Light skin: what color clothes suit?

Colors of clothes and a leotard for light skin

Women tend to compare themselves with other peopleAnd often, seeing on the friend's toilet a beautiful and unusual shade, we literally "catch fire" and are ready to immediately apply it in your wardrobe. It happens that in a fit of enthusiasm, we forget that there is such a thing as a match between the color of the skin and the color of the clothes: the colors of the clothes for fair skin do not fit the dark-skinned women, and vice versa.</ P>

So how do you determine whether we are facing a particular color?

From the clothes color you choose depends a lot: Your mood and how people perceive you. Correctly selected clothing, its style, size and color can either advantageously emphasize the figure, complexion, eye shine and freshness of the lips, or, conversely, to make all the dignities inexpressive.

A huge role in the selection of the color scale of the attirePlays the color of the skin: many brunettes are allowed, but only those who have fair skin can safely rely on all shades of purple, yellow, orange, green and pink. Colors that are close to the shade of the skin, can make the image unattractive and deprive the personality traits.

Colors of clothes and a leotard for light skin

Choosing the colors of clothes for light skin of blondes -Holders of gray and blue eyes, it is worth dwelling on pastel shades of blue, orange, gray or green. These muted colors will undoubtedly underline the matte tenderness of the skin and will avoid the undesirable effect of the shadows under the eyes, which is so often found on the faces of fair-skinned women.</ P>

In the event that nature has endowed the possessorBright skin with bright eyes of dark blue, green or brown, you can easily choose bright colors. The rich shades of violet, red, and blue are best suited, you can experiment with fabrics decorated with ornaments that include combinations of these colors.

Brown-haired, as a rule, have a very light,Transparent skin due to which some shades can add to the face pallor or even make it painful. The colors of the clothes for the fair skin of the brown-haired should be chosen very carefully: the carrot and light orange color and the color of the "shrimp" can erase from the face a natural glow and emphasize circles around the eyes. Light shades of green or pink, a combination of black and yellow, yellow and lilac underline the beautiful shade of the skin and give the face a youthful freshness.

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Choose the color of the swimsuit

Great opportunities to select suitableShades and their combinations represents an approaching spring-summer period. A variety of textures and colors will certainly allow you to choose a wardrobe in which every thing will be to face. Do not forget about choosing the right swimsuit. Very often we make a mistake, focusing only on its tailoring in an attempt to emphasize all its merits and hide what is not burning with the desire to exhibit for public viewing.

However, stylists are sure: The color of the swimsuit is an equivalent ally of the cut in the creation of beauty. The color of the swimsuit for light skin should not be too bright, light-skinned girls should pay attention to swimwear neutral shades.

Neon colors that have now becomePopular, alas, have to leave those with swarthy skin. Light-skinned blondes can not be better suited swimsuits of blue, gray or light green shades, but swimsuits of red, turquoise and fashionable olive shade can safely try on a light-skinned brunette with bright eyes.

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In any case, the color of the leotard for light skinDo not overfill and visually make the skin even lighter. Young fair-skinned girls can take a chance by trying on swimsuits of combined colors, preferring combinations of bright colors and black - then she and youth, so as not to be afraid of experiments!

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