Who do you think is more jealous than men or women? - A difficult question, yes !? One can not give an unambiguous answer, since almost everything is jealous, it's just that somebody's jealousy manifests itself very clearly, someone simply suppresses it in herself, and some people it is extremely rare, but it still happens. It is the theme of jealousy that we want to dedicate this article to and tell you about why we are jealous and how to get rid of jealousy.

How to get rid of jealousy

What is jealousy?

Limit oneself to a dry definition of jealousyUninteresting, let's better analyze what it is. Jealousy can be called a peculiar feeling of a claim to "possession" of a person. Of course, the word "possession" sounds somehow rude, but it very clearly characterizes jealousy. In most cases, jealousy arises when it touches the sense of ownership that we feel for a loved one.

Jealousy is justified and groundless,We apologize for the lack of scientific terminology, but it will be easier for you to study it. So, what does justified jealousy mean? Justified jealousy is when the second half clearly exceeds the scope of what is allowed, for example, flirts with a man of the opposite sex, respectively, this is an ironic occasion for jealousy. Unreasonable - when the second half does not give reasons for jealousy, but the jealous person still suspects or thinks up the alleged reasons for jealousy.

How to get rid of jealousy

Why we are jealous

Jealousy is very much inherent in children. For example, if the family has two children, they are often jealous of their parents, because they are afraid that they love a brother or sister more than him. In adulthood, we are jealous of our loved one.

In view of the fact that this article is of interest only to adults, and their jealousy is connected exclusively with loved ones, therefore we will study this topic precisely from this angle.

How to get rid of jealousy

What is jealousy?

Many wonder the jealousy of thisAcquired feeling or genetically transmitted. Interesting question, really !? One can not say with absolute certainty that jealousy is acquired or transmitted by inheritance, each person in different ways.

The sense of property and selfishness are inherited traits inherited from the genes. These two qualities in the future most of all subject a person to jealousy.

And of course, the feeling of jealousy can beAcquired as a result of the fact that once a person was already betrayed once, and this pain was reflected psychologically. Even born not jealous, after such a spiritual wound, a person already at a subconscious level will not trust his second half, and be jealous of her.

How to get rid of jealousy

Causes of jealousy

Let's consider the most frequent reasons for the appearance of a feeling of jealousy:

• We are afraid that we will be abandoned
Because of fear of being abandoned, we begin to be jealous of our other half. After all, if you lose control, your loved one can find another and go to her - just so some jealous think.

• Fear of betrayal
You are jealous of a person, because you are afraid that he will change you, namely, you are afraid of the pain that you will experience because of this, or you are afraid that your self-esteem will be hurt.

• Fear of being alone
It happens and so that jealousy arises because of the fear to remain alone. If your spouse or boyfriend finds another, then you can not find him a worthy replacement and will be alone because of this.

• Feelings of property and selfishness
How is it that your second half spends with someone time or a nice and long time talking to another person, not with you.

Well, in general terms, it is clear what motivates you or your other half when they feel a sense of jealousy.

How to get rid of jealousy

How not to be jealous

Cope with jealousy is very difficult. Before you overcome jealousy in yourself, analyze its causes. To analyze your jealousy, everything that we described in the first section of our article will help you. While you are feeling jealous, think about how you would like your second half to act in this situation.

Talk to your husband or boyfriend,That you are jealous and ask you to act differently in this or that situation, because you feel uncomfortable and jealous. This should be as a request and most importantly, do not bend the stick. Do not need to roll up scenes of jealousy, share what you are concerned about, with your loved one, and in this way you will be able to learn not to be jealous of him.

How to get rid of jealousy

How to deal with the jealousy of her husband

Girls often ask why menAre jealous. They are jealous for the same reasons as the girls, simply because of their peculiarity, men express their jealousy more expressively. As we just wrote, in order to overcome jealousy, one must look into its root. Maybe it's really some of your actions that give the husband a reason to be jealous of you. If the reasons for the husband's jealousy are unfounded, explain it to him. If there is no positive result, visit a psychologist who will help you deal with this situation.

Sometimes husbands become jealous, because wives inLittle degree of showing their love. Solve the problem very easily, often tell your husbands words of love, compliments, praise them, and most importantly say that he is the best in the world and besides him you do not need anyone. Mention that it fills the family budget. If it does not help, but start not just say it, but inspire!

How to get rid of jealousy

How not to be jealous of the past

In order not to be jealous of the husband to the past, understand thatIt was up to you, he crossed out the past, starting a new life with you. To get rid of jealousy to the past will help only self-suggestion that this is groundless jealousy.

Another thing, if this past does not give you restFor an objective reason, for example, in the life of your husband, again there was his former passion and does not give him rest or he himself gives an occasion to be jealous of his past. Solving the problem will help eradicate it, as it does not sound paradoxical. To do this, tell your husband that you feel uncomfortable in this situation, and it gives you a feeling of jealousy. Together, by compromise you can solve this problem.

How to get rid of jealousy advice of a psychologist

In conclusion of this article we want to share with you a very interesting video about how to get rid of jealousy.