, soft handcuffs will give adrenaline and passion sex, you will feel defenseless, which will give an influx of new sensations.
Go to the sek-shop together and pick up somethingInteresting. To not be shy can, at least go for interest. If you buy any product you are shy, you can order it via the online store using the delivery service, nobody will know the contents of the package, everything will be confidential.

• Sex in spontaneous places
Spontaneous sex is so extreme that the developed adrenaline is enough for a long time.
Imagine that you are in some bigA clothing store where many people. You like two students want to find a secluded place and are afraid that you will not be caught. You go into the fitting room and there you surrender into the hands of passion. In addition, it can be an attraction in the park, an elevator, a roof of the house and many other options.
Try to diversify your sex, in the car, butDo not neglect the safety rules. If your car has tinted windows, you can have sex while the car is parked in a parking lot near a supermarket or other crowded place.

• "Lamur de Trois"
Immediately stipulate that this option is veryIs specific and must be carefully considered before using it. Sex three is the most creative variety in your sexual relationships. Few of the men agree to let another man into their pair, but if this third woman is there, then his old dream will come true. On the other hand, how will you react to this.

How to diversify sex

How to diversify oral sex

To diversify oral sex, tryDo blowjob in a different way, try to change the girth of the penis, or choose another pose. Try to fondle both the head and the entire penis quite differently and passionately.

Take something delicious and erotic smearedIt's all over the "body", then start sexually licking. We also recommend using ordinary beads, which during its making a blowjob wrap around a member of the partner, his pleasure will be completely different.

Do not get hung up in one place, even in an apartment. Do it in the kitchen, on the table, on the floor, on the balcony, in the bathroom, anywhere! Do whatever comes to your mind.

In order to diversify sex there is stillMany ways, the main thing is to fantasize and experiment. Do not be shy of your secret desires, even if they are too depraved to tell them about a partner, maybe he will also want to try it.