Features of eclectic style in clothing

Style eclectic clothing

The ability to dress adequately, aristocratically and withThis does not adhere to a certain style today got its name - eclecticism. Strictly speaking, a new style was born - the style of eclecticism in clothes. It allows people spiritually, with good taste to make up their own wardrobe of things that have a special charm and delicacy.</ P>

Not everyone is able to dress so that you canWas to judge the state of the soul and hobbies for clothing. And only those who, as a style for themselves chose the eclectic style in clothes, can afford to be themselves and stay in harmony with their inner world. Such people are not aware of the passions pushing to shock and counterpose themselves to the whole world, they are organic, restrained and infinitely beautiful in their clothes, bearing a slight touch of aristocracy and bohemia.

What distinguishes eclectic style in clothes?

First of all, thoughtfulness is chosenness of each thing, its exact place in the collection, compatibility or contrast.

In eclecticism there are no trifles, here any detail emphasizes style.

The main criterion in the selection of things eclectic style - it's own impeccable taste, which needs to be trained, relying on the best examples of art.

You need to see more reproductionsImpressionists, photos of the ladies of the upper world and the last century, and create an idea of ​​how real aristocrats look. Naturally, today they do not wear those things that they used to wear a hundred or more years ago, but the feeling of style can be transferred from those times nowadays, but not everyone can do it!

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What is inherent in the eclectic style?

Bright colors, causing a desire to enjoy life,Combining things taken from different styles in such a way that they complement each other. Imagine how it will be interesting to look at the evening dress, on top of which a long velvet jacket of contrasting color will be put on, on the shoes - shoes of the same color, and decorating them in tone! Impressive? Despite the fact that the creation of a style involves completely different things, the outfit does not seem tasteless or vulgar, because every detail has its own role and its place!

As it has already become clear to you, it is not so easy to create an eclectic style, you need to have a good taste and natural flair for it, and not be afraid of the opinions of others.

Very close to the style of eclectic are the style of Boho and indie style, but it is for eclecticism that a constant search for combinations and new ideas is characteristic.

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Where can you find things to create an eclectic style?

If you can draw ideas, looking at magazinesFashion of past years or reproductions of paintings, photographs of past centuries, then things themselves can be found by chance on flea markets, in second-hand shops, flea markets, in commissions.

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It is possible that the right thing for youLook at the items sold for sale last season, or looking at my mother's jewelry. You can create a similar thing with your own hands, altering old things, supplementing them with new details and combining with unusual accessories.

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If you need modern visual images forCreating your own eclectic style, you can see how Kate Moss and Anne Hethaway, Olsen's sister, dress up. They show us how eclecticism can be realized by modern means, combining the incongruous and giving things a new reading.

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By the way, young girls, interested in fashion, very quickly grasp the main trends of this style, wearing gaiters, pancake blouses and kepi.

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If there is a desire to learn, then it is worth looking at the collection of Janey Kane, the outfits of which are perfect for the office and for the evening party.

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