In this section of our site, namely inThe last articles, we often touch on the topic of divorce and betrayal, let's interrupt this time a series of articles devoted to negative factors and talk about such a bright and fabulous event as a wedding, in particular, we will tell you about how to marry successfully.

Almost every one of us wants her marriage to be happy, and therefore we are afraid to make a mistake in our choice. It is for this reason that we often doubt whether to marry or not.

How to marry successfully

Is it worth it to get married

Sometimes, to many of us, creeps into the headA very serious question: is it worth it to marry at all !? Especially this question is posed to themselves by the girls who were offered a proposal of the hand and heart. Let's analyze what factors drive us and give rise to doubts.

• Suddenly he is not my only one
The most common reason for young girls,On which they are afraid to marry, that their potential husband is not the only one destined for her by fate. Yes, this is certainly a rhetorical question, about the only and fate, but, nevertheless, the fact remains.
If you are thinking about the fact that your fiance is not the only one, most likely, it is, because if you loved him much, you would not admit that besides him you might have someone else.

• And if there is love
A lot of girls are afraid that after marrying, they can pass love and this will cross out their entire future life.
On this question I want to answer one veryA good phrase: "If you do not live, then you do not die ...". While you love and are loved, enjoy it, but that love does not go away, cherish it and do not let it fade away.

• I will not survive his betrayal
Another reason for the experience is the possible future infidelity of her husband.
If you do not trust your young man beforeMarriage, then knowingly you are afraid for him to marry. In the case when you trust your boyfriend, but the stereotypical opinion does not give you rest - calm down, if he really loves you, then he will not be able to betray. But you also have to do everything so that your future husband will be fine with you and he will not even allow the thought of another.

• If after the wedding he changes
It often happens that a loved one, after a wedding, seems to be substituting, he starts to point out, to command, does not pay as much attention as before, does not make gifts, etc.

From this, no one is immune, therefore, before marriage, we advise for some time to live together and get to know each other better so that a joint life does not become an unpleasant surprise for you.

• I'm afraid to change my life
With the marriage, the life of the girl is changing, she has new responsibilities, the social status is changing, in a word there will be no more the carefree and freedom that was before.

If you love your boyfriend, then for him you will be ready to change your whole life, even, in a cardinal way.

To marry, of course, it is necessary, but onlyWhen you are clearly confident and want it, and do not suffer in doubt. Why in the article how to get married successfully we are talking about whether it is worth getting married? The answer is very logical and simple: if a girl doubts, to marry or not, then, most likely, her feelings are not so strong, once give reasons for doubt, and so marriage will not be successful.

How to marry successfully

The guarantee of a successful marriage

Successful and successful marriage depends not only on you,But also from your future husband, therefore, before you get married, you should know your chosen one well, and it's best to live together for a certain time, as we said above, in order to get to know each other well. Beating a test for this, there will be a life that will test your relationship for strength.

According to psychologists, the most optimal periodThe duration of the relationship, until the time of marriage - three years, during this time you check your feelings, and will be able to make the right decision: whether to marry or divorce.

Discuss with your young man the way you see your life together, do not hesitate to tell him and your worries. Together you will be able to dispel all emotions and misunderstandings.

It often happens that before the wedding at the youngThere is a "pre-wedding jim", so if you are not confident in yourself and in your actions, then transfer the wedding for six months or a year. According to psychologists, in such situations, the groom is loved in ways that persuade his bride not to postpone the wedding and they bond their union with a legal marriage, which in 65% of cases ends in divorce. In the fact that you bring the wedding, there is nothing terrible, true love for this time will not go anywhere.

How to marry successfully

Another important point: for a marriage to be successful, it is necessary to marry only for love, and not for necessity.

• It is time
This applies to girls who are more than 25 years old andThey believe that it is necessary to marry at least someone, because the age is pressing. But such marriages, not for love, successful, and even more happy, will not.

If your parents are reminded of this,Relatives and acquaintances, then do not pay attention to this, and say that you did not find a decent person for whom you would be deigned to marry - pathetic, but will fall behind.

• My friends are all married, but I'm not
Often, girls envy their girlfriends who have noisy wedding celebrations and living a family life, and she still has not married, and yet so want a wedding, veil and white dress.

The wedding is not the main thing, the main thing is that the person you marry for is because the wrong choice will ruin your life, and then you will curse such a wedding, and a veil with a dress in addition.

• Parents constantly hint about grandchildren
First, you will give birth to children for yourself, notfor parents. Secondly, it's one thing when parents paralyze a couple of hours to understand the baby and leave, and educate and spend sleepless nights to you. Thirdly, most importantly, the child should be from a loved one, and not from the first person to whom you can marry.

• Married because of a child
If you become pregnant and it's unplannedPregnancy, sometimes girls, by all means, want to marry the future father of their child. If he does not want this, then it is unnecessary to force him, since nothing good, believe me, this marriage will not bring.

• I want to marry a rich man
To my great regret, many girlsGuided by the material situation of his chosen one, and not by love. But the richer and more wealthy a man is, the more likely it is that you will live like a bird in a "golden cage".

In any case, successfully marry, it's only the tip of the iceberg, but that the marriage itself was happy and successful it depends only on you.

How to marry successfully

When to get married in 2012

Before you decide on the date of the wedding, there isGirls who think about whether they should marry in 2012. Of course, it stands, the most favorable period for this will be September and October, but in November and December to associate your relationship with marriage, astrologers do not recommend.

When to get married in 2013

The most favorable period for marriage in 2013 will be April, July and September.

Remember, whatever decision you make, it will still be correct.

Good luck to you!