Sex - is an integral part of life of anyRights. If it's easy and easy for men to reach orgasm, then the girl's body has a special structure that requires careful study to achieve orgasm. According to American scientists, only 43% of women on our planet achieve orgasm during sex with a man in a classical way, the rest either use additional ways to achieve this, or simply simulate this phenomenon. Therefore, our article will be devoted to the 57% of women who can not achieve orgasm in a classical way, but still want to learn how to achieve it.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman

Psychological attitude

If you want to try to reach orgasm, thenGain strength, because this process requires a large number of approaches and patience, both on your part and on the part of the partner. The first thing you need to know your body. When you are ready for this, go with your partner in a quiet and peaceful place, where no one will interfere with you by turning off the phones. You should not be bothered by anything: no feelings or other thoughts, you must be completely relaxed and think about each other.

You need to start with the fact that you are the mostWinds: gentle kisses, a hot bath filled with foam, clothes, a romantic setting or something else. Then pay great attention to the prelude, because to achieve orgasm it is as important as stimulation of erogenous zones.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman


What is foreplay? Prelude, in terms of sex, this is a complex of preliminary caresses before intercourse. As you know, men are excited very quickly, but the female body, in order to get excited, requires a preliminary caress. Prelude includes kissing, stroking, stimulation of erogenous zones and other caresses. During this, share with your partner your feelings, talk about what turns you on, what's nice and what's not. Thus, the partner will know which areas of your body are most sensitive and which actions excite you.

Prelude should begin with tenderness andKisses, which should move into more frank actions. When you are already quite excited, let the partner switch to your intimate places: the clitoris and the vagina. He can begin with gentle strokes passing into stimulation, while using oral caresses. Some women are very strongly stimulated by the stimulation of the anus, so try to use this and you, perhaps, for yourself, you will discover new sensations.

Now consider the achievement of each type of orgasm in more detail.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman

How to achieve vaginal orgasm

In order to help yourself get excited, you canUse sex toys. Not necessarily it should be a vibrator in the form of a phallus, it can be special vibro-butterflies or nozzles on the finger, which increase the feeling of stimulation. If you are excited by the caress of your chest, try a special vacuum massager for her or stimulants of the nipples. You can order any of these things via the Internet. Try such things as a whip or handcuffs, perhaps, role-playing games will lead you very much.

Why do we focus on this? Excitation is a fundamental component of achieving orgasm, the stronger a woman is excited, the faster and easier it will achieve the desired result.

As for sex itself - penetration of the penisIn the vagina, then direct your partner: tell him about your feelings and try different poses, movements and their speed together. During sex, you can use sex toys that will add extra pleasant sensations.

Many doctors advise to achieve orgasm, inThe time of sex in the missionary position, the girls put a pillow under the buttocks, raising the pelvis, the clitoral stimulation will be more active. During coitus play along with your pelvis the movements of the partner, to create additional friction.
When you feel the approach of orgasm, strain your muscles, thereby you will help yourself to control the reception of orgasm.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman

How to achieve anal orgasm

It's not strange, but this kind of orgasm exists, and it's quite possible to reach it. It is achieved by stimulating the most sensitive part of the vagina - the posterior fornix.

To achieve anal orgasm, useSpecial anal lubricants. To prepare the anus to penetrate the penis, use special anal stretchers, this can be done with the help of finger penetration. Pay proper attention to the caresses and excitement, of which we wrote above. In order to achieve anal orgasm in parallel, perform the stimulation of the clitoris, this will give additional excitement.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman

How to achieve a clitoral orgasm

This orgasm is achieved with the help of stimulation of the clitoris. After preliminary caresses, when you are sufficiently excited, the partner should focus on stimulating the clitoris with the tongue or fingers.

Many women state that the faster and more intensively the clitoral stimulation passes, the shorter the orgasm. If the stimulation is less intensive, then the orgasm is longer and brighter in sensations.

How to achieve jet orgasm

To achieve a jet orgasm (squirt) youIt is necessary to thoroughly study your body. It is this type of orgasm that is considered to be the strongest and brightest in sensations. It is achieved by prolonged and active stimulation of the clitoris and point G. Jet orgasm can be experienced only if you can achieve the clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

If you want to achieve such an orgasm, then forStart with preludes, then let your partner with one hand begin to actively stimulate point G, the other hand will engage in stimulation of the clitoris. After you are already quite excited, go to the sexual act. The best position for this is the pose, in which the partner will be behind you to actively stimulate the G point with the penis. Throughout the whole sexual intercourse, it is necessary to stimulate the clitoris, this can be done both by your partner and by yourself. This process can take quite a long time, so be patient.

When you feel the approach of orgasm, and youWant to write, do not accelerate, on the contrary, you should continue to do everything in the same rhythm, while relaxing all your muscles and concentrate on orgasm.

How to reach an orgasm for a woman

How to reach orgasm by yourself

You can achieve orgasm by self-gratification,Both hands and with the help of special tools (toys). To achieve any type of orgasm, you need to start with the caress of your body. To do this, you can use special oils or creams to help get excited.

First, start stroking your breasts and nipples. Then proceed to stroking the body, sinking lower to the intimate places. Use your fingers to start stroking your clitoris, while massaging your chest. Then you can enter your fingers into the vagina and start stimulating the coveted point G. Depending on what kind of orgasm you want to get, on that zone and try to concentrate the stimulation.

To independently achieve orgasm, use products from the sex shop. With them you will be much more comfortable, and they will help you get pleasure better than with your hands.

Remember, there are a lot of ways to reach orgasm, the main thing is to have a great desire and patience.